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七年级上册 3-4单元测试

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Unit 3-Unit 4


( )1.________ my baseball? It’s under the chair. A.Where B.Where’s C.Where’re D.Where are ( )2.________ under the tree? No,they aren’t.

A.Where are B.What is C.Are they D.Is it

( ) 3 — Is this your father?

— No, he is my_______, my father’s brother.

A. cousin B. uncle C. mother D aunt ( ) 4. My uncle has a son. ____________ name is Dave.

A. He B. Her C. His D He’s ( )5. —Is Guo Peng your brother? — ________.

A. Yes,he is B. No, they aren’t C. Yes, I am D.Yes ,it is ( ) 6 Thanks ________ the photo of your family.

A. of B. from C. for D. in ( ) 7. Is ________ your aunt? What’s ________ name?

A. he,his B. she,her C. he,her D.she,his ( ) 8. Please ________ this key to your sister. She is at school.

A. bring B. brings C. take D. to take ( )9. Look. This is ________ clock. It’s _______ alarm clock.

A. a; an B. an; an C. an; a D. a; a

( )10. My computer game is ______ the drawer and my books are _______ the sofa.

A. on; on B. in; in C. on; in D. in; on 完形填空: (10分)

This is af my bedroom. It’s a nice. The door isAnd a ball is it.esk is near the window. You can see aehind the desk. You chair. ( )1.A.picture B.book C.map D.family ( )2.A.classroom B.room C.toilet D.home ( )3.A.there over B.here C.this D.that ( )4.A.in B.on C.under D.behind ( )5.A.Me B.I C.My D.Mine ( )6.A.window B.door C.clock D.chair ( )7.A.see B.can see C.must see D.look at ( )8.A.from B.on C.at D.of ( )9.A.put B.colour C.take D.bring ( )10.A.a B.the C.an D.of 阅读理解: (15分)


Mrs King: Oh, Bill, where are my gloves(手套)? They aren’t here. Mr King: Maybe they’re in the dining-room.

Mrs King: No, they aren’t in our dining-room. Are they there?

Mr King: No, they aren’t here. Mrs King: Are they on the table?

Mr King: No. Oh, here’s a glove under the chair. It’s black.

Mrs King: No, that isn’t my glove. My gloves are white. Oh, Bill, are they here, in the car? Are they on your seat(座位)?

Or under your seat?

Mr King: No, they aren’t there. But are they in your bag?

Mrs King: No, they aren’t. Mr King: Are you sure(确信)?

Mrs King: Yes...Oh, Bill, they are here. Yes, these are my gloves. They are in my bag. Bill, I’m very sorry. ( )1.Mrs King is looking for her ________.

A.dining-room B.car C.gloves D.seat ( )2.The glove under the chair is ________.

A.white B.black C.Mrs King’s D.Bill’s ( )3.________ first name is Bill.

A.Mr King B.Mr King’s C.Her D.Mrs King’s ( )4.Mrs King’s gloves are in her ________.

A.bag B.car C.house D.dining-room ( )5 Where are Mrs King and Mr King?

A. At school. B. In the office.(办公室) C. In the classroom. D. At home (B)

Look at this. What’s this in English, do you know? Ah, it’s a photo. Who’s that in the photo? It’s Li Yan. Li Yan is my good friend. She is a beautiful girl. Who’s that? The boy in(穿) black? It’s Jim. He is an English boy. He is very cool. He is my friend, too. We(我们) are all in the same (相同的) school. I like Jim and Li Yan. ( )1.What is this? It’s ________. A.a school B.a friend C.a photo D.an English friend ( )2.Li Yan is ________. A.a good boy B.my sister C.a beautiful girl D.a good teacher ( )3.What color is Jim in? ________. A.Red B.Yellow C.Orange D.Black ( )4.Who’s an English boy? ________. A.I B.Jim C.Li Yan D.Jim and Li Yan ( )5.Who are in the same school? ________. A.Jim and Li Yan B.Jim and I C.Li Yan and I D.Jim, Li Yan and I 句型转换: (10分)

1. His baseball is under the table.(变为一般疑问句)_____his baseball _______ the table? 2. His desk is next to his bed. (变为否定句) His desk _____ _______ next to his bed. _________ ______ my keys? 4. This is his friend. (变成复数形式) ____ are his _____. 5. Those are erasers. (改成单数形式) That is ____ ____. 十、从B栏中选出A栏各句的答语。(5分)



1. Is Alice your classmate(同学)?

2. Who's that?

3. Are these his friends?

4. Is he Tom?

5. Is that your uncle?

Unit 3-4听力及参考答案

听力: 一、 听句子, 选出你所听到的单词。读一遍。

1. Is this your father? (C)

2. Look! They are brothers.(B)

3. My family name is Liu.(A)

4. Look at the picture. This is my sister.(A)

5. They are my two sisters.(A)


1. M: Is the girl your sister?

W: Yes, she is.(C)

2. M: What’s this in English?

W: It’s a photo of my family. (D)

3. M: Is that his grandfather?

W: No, he isn’t. He is my grandfather.(A)

4. M: Hi, Gina. Are they your uncle and aunt?

W: No, they aren’t. They are my parents.(E)

5. M: Is that boy Tom?

W: Yes, he is.(B)

三、 判断正误: 1. M: Where are my keys? W: They are on the sofa. ( F )

2. W: Is my CD card on his desk? M: Yes, it is. ( F )

3. W: Is your hat on the dresser? M: No. It’s on the bed. ( T )

4. M: Where are his baseballs? W: They are on the bookcase. ( F )

5 . M: Your books aren’t on the desk. They’re in your backpack. W: Oh, yes. Thanks, Tom. (T)

四. 听长对话回答问题

(A). W: Where is the clock, Mike? M: Why? It’s on the table, I think.

W: No, it’s not there. M: Oh, look, it’s on the bookcase. 1—2. AB

(B). M: Can you see my computer game, Mum? W: I think it’s in the drawer, Tom. M: No. I can’t find it. W: Is it in your backpack?

M: No, it isn’t. Oh, I see. It’s on the sofa, under Dad’s books.

W: Oh, good. But where is my bag? 3—5.CCC


五、单项选择: 1—5. BCBCA 6—10. CBCAD

六. 完形填空: 1—5.ABBDC 6—10. DBBAB

七阅读理解: (A) 1—5. CBBAD (B)CCDBD


八.词汇填空1.Those 2 parents 3.cousins 4 drawer 5 dresser 6 bookcase 7 plants

8 bring 9 math 10 video

九、句型转换: 1. Is; under 2. is not 3. Where are 4. These friends 5. an eraser

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十、 1—5.DEABC

十一. 1.family 2 aren’t 3 his 4 these 5 Her 十二、1、Is 2 are 3 am 4 Are 5 is


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