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4-5单元检测 一、英汉互译

1.允许某人做某事______________________2.浏览_____________________ 3.重要的事_________________ 4.解决_________________________ 5.和睦相处_____________________ ______________________

6.和......争吵......_________________7.把......和.....作比较________________ 8.依......看......__________________ 9.接电话________________________ 10.逐渐变弱___________________ 11.看一看_____________________ 12.前往______________________ 13.沉默_______________________ 14.拆除____________________ 15.be against doing sth._____________ 16.go off____________________ 17.fall asleep_____________________ 18.at this time yesterday__________________ 19.walk home_____________ 20.wake up_________________ 21.the rest of ________________________ 二、词形转换

1..wrong________ (反) 2..communicate__________________(名)

3.second__________ (副) 4.compete_________ (名) 5.angry___________ (副) 6.push__________ (反) 7.perhaps___________(近义词) 8.crazy________ (副) 9.begin___________(过去式) 10.heavy____________(副词)

11.wood__________(形) 12.sleep________(形) 13.fall__________(形)

14.rise__________(过去式) 15.ice__________(形)16.complete_________(副) 17.silence_________(形) 18.true_________(名)19.recent_________(副) 三、选择填空

( )1.His father doesn’t allow him A.goes B.to go C.going D.go ( )2.What’s A.wrong B.the wrong C.matter D.up ( A.What about B.Let’s C.Why don’t D.Why don’t you( )4.You could save some moneyyou can buy a gift for your Mother. A.in order to B.because C.so D.so that ( him very much. A.surprise B.surprised C.surprising D.surprises ( A.Although;but B.Although;/ C.Because;so D.Because;/

( )7.Th A.work on it B.work out it C.work it out D.work for it ( A.alone;alone B.lonely;lonely C.alone;lonely D.lonely;alone ( my homework in the classroom this morning. A.leave B.forget C.forgot D.left ( with the best student. A.compares B.complains C.tells D.makes ( in this story?

A.wonderful something B.something wonderful C.wonderful anything D.anything wonderful ( the TV .

A.turn on B.turn off C.turn down D.turn up ( )13. When the man downstairs knocked at the door, I _______. A. am doing housework B. was doing housework

C. were doing housework D.am going to do housework ( )14. What were you doing ________ last Sunday morning? A. at B. in C. Over D. /

( )15. The boy with two dogs ____in the yard when the earthquake hit the city. A. is playing B. are playing C. were playing D. was playing ( )16. My father was reading a newspaper while my mother ________ dinner. A. is cooking B. cooks C. was cooking D. will cook ( )17 . _________ beautiful park Xiaoyaojin Park is!

A. What B. What a C. How D. How a ( )18. —Dad, could you please drive ?

— No hurry. We have enough time before the plane takes off.

A. faster B.fastest C.more slowly D. more carefully ( )19. I tried several jackets on, but ______ of them looked good. A. both B. either C. none D. Neither

( )20.Sometimes it rains _________in Guizhou in summer .

A. heavily B. heavy C. strong D. Strongly ( )21.I was late today because my alarm clock didn’t____ A. run off B. go off C. give out D. give up ( )22.–Mary, would you like to ___ this game?

—I’d love to, but I have to finish ___ the composition first. A. join in; to write B. attend; writing C. join; to write D. take part in; writing. ( )23– Mr. Wang , I have trouble ___ the text. --Remember ____ it three times at least.

A. to understand; reading B. understanding; reading

C. understanding; to read D. to understand; to read 四、用所给词的适当形式填空

1. Now Jim’s sister __________________(read) newspapers. 2.He __________________(watch)TV at nine last night. 3.He __________________(watch)TV last night.

4.Her mother ____________(cook) while her father was watching TV.

5.He had a fight with his best friend, and they walked home in________(silent). 6.Kate didn’t think her friend was telling the ___________(true) about the event

7.I want to be a ___________(report) when I grow up.

8.To tell the ________ (true), I don’t like the drinks in that café.

(important) of study.

10.The harder you study, the_______________(happy) you'll be.


1.He walks home every day .(用at this time yesterday改写) He ___________ ____________ home at this time yesterday. _______ _________ you _________when she came in . 3.John was so tired that he couldn't walk.(同义句) John was _______ tired _________ _________.

4.He was sleeping .The telephone rang . (合并为一句) He was sleeping ________ the telephone rang . 5.I think it's normal .(否定句)

I__________ think it _________ normal.


A: 26__________________ B: I was flying a kite.

A: 27__________________

B: By the river. A lot of children were flying kites there ,too. A: It blew yesterday, didn’t it?

B: 28__________________ It was good weather for flying a kite. A: 29__________________

B: Zhang Lei and Liu Hua. They both bought two new kites and got there earlier than I did.

A: Did you enjoy yourselves yesterday? B: 30__________________


One day a poor farmer was taking a bag of rice to town. Suddenly the bag fell off his horse on the road. He didn’t know what to do about it because it was too heavy for him to lift by himself. He only hoped that somebody would soon pass by and help him.

Just at this moment a man riding a horse came up to him. But the farmer was very disappointed (失望) when he saw who he was. It was the great man living nearby. The farmer had hoped to ask another farmer or a poor man like him.

But to his surprise, the great man got off his horse as soon as he came near. He said to the farmer, ―I see you need help, friend. How good it is that I’m here just at the right time.‖ Then he took one end of the bag, the farmer took the other. They together lifted and put it on the horse.

―Sir,‖ asked the farmer, ―how can I pay you?‖

―It’s quite easy,‖ the great man answered with a smile, ―wherever you see anyone else in trouble, do the same for him.‖

( )1. What happened when the farmer went to town?

A. His horse’s leg was hurt B. The bag fell from his horse. C. The farmer lost his bag. D. The horse was ill.

( )2.The farmer couldn’t lift the bag onto the horse by himself because ________. A. the bag was broken B. the horse went away C. the bag was too heavy for him to lift D. the farmer was too old ( )3.Why was the farmer very disappointed when he saw the great man? A. Because he thought the great man couldn’t help him.

B. Because he thought the great man could take away his bag. C. Because he thought the great man could take away his horse. D. Because he thought the great man couldn’t see him. ( )4. Who helped the farmer?

A. The great man. B. Another farmer.

C. A poor man like him. D. A friend of the farmer’s. ( )5.If you see someone in trouble, what will you do?

A. I’ll go away as soon as possible because I don’t want any trouble.

B. I’ll give some help if I know him or her . C.I’ll volunteer to help him or her. D.I won’t give any help unless he or she pays me money.

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