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What happens if the Greenland ice shelf melts

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What happens if the Greenland ice shelf


Firstly, the ice acts like a mirror, it reflects the sunlight off. However, when the ice melts more sunlight will be absorb into the sea, causing the sea to warm up and

makes more ice to melt.

Second, the sea level will rise about 7 meters, causing more land and cities flooded. Thirdly, important cities like Shanghai to be flooded. This can cause the world economic, stocks and populations to change.



South Florida


Fourth, the sea salinity decreases, causing

ecosystem to change.

Fifth, there will be less drinking water

Sixth, there will be lesser plants to grow due to humid environment. Thus there will be

lesser food produced. This can lead to an

abundant amount of people starve and war. Seventh, it can cause the climate to change everywhere. 6 million people in Egypt, with some 15% of agricultural land lost, 13 million in Bangladesh with 16% of the

national rice production lost, and 72 million in China with tens of thousands of hectares of agricultural land.


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