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6. Where does the conversation probably happen?

A. In a library. B. In an office. C. At an airport.

7. What will Mr. Lee do as soon as he gets to London?

A. Have a meeting. B. Go to the hotel. C. Visit a friend.

8. Where will Mr. Lee meet Jane and Peter?

A. In a Chinese restaurant. B. At their home. C. In the hotel.


9. The man will go to Guangzhou with __________.

A. one person B. two persons C. three persons

10. The bus to Guangzhou will leave at __________ a.m.

A. 6:00 B. 3:30 C. 9:30

11.At first ,the man wanted to buy _______ ticket(s)?

A. one B. two C. three



12. Last summer David went to London ______.

A. to see his friends B. to spend his holidays C. to visit his relatives

13. People in David’s country drive ______.

A. on the right B. on the left C. in the middle

14. What happened to David when he came to a busy street?

A. A car hit him. B. A bike hit him. C. A policeman stopped him.

15. Why did the old woman come to David?

A. She wanted to see whether David was hurt.

B. She came to tell David where he was.

C. She wanted to know if David wanted a map of the city. 第 1 页 共 11 页

II. 笔试部分 (95分)


16. My father read an interesting book last night. The underlined part in the word ―read‖ is

pronounced as_______.

A. /ri:d/ B. /rid/ C. /red/ D. /r?d/

17. Every Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, Grace goes to a dance class with over 20________ students after school.

A. the other B. another C. the others D. other

18. ________ you wait a few more minutes? It’ll be your turn soon.

A. Must B. Should C. Might D. Could

19. Tim, you’d better ________ because you have to drive back home.

A. not to drink B. not drinking C. don’t drink D. not drink

20. For lunch, I usually have ________ and one sandwich.

A. a cup of carrot juice half B. half a cup of carrot juice

C. a half carrot juice cup D. half a carrot juice cup

21. There ________ many big trees ________ the library. .

A. are, in the front of B. is, in front of C. are, in front of D. is, in the front of

22. You won’t feel happy at school ________ you get along well with your classmates.

A. when B. though C. unless D. because

23. We can’t_______ making the plan. Clean–Up Day is only a week from now.

A. put up B. put down C. put off D. put out

24. I really don’t know ___________.

A. how they’ve got so angry with me.

B. why have they got so angry with me

C. how have they got so angry with me

D. why they’ve got so angry with me

25. –Mum, who called me this afternoon when I was out?

-A girl calling ______ Lucy.

A. her B. herself C. hers D. \

26. No school ever allows students to eat in class. But students are always allowed to eat snacks during the _________break.

A. ten-minutes’s B. ten-minute C. ten minutes D. ten-minutes

27. –Would you like to tell your problems to your mother or to your father?

--_________. I usually keep it deep in my heart.

A. Both B. Either C. None D. Neither

28. The e-mail ________ I have received just now is from my pen pal, Mike.

A. who B. what C. which D. where

29. —Do you think it will rain tomorrow?

—_______. It has rained for a whole month! It’s too wet

A. I hope so. B. I hope not.

C. I’m sure it will. D. I’m afraid it won’t.

30. —Could I give you a ride as you look so tired?

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