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一、 单项填空

16.Which of the following underlined parts is different in pronunciation from the other?

A. shower B. borrow C. grow D. low

17.—Mom, why can’t I have_________ new bike?

A. The, the B. a, / C. a, the D. /, the

18.When I don’t understand the problem, Tom always helps me with it. He is my walking___

A. dialogue B. history C. dictionary D. breakfast

19.---have you heard the news about Flight MH370?

---Yeah. Everyone in china is worried. It is reported that the plane lost contact on more than 10,000 meters_______

A. Tall B. taller C. high D. higher

20._____he comes, we won’t be able to go.

A. Worried B. Unless C. Except D. Even

21.-----Why not _____the old clothes to people in need?---That’s a good idea!

A. Pay for B. give up C. give away D. take away

22.---Has the trash been taken out? ---Yes. But I don’t know who ___________it.

A. did B. does C. has D. will do

23._____ I have a quick word with you? Something important has happened.

A. Must B. Could C. Would D. Should

24.Everyone in our class is working hard and doing what we can _____ a good high school.

A. Enter B. to enter C. entering D. entered

25.Molly, don’t worry. There are a lot of things at home ____you can do on weekends.

A. Who B. whose C. when D. that

26.–Would you like to go to see the movie personal Tailor with us?

---Thanks. I don’t like comedies. ______, I’m too tired.

A. However B. Luckily C. Besides D. Instead

27.–Could you tell me________? 、

---we lost the game, but we are still able to do to Australia.

A. Where the China National term would you play against Iraq

B. Whether we won the soccer game against Iraq

C. When he saw the soccer game between PRC and Iraq

D. Why he didn’t watch the soccer game

28.In those days, we had no phones, so we had to keep in touch _____letters often.

A. With B. of C. on D. through

29.–Ben, show me your ______hand

A. The other B. another C. other D. others

30.---would you mind watching the children, just for a second?---_______.

A. Sure, go ahead B. of course

C. oh, don’t you like children? D. Yeah, I hope so.


通读下面短文, 掌握其大意,然后在各题所给的四个选项中选择一个最佳答案。 I always knew that I depended way too much on my phone. __31__ I didn’t know how much, so I decided to do this challenge to find out.

Every morning since I got a smartphone, I’ve used The Weather Channel App to find out what to

__32__. On the first morning I had to dress without guidance, but __33__ I was able to guess that the day would be cold and windy by looking out of my window.

I couldn’t tell what time it was. I haven’t worn a __34__ for more than a year, because my phone showed the time. So I was late for ___35__friends who had been on the bus for two hours from Ningbo to Hangzhou. I was also late for my part-time job. And __36__, I couldn’t call people to tell them that I was running late.

Getting places was harder, too. I got__37_ because I couldn’t use the GPS(汽车导航系统) on my phone. My driving, though , got a lot__38__ because I no longer had my phone in one hand checking directions while __39__ with the other.

But the number one trouble was not having my contact(联系) list. I forgot to write down my friends’ and family members’ phone number before I __40__ the challenge. It was sad to realize that I couldn’t ____41__ my brother’s and my mom’s cell phone numbers . oh, how I wished to turn on the phone for just a second to look up phone numbers!

Even with all the problems, however, I found ___42__ not worrying about missing a text message or an e-mail.

This __43__ was a great learning experience. It surprised me how I’d taken no notice of even the __44__ things like remembering phone numbers. We all should take some time to think about how we can depend ____45__ on our cell phones.

31.A. but B. and C. then D. Still

32.A. carry B. take C. wear D. have

33.A. hopefully B. luckily C. strangely D. surprisingly

34.A. ring B. hat C. suit D. watch

35.A. picking up B. putting up C. giving up D. making u

36.A. even so B. after all C. in all D. even worse

37.A. caught B. lost C. missed D. hurt

38.A. happier B. slower C. safer D. quieter

39.A. moving B. chatting C. writing D. driving

40.A started B. forgot C. finished D. reported

41.A. collect B. copy C. read D. remembered

42.A. silence B. peace C. patience D. confidence

43.A. work B. lesson C. challenge D. project

44.A. hottest B. simplest C. nicest D. clearest

45.A. less B. more C. little D. much




I made a decision on the way down to the vacation beach cottage(小屋). For two weeks I would try to be a loving husband and father. Totally loving . No ifs, ands or buts.

The idea had come to me as I listened to a talk on my car radio. The speaker was reading a Biblical(圣经)passage about husbands being thoughtful of their wives. Then he went on to say,” love is an act of will. A person can choose to love.” To myself, I had to say that I had been a selfish husband. Well, for two weeks that would change.

And it did. Right from the moment I kissed Mary at the door and said,” That new yellow sweater looks great on you.”

“Oh, Tom,you noticed,” she said,surprised and pleased.Maybe a little confused.

After the long drive, I wanted to sit and read.Mary suggested a walk on the beach.I started to refuse,but then I thought, “Mary’s been alone here with the kids all week and now she wants to be alone with me.” We walked on the beach while the children flew their kites.

So it went.Two weeks of not calling the company where I am a manager,a visit to the shell museum though I usually hate museums.Relaxed and happy,that’s how the whole vacation passed.I made a new decision to keep on remembering to choose love.

There was one thing that went wrong with my experiment,however.Mary and I still laugh about it today.On the last night at our cottage,preparing for bed,Mary looked at me with saddest expression.

“What’s the matter?” I asked her.

“Tom,”she said in a voice filled with sadness, “do you know something I don’t?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well...that checkup I had several weeks ago...our doctor...did he tell you something about me?Tom,you’ve been so good to me..am I dying?”

It took a moment for it all to sink in.Then I couldn’t help laughing.

“No,honey,”I said,holding her in my arms. “ You’”

46.In the first paragraph, “No ifs, ands or buts.”probably mean____.

A.probably B.completely C.impossibly D.unimportantly

47.From the story we may infer(推断)that Tom drove to the beach cottage____.

A.alone B.with his family C.with Mary D.with his children

48.During the two weeks on the beach,Tom showed more love to his wife because_____

A.the doctor told him Mary was seriously ill. B.she looked beautiful in her new clothes

C.he made his mind to be a good husband D.he made a lot of money as a manager

49.What made Tom change his mind to be with his family more?

A.his wife was deadly ill B.his vacation to the beach

C.a talk on his car radio D.his achievement from his job

50.By saying “I’m just starting to live,”Tom means that______.

A.he is beginning to feel sorry for what he did to his wife before

B.he lived an unhappy life before and is now starting to change

C.he is just beginning to understand the real meaning of life.

D.he is just beginning to enjoy life as a loving husband.


When you’er packing for an adventure,what’s the most important thing you’ll need? If you don’t want to get lost. you’ll need a map.Or better yet, a GPS.What about other animals.how do they know where they’re going?

While humans depend on technology to travel,some animals have something far more advanced.Researchers,mainly from Oregon State University,US ,found that Chinook salmon(鲑鱼)have a “built-in GPS’ of the Earth’s magnetic field(磁场).This means as soon as they are born they are able to direct themselves in the ocean.It acts like a big map inside their brain.

Scientists placed some baby salmon into a big swimming pool.To the Earth’s magnetic field,they put magnetic coils、9线圈) all around the pool.Then,by changing the direction of the coils,the salmon began to change their own direction.They started to face in the direction of their ocean feeding area.This is a safe place in the ocean where salmon can find food

to eat.When the scientists changed the coils to the opposite side,the salmon also turned in the opposite direction.Just by using their “built-in GPS”, the salmon were able to find out the direction of their feeding area.

How did Chinook salmon get their “built-in GPS”? The scientists think that their navigation(导航) skills came through evolution(进化).The fish that were able to reach the feeding area lived longer. Then they could pass on their navigation skills to their babies.So if you’re ever lost and in need of some help,maybe you should ask a salmon to point you in the right direction!

51.The passage mainly talks about_____.

A.the wide use of GPS B.the evolution of the Chinook salmon.

C.the research of ocean life D.Chinook salmon and their built-in GPS.

52.According to paragraph2.Chinook salmon_______.

A.have their own magnetic field B.learn direction from their mother

C.can find directions in the ocean D.have the same navigation skills as humans

53.The underlined word “simulate” in paragraph 3 probably means_______.

A.模拟 B.学习 C.利用 D.改变

54.Which of the following is not true according to the passage?

A.Chinook salmon has more advanced ways to travel.

B.Chinook salmon can find out the direction by using their own “GPS”

C.Chinook salmon get their “GPS” from their parents.

D.Scientists put a “GPS” into the fish’s body to help find its direction.

55.The passage is probably from_______.

A.a novel B.a science report C.an advertisement D.a guide book


56.A health leaflet(手册). 57.A shopping list.

58.A menu.

Life is hard.And junior middle school students have every reason to say so.

____61____,Zhejiang did a survey of young people’s mental health.It found that junior

middle school students in Zhejiang feel the biggest pressure from school____62____

teenagers.Besides,48.8percent of middle school students show signs of mental health problems.

What are students ____63____ about?

“First,the class ranking after exams.Second, ____64___ unable to reach their parents’

expectation,” the Youth Times reported.

This is not ___65___ true with Chinese students.

The American Psychological Association recently did a similar survey.The results are

___66__:in the US,teenagers have a higher level of stress than adults.For them,one of the big

reasons for stress is also ___67___.

___68___ can we do to help?

To begin with,___69___ sure you have an active life.Sleep for 9-10 hours a day, find

someone to exercise with every day, and eat well, said Norman B.Anderson, an expert from the


___70___, try to keep away from mobile phones and computers.If you spend too much time

on them, you will more likely feel upset,said experts.


71.March comes after F________ and before April.

72.Don’t you b_______ me? It’s true that Hangzhou will restrict the issuance of new car license.

73.--How could you knock him down?

--Sorry,I was in such a hurry that I didn’t see him walking t_______ me in the hallway.

74.My grandparents live in this village.Look! The red house near the hill is t_______.

75.We all f__________ really angry and brokenhearted yesterday after Malaysia declared Flight 370 crashed in Indian Ocean and “ALL LIVES LOST”.

76. --It’s already a q_________ past six.Let’s go to the cinema now,or we’ll be late.

--You mean 6:15?Oh,let’s hurry!

77.We need t_________ students to play this game,five girls and seven boys.

78.Some families in China will be a________ to have two children if one of the parents is an

only-child from 2014.

79.There used to be two b_______ over the big river between these two busy towns.

80.The girl is still very w________ after her illness.

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