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3. What is the girl going to buy for her mom?

A. A cat B. A bag C. A hat

4. How much did the girl pay for the shoes?

A. 200 dollars B. 300 dollars C. 150 dollars

5. Why was Fred late?

A. He got up late B. He was scared by an accident C. He had an accident



6. Where’ll the meeting be held?

A. In the classroom B. In the reading room C. In the lab

7. When will the meeting be held?

A. At 2:00 pm tomorrow B. At 3:00 pm tomorrow C. At 8:00 pm tomorrow

8. What is the meeting about?

A. Health B. Education C. Western cultures


9. What did Jenny like to collect?

A. Bottles B. Coins C. Stamps

10. Why are some coins used less?

A. Because their costs are high

B. Because they are small

C. Because they are too heavy

11. When will Canada stop using some kinds of coins?

A. On January 4 B. On February 14 C. On February 4



12. What is this advertisement for?

A.A shopping mall B. A clothes store C. An online store

13. How much is the Sony DVD player .

- 1 -

A.$120 B. $220 C. $210

14. If Mrs Smith brings an old digital camera while shopping for a new one, what offer can she enjoy?

A. Enjoy a 50% discount B. Spend 50 dollars less C. Only need to pay 50 dollars

15. How long do the special offers last?

A. Two days B. One day C. One week

II. 笔试部分(95分)

四、单项填空 (共15小题,计15分)

16. Which ―ai‖ in the following word has a different pronunciation from the others? - 2 -

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