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1. --- How often does he exercise? --- _____.

A. In a week B. Some times C. Twice a week D. At 5 o’clock

2. --- _____ girls are there in your class? --- Twenty-six.

A. How much B. How many C. How often D. How long 3. Eating fruit is good _____ our health(健康). A. for B. at C. in D. with

4. Although it is cold, ______ Mr Smith goes swimming once a week. A. / B. but C. and D. yet

5. The little girl over there has eighteen______. A. a tooth B. teeth C. teeths D.tooths

6. —— ________________? —— I have a toothache. A. What's wrong with you B. What's the matter with you C. What's the trouble with you D. A, B. and C 7. We don’t go to school ______ Sundays. A. in B. at C. by D. on

8.—— _________ is Bob staying in New York? —— He’s staying there for three weeks.

A. How often B. How long C. When D. How much 9. What are your parents doing ______ vacation? A. to B. for C. at D. about 10.. What about _______ camping? A. going B. goes C. went D. go

11. They finished _______ in the supermarket. Then they went home. A. shopping B. shoping C. shopped D. to shop 12. The girl ______ for Japan next week.

A. leaves B. is leave C. is leaving D. leaving 13.Mr Smith likes to _____ after supper.

A. take walks B. take walk C. carry walks D. bring walks

14. we go to school ______ the school bus.

A. in B.at C. on D. with 15.Is there __________ in the newspaper?

A. anything new B.new anything C.something new D.new something 16.The bus ride usually_______ him 20 minutes. A.pays B.pay C.takes D.take 17. We must ______ the school rules.

A.obey B.obeys C.obeying D.obeyed 18.You should ______ some hot tea _____ honey.

Adrink, in Bdrink, with Cdrinking , with Ddrinks, in 19. Jenny ______ lifestyle.

A. has a healthy B. have a healthy B. has a health D. have a health 20. It’s good ______ you ______.

二、词汇。用所给词的适当形式填空。(10分) 1. His lifestyle is ________ (difference) from mine. 2. I surf the Internet _______ (two) a week. 3. My mother wants me _______ (eat) some fruit. 4. Thank you for ________ (teach) well.

5. You must eat more vegetables and keep _______(health). 6. I hope you feel _______ (good) soon.

7. Chinese medicine is now popular in many _______(west) countries. 8. There are a number of _________ (tourist) here in summer. 9. His grandmother is ________ (nine) years old. 10. Our teacher is ill, he has a ______ (head) today.

三、改错。(5分)(请将错误的选项填在括号里并将所改正的答案写在横线上) ( ) ______________ A B C D

( ) ______________


( ) ______________ A B C D

( ) _____________ A B C D

( ) ____________ A B C D 四.补全对话。(15分)

A) 在对话后的方框中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。

A: (1) ________

B: I’m not feeling well. (2) ________ A: (3) ________

B: About three days ago.

A: Oh, that’s too bad. (4) ________ B: Yes, I think so. A: (5) ________

B) 在空格处填入适当的词语使对话完整,词数不限。 A: 6________________________?

B:I’m going to visit my uncle in Shanghai. A: That sounds nice.7___________________? B: I’m going with my parents. A: 8_____________________? B: About a week.

A: 9_____________________?

B: We are leaving this Friday afternoon. A: 10________________________!.

B: Thank you!


1.He eats junk food every day.(改为一般疑问句) _________ he _______ junk food every day? 2. He is always late for school.(改为否定句) He is _____ late for school.

(对划线部分提问) ________ _______ _______ he go to work on foot?

4. It’(对划线部分提问) ______ ______. _______ _______ from your home to the train station? 5.Lily takes the subway to school.

Lily goes to school _______ _______ . 6.He can't hear anything. (改为同义句) He __________ hear __________. 7.汤姆几乎从不迟到。

Tom is _______ _______late for school. . 8你应该躺下来休息。

You should _______ _______ and ________. 9.你能和我一起打网球吗?

__________________________________. 10我不得不照顾我的弟弟。

______________________________________. 11.上网花去他40分钟时间。

______________________________________. 六.完形填空(10分)

What do you do at the weekend? Some people like to __1__at home, but others like to go for a walk__2__play football. My friend, Jack, works hard in a factory on __3_. At the weekend he always ___4__different things. On Saturday he __5___his car to the supermarket and on __6___he goes with his family to a village(村庄) by car. His uncle and aunt have a farm(农场) there. It isn't a ___7__one, but there's always much work to do on the farm. The children __8__with the animals and give them their ___9__. Jack and his wife help his uncle in the fields(田地). At the end of the day, they are all__10___and Jack's aunt gives them a big meal.

( )1. A. playing B. live C. stay D. likes ( )2. A. and B. or C. but D. so

( )3. A. weekend B. weekends C. weekday D. weekdays ( )4. A. does B. makes C. borrows D. has ( )5. A. watches B. drives C. sells D. washes

( )6. A. Monday B. Sunday C. Saturday D. Wednesday ( )7. A. small B. big C. hard D. short ( )8. A. help B. eat C. feed D. keep ( )9. A. clothes B. places C. food D. drink ( )10. A. clean B. late C. hungry D. friendly

七、阅读理解。(25分)(请把1----20题的答案填在第八页的表格里。) (一)

John is a paper boy. He delivers(投递)newspapers to different houses in his street every day. He has about 80 customers(客户). Half of his customers only take the newspapers on weekdays, and about half take the newspapers on weekdays and on Sundays. Two of John’s customers only take the newspapers on Sundays.

John has to get up at 4:30 every morning to deliver his newspapers. It takes longer to deliver the newspapers on Sundays. The Sunday newspapers are twice as heavy as those on weekdays.

John is saving his money to buy a new bicycle. He is also saving money for college (大学). He has already saved 500 dollars.

1. John ________________ every day.

A. reads books B. sells newspapers C. borrows books D. delivers newspapers 2. How many customers does he have?

A. About 40. B. About 120. C. About 80. D. About 20.

3. ______________ of his customers only take the newspapers on Sundays. A. Two B. Eighty C. Forty D. Twenty 4. What time does he have to get up every morning? A. 3:30 B. 4:30 C. 5:30 D. 6:30 5. John is saving his money to buy __________________.

A. a newspaper B. a new bag C. a house D. a new bicycle (二)

One day, I had a bad toothache. I couldn't eat anything. So I went to see the dentist. "What's wrong with your teeth?" asked the dentist. "I have a toothache," I told him.

"Let me see your teeth ... Um, there's a hole in one of the teeth. Do you eat a lot of sweet food?" the dentist asked me.

"Yes, I do. I often eat ice cream, biscuits, chocolates and I often drink colas and mile with sugar," I told him.

"All these are bad for your teeth. You must eat less sweet food and brush your teeth at least twice every day. Now let me fill your tooth," said the doctor.

6. What was wrong with the writer? A. She couldn't eat or sleep. B. She had a toothache.

C. She couldn't eat any sweet food. D. She had a headache.

7. The doctor looked over the writer's teeth and found A. a hole in one of her teeth B. two holes in her teeth C. some holes in her teeth

D. a big hole and a small hole in her teeth 8. The writer A. doesn't like eating sweet food or drinking sweet milk B. doesn't like having any food or drink C. likes eating sweet food and drinking milk D. likes having sweet food and drink colas. 9. Eating less sweet food A. isn't good for our teeth

B. is only good for children's teeth C. is good for our teeth D. is bad for our teeth

10. Which of the following is true?

A. The dentist filled all the writer's bad teeth. B. The dentist didn't fill the writer's bad teeth. C. The dentist pulled the writer's bad tooth out. D. The dentist filled the writer's bad tooth.


Do you like traveling(旅行)? Almost everyone in the world likes traveling for their holidays.

11_______ They like to go to the mountains, the beaches or the forests(森林). Others love history. 12_______ So before going, please plan your holiday. 13______ And you have to get much information(信息) about where to go, how to get there, where to stay, and what kind of activities you can do there. 14 _______ It’s a new way of spending holidays. That is, you can have the holiday with some of your friends, classmates, and even some strange(陌生的) people.15______ Do you think so? 根据短文内容,将下面五句话还原到文中空白处。 A. They like to visit some old interesting places.

B. Many people think it is interesting to travel like this.

C. You should decide what kind of vacation you like and how much money you are spending. D. Some people love nature.

E. Do you know “Group Holiday”?


There are four people in my family. We all like traveling(旅游). This summer we plan to go to Tibet on vacation. But we can’t decide how to get there, because we don’t agree with each other about the 飞机). But my mother, my brother and I don’t agree. We don’____________________________________________________ 25 What do you learn from the passage ?

t think taking a plane is safe, although it’s fast. My mother and I want to go by train. But my father and my brother think it’s too slow(慢的). I say to them, “Why not? A train isn’t fast, but it’s safe and cheap, and we can also enjoy many interesting things on the way.” My brother thinks it’s good to go by car. He says, “Tibet isn’t too far from our city. If we leave at six in the morning in our car, we can arrive by six in the evening.” But my parents and I think it’ll cost(花费) too much money. And there may be lots of cars on the way. Can you give us a piece of good advice? 根据短文内容,判断下列句子的正(T)误(F)。 16. The family is going to Tibet for the summer vacation.

17. When the writer says “the question”, he means(意思是) they don’t know how far it is to Tibet. 18. From the passage, we can know “safe” means “快的” in Chinese. 19. It’s twelve hours’ driven (车程) from the writer’s city to Tibet.

20. My parents and I think going by car is expensive and crowded.


Once there was an old farmer. He had a horse and the horse was almost as old as himself. One morning he set out with his young son to sell the horse before it died. The father and the son walked because the farmer did not want the horse to be too tired(疲劳). They met two men on the road. They said,“Why are you walking, farmer? You have a horse. It's a long way to get to the market.”The farmer knew that this was true, so he rode on the horse while his son walked. Then they met two old ladies. “What are you doing up there, farmer? Can't you see how tired your son is? ”So the farmer got down, and let his son ride on it. Twenty minutes later, three old men stopped them. One said,“Why are you walking, farmer? Get up. It's too hot for an old man like you to walk today.”So the farmer got up behind his son and they went on riding. Some time later, a young woman passed them. “Why aren't you walking? ”she asked,“It isn't far to the market. Give your poor old horse a rest. ”So the farmer and his son got down once again. It is a fact that you cannot please(使高兴) all the people all the time. 根据短文完成下列各题。

21 Why did the farmer want to sell the horse?


22 Why didn’t the farmer and his son ride the horse at first (起初)?

____________________________________________________ 23 Was it a long way to get to the market?


24 Did the farmer and his son ride the old horse at the same time on their way to the market?


书面表达 (10分)


● Mike的学校离家约6千米,他通常骑自行车去上学;下雨时坐公共汽车。 ● 父亲在医院工作,医院离家很远,每天开车去上班,大约花40分钟。 ●母亲在银行工作,银行离家有点远,常坐地铁去上班


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