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一.翻译。 20

加拿大 中国 玩的愉快

三年级四班_____________ 教室__________上课________________

颜色________________ 英国____________ 在操场上__________________ 购物清单______________蓝色___________ 绿色__________________

A visiting student_______________ play sports__________________ Plan one’s lesson_______________ homeroom teacher_____________ Show sb around___________________ over there___________________

Play a guessing game_________________at the store_______________

二、Read and choose.选择最佳答案。(15分)

( )1. _______ jacket is it? It’s Tom’s.

A. Who B. Whose C. Who’s

( )2.What book is it? It’s ______English book.

A. a B. an C. the

( )3.Where _____ you live? I live in a lovely house.

A. are B. did C. do

( )4.What’s your name? _________________________

A. It’s me. B.He is Lucy. C.My name is Tom.

( )5. My father______ill yesterday.

A. isn't B. aren't C. wasn't D. weren't

( )6. ______your parents at home last week﹖

A. Is B. Was C. Are D. Were

( )7. The twins______in Dalian last year. They______here now.

A. are; were B. were; are C. was; are D. were; was ( )8.What colour is it? _________________________

A. It’s green. B. This is green C. I like green.

( )9. How much _______ the apples? Ten Yuan.

A. am B. is C. are

( )10.Hello, who’s this? ________ Jane.

A. I am B. This is C. That is

( )11. What are you going to do tomorrow? We ____grandma Li do the housework.

A. help B. are helping C. are going to help

( )12.Tom is _____.I’m sorry to hear that.

A. tired B. happy C. ill

( )13. Thank you for _____me. You’re welcome, we’re friends.

A. invite B. inviting C. invited

( )14.Whose socks are these?

A.It’s Tom B.They are Tom’s socks C.They are Tom.

()15.Is this an apple?

A.Yes.It is B.Yes ,It isn’t C.No, It isn’t

三、连词成句。(注意大小写及标点符号。) (10分)

①to , welcome , school , our ( ! )


②she , student , a , is ( ? )


③what it colour is (?)


④ colour is my green favourite( . )


⑤three may have I crayons( ?)



1. Who is he? A.His name is Li Ming. 2. Whose coat is this ? B. You are welcome. 3. What’s his name? C. There are eight. 4. Thank you. D.He is my uncle.

5. How many people are there in the cinema? E.It’s Tom’s. 五.改写句子。15 1.Tom 来自美国。

翻译:________________________________ 2.He is from japan.

对划线部分提问:___________________________ 3.He likes apples very much.

否定:_______________________________________ 4.This is my father.

一般疑问:___________________________________________ 5.Do you like green?

否定回答:________________________________________ 四.完形填空。12

My name is Bill. I’mAmerican boy. I’m twelve. I’m a student a middle school. I’m in Class 4, Grade 1. Li Lei my friend . We’re in theclass. He is eleven. Here is a picture of look at it .His father, the one behind the tree, is a policeman. His mother, the one in the red hat, is a teacher of Chinese. He has sisters. They are twins. name is Mimi. Look! It’s at school. We are good friends.

( )1.A. the ( )2.A. to ( )3.A. same ( )4.A. him ( )6.A. five ( )7.A. be ( )8.A. It ( )9.A. on ( )10.A. The

B. a B. of

C. an

D. /

D. under

D. his

D. some D. It

D. four D. am D. Its D. behind D. And

C. behind C. he

B. different

B. her

B. It’s B. two

C. one C. Let

( )5.A. Let us

C. three

B. is B. It’s B. in B. /

C. are C. Its’ C. to C. A

( )11.A. team

( )12.A. I


B. grade B. my (一) C. classes C. mine D. school D. me

My name is Jack . I am a pupil of Grade One . I’m in No.1 Middle School . On weekdays I get up at six o’clock . I have breakfast at seven and then I go to school by bike . We begin our class at eight o’clock in the morning . We have four classes in the morning and three in the afternoon .

At noon , I have lunch at home . Classes are over at four fifteen in the afternoon . After class , we often play football in the afternoon . I go home at about five .

I have supper at about six thirty in the evening . I do my homework at seven thirty . At weekend , I watch TV . I often go to bed at ten . I’m very happy .


( )1. Jack is a pupil in ______ .

A. Class One B. Grade One

C. Class Two D. Grade Two

( )2. Jack gets up at _________ in the morning .

A. five B. six C. seven D. eight

( )3. After class they often play ______ on the playground .

A. volleyball B. basketball

C. football D. ping-pong

( )4. Jack often watches TV on __________ .

A. Monday B. Thursday

C. Sunday D. Tuesday

( )5. Which is true (真实的)? _________ .

A. Jack is a good boy .

B. Jack has his lunch at school .

C. Jack watches TV every day .

D. Jack is is not happy


Jack and Sally are brother and sister . They are twins . They like to swim and ride bike . They like to fly kites , too . They often (经常) run with the kites near the river . The kites are very high . They look very happy (高兴) .

But not all of their favourite games are the same . Jack likes to play football and Sally likes to play basketball . Jack likes to jump high , he thinks it’s easy , but Sally thinks it’s very hard . Sally likes to make something , but Jack can’t . Sally can sing well and Jack can throw the yo-yo very well .


( ) 1. Jack and Sally are brothers .

( ) 2. They like flying kites .

( ) 3. They often run with the kites near the river .

( ) 4. All of their hobbies are the same .

( ) 5. Jack likes playing basketball .


Mrs Jones is an American doctor . She is now in China . She works in a children’s hospital in Shanghai . She likes the children and she likes to work for children . She works hard in the day time and learns Chinese in the evening school . She also learns Chinese from the Chinese doctors and her Chinese friends . Now she can speak some Chinese . She can read and write some

Chinese , too . She says it’s not easy to learn Chinese well . Mr Jones , her husband is a teacher . He teaches English in the No.5 Middle School . He works from Monday to Friday . He teaches 3 classes every day .

根据短文内容,选择正确答案 。

( ) 1. Mrs Jones is _________ .

A. an English teacher B. an American teacher

C. an American doctor

( ) 2. Mrs and Mr Jones are ____________ .

A. in a hospital B. in a middle school C. in China

( ) 3. Mrs Jones leans __________ in an evening school .

A. math B. Chinese C. English

( ) 4. Mr Jones works __________ every week .

A. five days B. six days C. three days

( ) 5. Which is wrong ? ____________

A. Mrs Jones works in a children’s hospital in Shanhai .

B. Mrs Jones says it’s easy to learn Chinese .

C. Mrs Jones learns Chinese from Chinese doctors and Chinese friends .

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