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( )1. A. sofa B. sister C. see D. eraser

( )2.A. case B. box C. bookcase D.pencil case

( )3.A. on the desk B. under the table C. behind the table

D. in the desk

( )4.A. her keys B. his kites C. his keys D. her kites

( )5.A. behind the door B. on the floor C. under the bed

D. on the dresser


( )1. A. Hi, Mary. B. Nice to meet you , too.

C. How are you ? D. That’s good.

( )2. A. M—A—R—Y, Mary. B. Yes, I can.

C. No, I can’t. D. You’re right.

( )3. A. It’s 118. B. 256437. C.$120. D. 12.

( )4. A. Yes, it isn’t. B. Yes. It’s an apple.

C. Yes. It’s an orange. D. No. It’s an apple.

( )5. A. He’s in a red hat. B. The one in a red hat.

C. She’s there. D. Yes, she is.

三、情景反应,根据你所听到的问句选出适当的答语。(10分) ( )1.A.Good morning B.Good afternoon C. Good evening

( ) 2.A.I’m fine B.I’m five are you

( ) 3.A.She’s 2923456 B.It’s 2923456


( ) 4.A.Yes,it is B.Yes, he is

he is

( ) 5.A.Yes,it is B. No,it is isn,t


一、 单项选择。(每题1分,共15分)

( )1.—_____ that? —It’s a drawer.

A.Where’s B.What’s C.How’s

( )2. 代表“中国中央电视台”的是:____。


( )3. “Is this your pen?” “Yes, ____.”

A. is B. it’s C. it is C.How C.He’s C.Yes. C.Yes, it

( )4. —__________?


A. What’s this in english B. How do you spell it C. What’s that

5. Is_____ your aunt?

A. he B. she

D. her

6.—Who’s that?


A. It’s a pen B. That’s an eraser C. It’s green I don’t know

7. Some books and a pencil-box_________ in the bag.

A. are B. is C. have has

8、These are my ______.They are teachers.

A.father B.mother


9、The ______are her cousins.

A.boy B.a boy C.boys boy

10、Is this your aunt? C. his D. Sorry. D. C.sister D.an


A.she’s B.he is C.she is D.this is

11、Tom is _______friend._______is a boy.

A.I. His B.I He C.my He

D.my She

13、These are my ______.They are very nice.

A.family photo B.family photos C.photo family

D.photo families

14、Where is my baseball?

It is ______the floor.

A.under B.on C.behind


15、Is that a notebook?

A.Yes ,it is B.Yes,it’s C.No that isn’t D. No this isn’t

二、完形填空。(每题1分,共10分) a brother. is Bob. Bob __18_playing sports, but he likes sports show(节目).He every evening. __20__like

French fries, and they often eat them. But French fries are and girls like ice cream, but they don’t ( )16. A. play B. plays C. to play

( )17. A. Her B. My C. His

( )18. A. doesn’t like B. likes C. don’t like ( )19. A. looks B. watches C. looks for

( )20. A. Bob B. Nick C. Nick and Bob ( )21. A. no B. not C. /

( )22. A. Many B. Every C. That

( )23. A. them B. it C. these

( )24. A. What B. How C. Where

( )25. A. eggs B. chicken C. strawberries


Hello! I’m an English girl. My first name is Lucy. My last name is White. I’m in No.3 Middle School. My father and mother are in No.3 Middle School, too. They are English teachers. My brother is in NanKai University(大学). His name is Tony. I have a Chinese teacher. Her name is Wang Yan. She can speak (说)very good English. She is a good teacher.

26. I am an English __________.

A. boy B. teacher C. girl D. student

27. My name is __________.

A. White Lucy


28. Tony is __________.

A. my father


29. There are(有)__________ people in my family.

A. two B. three C. four D. five B. my mother C. my Chinese teacher D. my B. Lucy White C. Wang Yan D. Tony

四、用am is are 填空(10分)

30.My name ______Alice.

31. I__________ a Chinese girl.

32.How ______you? I _________fine.

33. Frank and Dale _____my friends.

34.This______a pencil.

五、用a an填空。(10分)

35、___pen 36、___dictionary

37、___pencil 38、___ruler

39、___eraser 40、___backpack

41、___English book 42、 ___pencil case

43、________apple 44、______egg



45、 What’s this in English A.His name is Liu Xiang.

46、 How do you spell pen? B.I’m fine, thank you

47、 Is this your pencil? C.P---E-----N

48、 How are you? D.Yes,it is

49、 What’s his name? E.It’s a dictionary


50、This is my sister.(变复数句子)


51、This is my pencil.(改为一般疑问句)


52、Is that her backpack?(作否定回答)


53、Where is my book?(回答在桌子上)


54、my is backpack where(连词成句)






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