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英语八年级下册 Module 2【单元测试】


1. GreA. here and there B. over there C. anywhere D. somewhere

2. We find ________ impossible to get there before 8 o’clock.

A. her B. it C. this D. that

3. ----Have you finished your work ______?

----Yes, I have. I’ve ______ finished it.

A. yet; already B. already; yet C. just; already D. already; yet

4. He’s ______ China twice. He’s visited many interesting places there.

A. been to B. gone to C. going to D. going to go to

5. Mr Smith ______ to American 10 years ago and has been there _______.

A. has gone, since then B. went, from then C. has gone, since then D. came, ever since

6. ---Where’s your father? ---He ______ to work.

A. has gone B. went C. has been D. will go

7. How long _____ you ______ here since you ______ to Beijing?

A. did; live; came B. did; live; have come

C. have; lived; came D. have; lived; have come

8. ---Have you found your watch _____? ---Yes, I have. I found it in my school bag.

A. already, five minutes ago B. yet, five minutes ago

C. already, five minutes before D. yet, five minutes before

9. Mr. Smith is very strict ______ everything ______ his students.

A. with; in B. with; of C. in; with D. in; of

10. He speaks English ______.

A. as good as, if not good than, his brother B. as well as, if not well than, his brother C. so well as, if not better than, his brother D. as well as, if not better than, his brother

11. To plant the tree, we must dig ______.

A. a three feet deep hole B. a three-feet-deep hole

C. a hole three-foot-deep D. a hole three feet deep

12. You’ve never heard ______ this new kind of plane, ______ you?

A. / ; haven’t B. of ; haven’t C. of ; do D. of ; have

13. ---I have ______ here for two months. ---So you ______ here since two months ago.

A. come, came B. been, have been C. been, come D. come, have been

14. I’m short of money. Give me ______ pounds, please.

A. two more B. more two C. other two D. else two

15. Cathy did quite ______ in the English competitions, I did even ______.

A. better ; well B. well ; well C. well ; better D. better ; better

16. Our journey by camel was _______.

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