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二、听短对话,回答问题 (共5小题, 计5分)




( ) 6. Where are the two speakers?

A. In a restaurant. B. On a farm. C. At the woman?s home.

( ) 7. What can we learn from the woman?s answer?

A. She doesn?t often play tennis

B. She is a good tennis player

C. She enjoys tennis.

( ) 8. Why was Julia late?

A. Because of the heavy traffic.

B. Because there was no bus.

C. Because of the car trouble.

( ) 9. Who will go to the cinema?

A. The man. B. The woman. C. The man and the woman.

( ) 10. When is Mr. Green free?

A. At 21:00 in the morning.

B. Before 21:00 in the evening.

C. After 21:00 in the evening

三、听较长对话,回答问题. (共5小题, 计5分)


( )11.Which is not Ann?s plan for the vacation?

A . Look after his sister B. Have piano lessons C. Go to Qingdao.

( )12. Who will go with Willam?

A.His friends. B. His classmates. C. His family.


( )13.When did Susan get Jessica’s invitation?

A. Yesterday morning B. This morning

C. This afternoon

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( )14.What is Jessica like?

A. She is outgoing and friendly

B. She is quiet and smart

C. She is funny and friendly

( )15.When does Jessica’s party start?

A. At 6:00 B. At 7:00 C. At 8:00



( )16. When you are ______ , you may try physical activities.

A. strong B. sad C. thinking

( )17. In which activity can?t you relax yourself?

A. working in your office. B. Running C. Playing tennis.

( )18. What do you thinking of physical exercise after listening to the passage?

A. It?s boring.

B. It?s useful for us to relax.

C. It is useless.

( ) 19. When you take care of yourself, you should______.

A. eat little and get little rest.

B. eat much and get much sleep.

C. eat well and sleep well.

( ) 20. If you don?t feel well, what should you do to keep a headache away from you?

A. Eating much food B. Stay up late C. Cry

I I. 笔试部分(95分)


( )1 Which of the underlined “a” is pronounced (发音) differently?

( )2 This is ________ onion and that is ________ watermelon.

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