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七年级上册 7-9单元测试

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( ) 1. The school trip is _____ February 28th.

A. on B. in C. at D. of

( ) 2. _____ are the socks? They are $10.

A. How many B. What C. How much D. How

( ) 3. Come and have a look ! We have T-shirt _____ red and yellow _____ only ¥5.

A. in, in B. in, for C. at, at D. for, for

( )4.---Are those Bob’s shorts? ---___________

A. Yes, it is. B. No, it isn’t. C. Yes, they’re D. No, they aren’t

( )5. -- ________________. --Yes, please . I want a T-shirt for my daughter.

A . What do you like? B. Do you like a T-shirt?

C. Can I help you? D. Can you help me?

( )6_______________ is on September 10th

A. Women’s Day. B. Children’s Day C. Teachers’ Day D. Christmas Day.

( )7. –Do you want _____ the red hat? --Yes, I do.

A. buy B. buys C. to buy D. take

( )8. They can buy the pens _____ a very good _____.

A. at, price B. in, price C. at, cost D. at, selling

( )9. _____ is your aunt? She’s fifty.

A. How B. How many C. How much D. How old

( )10. -- Gina, happy birthday to you! -- ______

A. Thank you. B. Thank you! And the same to you.

C. The same to you. D. Yes, I’m very happy.

( )11._____ boys, you can buy pants for only $ 7 each !

A. At B. On C. In D. For

( )12. – Thank you. -- ______.

A. Hi B. Thanks C.Nice to meet you. D. You’re welcome

( )13.The green shorts _____ 30 yuan.

A. is on sale B. are on sale C. are on the sale for D. are on sale for

( )14.Kate doesn’t _____ pears.

A. has B. like C.eats D. likes

( )15._____ Peter and Jim _____ hamburgers?

A. Does, like B. Do, like C. Does, likes D. Do, likes

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