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( ) 3.What will the speakers plan for?

A. A new term. B. New Year’s Day.

C. A long vacation.

( ) 4. How can the girl get Yi Zhongtian’s books?

A. By buying them. B. By borrowing them from the boy.

C. By borrowing them from the library.

( ) 5. Would Ted like to go to Jake’s birthday party?

A. Yes, he’d love to. B. No, he doesn’t love to.

C. We don’t know.




( ) 6. When did Nick go to bed last night?

A. At 12:00. B. At 10:00.

C. At 2:30.

( ) 7. How long will Nick’s parents spend on their holidays?

A. For about a week. B. For a month.

C. For about half a month.

( ) 8. Who will look after Nick these days?

A. Himself . B. His parents.

C. His grandparents.


( ) 9. When will Dave have a piano concert in Changsha?

A. On Jan. 6th. B. On Jan.8th

C. On Jan.1st.

( ) 10. Who is Dave?

A. Mr Black’s cousin. B. Miss Chen’s husband.

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C. Mrs Black’s brother.

( ) 11. How will Mr Black go to Changsha for the concert?

A. By train. B. By car.

C. By plane.


听下面一段独白,并按独白的要求在试卷上完成任务。你可以边听边完成任务。然后你会看到4个问题和相关选项。请从每个问题A、B、C 三个选项中选出最佳选项。听独白前,你有20秒钟的时间阅读有关材料和4个小题,听完独白后,你有20秒钟的时间来选择有关选项。独白连读两遍。

( ) 12. What is Linda like?

A. Kind and hard-working. B. Friendly but lazy.

C. Cold but hard-working.

( ) 13. Where does Linda live?

A. In an apartment. B. In a villa (别墅).

C. In a house.

( ) 14. What is Linda doing all the morning today?

A. Playing computer. B. Doing her homework.

C. Cleaning the apartment.

( ) 15. What will Linda do this afternoon?

A. She will hang out. B. She will go to school.

C. She will do some cleaning.



16. ________ is pronounced differently from others.

A. Blood B. Foot C. Good D. Book

17. --- I called you at eight last night, but nobody answered me.

--- Oh, I _______ the piano lesson at that time.

A. am talking B. was taking C. take D. took

18.---You should be more friendly ________ you can make more friends.

--- Thank you for your advice.

A. in order to B. so that C. until D. although

19. All of us felt when we heard the news.

A. surprising; surprised

C. surprised; surprised B. surprising; surprising D. surprised; surprising

20. ________ the Internet, the world is becoming smaller and smaller.

A. Thanks for B. Thanks to C. Thanks by D. Thanks with

21. When I got to the new city, I had no friends, so I always felt _______.

A. lonely B. normal C.unfair D. alone

22. I __________ in Hangzhou now, it’s really a good place to live.

A. used to live B. used to living C. am used to live D. am used to living

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