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(满分:120分 考试时间:100分钟)

第Ⅰ卷 ( 选择题 共65分 )

一、听力 ( 共20 题,计20分 )

A. 听对话,选出正确答案。读两遍。

( )1.Which machine are the speakers talking about?




( )2. What are they going to buy in the shop?

A. B.


( )3. In which city will Millie go to travel first if she gets enough money? A



( )4. What day is it today?

A. B.


( ) 5. Which number is Mary reading?

A. 6,008. B. 6,080. C. 8,060.

( )6. What colour are the woman’s trousers?

A. Green. B. Red. C. White.

( )7. What subjects does the boy like?

A. Maths and English. B. Maths and Chinese. C. Chinese and English .

( )8. What does the woman speaker probably do?

A.A teacher. B. A doctor. C. A policewoman.

( )9. What sport does Tom like best?

A. Football. B. Basketball. C. Table tennis.

( )10. How will the man go to the post office?

A. By bus. B. By taxi. C. On foot.

B. 听对话和短文,选出正确答案。读两遍。


( )11. Who was the host of the show?

A. Mr. Wang. B. Mr. Wu. C. Mr. Yang.

( ) 12. How long did the show last?

A. About two hours. B. About two and a half hours. C. About half an hour. 听第一篇短文,回答第13~15题。

A Personal Information

( ) 13. A. 19 B. 20 C. 21

( ) 14. A. June 12th B. July 12th C. Jan. 12th

( ) 15. A. School B. Bank C. Hospital


( ) 16. Where will they go?

A. A town. B. A city. C. A school.

( ) 17. How will they go there?

A. By train. B. By bus. C. On foot.

( ) 18. How long will it take them to get there?

A. Over 3 hours. B. Over 2 hours. C. Less than 3 hours.

( ) 19. What will they take for lunch?

A. Rice. B. Bread. C. Sandwiches.

( ) 20. What can they do after lunch?

A. Give a call. B. Go shopping. C. Ask questions.

二. 单项选择 (共15题,计15分)

( )21. My brother doesn’t like playing _____ piano. He likes playing _____ chess.

A. the ; the B. the ; a C. / ; the D. the ; /

( ) 22. This book _____ Lucy’s. Look! Her name is on the book.

A. must be B. may be C. can’t be D. mustn’t be

( ) 23. Everything seemed _______ so fast and now it’s all over.

A. happen B. happened C. to happen D. happening

( ) 24. They were made _______ the whole night.

A. working B. work C. to work D. worked

( )25. My bike is broken. It needs ____.

A. to repair B. to be repaired C. repaired D. be repaired

( )26. Marie’s never been to Tibet, ____she?

A. is B. isn’t C. has D. hasn’t

( ) 27. Important sentences are often marked ______ different colours.

A. in B. on C. about D. by

( ) 28. The news _______, right?

A. sound exciting B. sounds exciting C. sound excited D. sounds excited

( )29. – How long may I _____ your book?

– For a week. But you mustn’t _____ it to others.

A. borrow ; lend B. keep ; lend C. lend ; borrow D. keep ; borrow

( ) 30. --- It’s too hot. Would you mind _____ the door?

--- ______. Please do it now.

A. to open ; OK B. to open ; Good idea

C. opening ; Of course D. opening ; Certainly not

( ) 31.--- Hello, this is Lily speaking. Could I speak to Mr. Black?

--- Sorry. He ______ the Xuanwu Lake Park.

A. has been to B. went to C. has gone to D. will go to

( ) 32. The new book has just ______. Let’s go and buy it.

A. come out B. come down C. come on D. come over

( ) 33. This is a ______ map and it didn’t take me much time to come here.

A. help B. helpless C. helpful D. helping

( ) 34. I think the lives of children in poor areas _____ greatly by this project.

A. improve B. improved C. can improve D. can be improved

( )35.---- ______ go to the theatre together with me? ---- Good idea.

A. Why not B. Why do you C. How about D. What about

三、完形填空: (共10 小题,计10 分) down a and hurt him. He sent the boy to a at once. He paid a lot of money for that, but the boy’s wanted to get more money from him. So they said their son could no longer lift his

Mr. White’s lawyer(律师) came and asked the boy a few questions in the court(法庭). “Now, my boy,” he said, “you were hurt , weren’t you?” “Yes, sir,” said the boy. “And you can’t lift your right arm now, can you?” “, sir.”

“Could you us how you can lift your right arm?” Slowly the boy lifted his right arm

before his nose. “Poor boy,” said the lawyer. “And how could you lift it before the accident?” “Oh, very high,” said the boy proudly (自豪( )36. A. took B. brought C. made D. drove

( )37. A. girl B. parent C. boy D. farmer

( )38. A. hospital B. home C. farm D. court

( )39. A. grandfather B. father C. parents D. mother

( )40. A. left B. right C. both D. one

( )41. A. last month B. this month C. yesterday D. last week

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