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MODULE 9 练习1

一、 根据汉语提示写出单词,每空一词。

A 1. Many old people think they will go into ________ (天堂) when they die.

2. They are looking for you ________ (到处).

3. Bikes are a kind of ________ (常用的) vehicle (交通工具) for most Chinese.

4. The old often say the ________ (经验) is a good teacher.

B 1. 深受欢迎的卡通主角到处都是。

The _______ of popular _______ are _______.

2. 他的书已被翻译成50多种语言。

His books ________ ________ ________ ________ more than 50 languages.

3. 从我来到这个图书馆,我已读了两本书了。

I ________ ________ two books ________ ________ I came to the library.

4. 我爸爸还保存着这些黑白故事书的收藏册。

My father keeps ________ ________ these________ storybooks.

5. 尼莫赢得了全世界年轻人的心。

Nemo has won ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ all over the world

C 1. Tom, 过来。我想和你说几句话。

Come on, Tom. I would like to __________________________________ you.

3. 他从去年就去了美国。

He ______________________ America _______________________ last year.

4. 看,你的房间又脏又乱,赶快收拾一下。

Look, your room is ______________________. Please tidy it up.

5. 这就是我昨天到处找的那本书。

This is the book ______________________________________ yesterday.

D 1 这不是什么可笑的事情,这很严肃。 It’s no ______ matter. This is ______. 2 我想和迈克说句话,但不想和他争吵。

I want to _____ _____ _____ _____ Mike, but I don’t want to _____ _______ ______ him. 3 如果你有麻烦请找警察。 Please ask the police for help, if you are _____ ______. 4 那边的那部相机可能是你的。 The camera _____ _____may be yours.

E 1). The children’s room was in a terrible _______ (杂乱). 2). A group of children who were ______ (领导) by a big boy stole all the things in Billy’s house.

3). Three fourths of the _______ (表面) of the earth is covered by water.

4). I’m not going to tell you about it because it’s a ______ (私人的) conversation.

5). If you have driving _______ (经验), you can apply for this job.

F1.—我可以和你的父亲说句话吗,托尼?—May I _____ _____ _____ ____ your father, Tony?

2.我们应该帮助那些处于困境中的人。 We should help those people who are ______ ______.

3.你总是把你的房间弄得乱七八糟。 You always ______ ______ ______ in your room.

4.你找的那位医生现在正在房间里。 The doctor _____ you are ______ ______ is in the room.

5. —我可以借你的钢笔吗?—May I ______ your pen, please?


A 1. Most people know monkeys like to eat bananas and p________.

2. Your room is in a m________. Please tidy it.

3. You can’t go into p________ rooms if you aren’t allowed. That’s impolite.

4. My sister has a beautiful h________. She often goes shopping with it.

5. His grandfather has a kind h_______ and likes to help others.

6. — What’s your f________ colour?

— It’s blue.

7. Can you l________ us to your school, please?

8. Who r________ this country in the past?

9. Do you know who is the b_______ of the shop?

10. He stepped onto the s________ of the moon.

B The cat in the cartoon called Tom and Jerry is a l______ animal.

These are my p______ letters, you mustn’t read

Monkey King is my f______ cartoon hero.

5. I feel like I’ve died and gong to h______.

My brother is a famous c___________.

She is a very l_________ person.

The story was about a m__________ who wanted children to like him.

I caught him looking through my p________ papers.

He wrote a s________ of articles devoted to modern farming methods.

A s_________bed is too narrow for me.

Who was the c__________ of the miniskirt?

It always has a happy e___________.

She was the b________of a large international company.

Do you have any e___________ of working with children?

C 1. The play has a sad beginning but a very happy e_________________.

2. A dictionary is a book w________________ gives the meaning of words.

3. He was so angry that he left without a w_____________.

4. We can see the f____________ they are taking photos for us.

5. It’s wrong to read people’s p________________ letters without permission(允许).

6. The 75% of the earth’s s_______________ is covered with sea water.

7. I felt my h_______________ beating fast after running.

8. Where have you been? Your mother looked for you e____________________ just now.

9. The b______________ often makes his employees(雇员)work over ten hours every day.

10. Monkeys like eating p________________.

D 1. He has a l________ dog named Mimi.

2. If you want to be a c________, you must draw cartoons very well.

3. There are flowers e________ in our school in spring.

4. I’m not going to tell you about it, it’s a p________ secret.

5. Recently many b________ are not friendly to their workers.

6. ---Do you need s________ rooms or double?

--- Two double rooms, please.

7. He hasn’t had enough work e___________ for the job.

8. Mr Jackson is telling the students a story with a happy e_______.

9. Shakespeare is the c_________ of Hamlet.

10. These novels are my f___________.

E 1.Do you like the cartoon c___________like Superman?

2. The e__________ of the film is more exciting than its opening.

3. When a band is playing ,the f__________ will make the important effect.

4. It’s impolite to play a j_________ on someone who is in trouble.

5. There have been lots of h____________ in Chinese history ,such as Yue Fei, Zheng Chenggong, Liu Hulan, Lai Ning and so on.

F 1)Batman and Spiderman are two of the most f_________ American movies.

2) I haven’t heard from him r________.

3) We called a king’s daughter p________.

4) A s_______ of books on space has been published already.

5) Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie are both u_______ characters in Journey to the West.


Nemo and Shrek have w_______ the h__________ of young people.The heroes of popular cartoons are e___________. But there are some cartoon f__________which are older. The cartoon of the Monkey King has just had its 40th birthday. “Havoc in Heaven” has become a c__________ expression. Tintin has been popular for 75 years , __________ _________ Belgian cartoonist Herge invented the character in 1929. Snoopy also had his 50th biethday c____________by China’s Snoopy fans in 2000 . Not only children but also a_________ like cartoons.

H Mike got in the bus to go to town. It was very crowded and he had to s__1__ for about five minutes. After some of the passengers go o__2__, he sat down next to a fat lady. She had several shopping bags and Mike did not have much r__3__ on the seat.

Mike felt uncomfortable. At last the bus got to the town. All the passengers s__4__ to get off. Mike was very p__5__, so he stood up and asked the fat lady to get off the bus b__6__ him. She said, “Thank you.” Then she tried to get out of the seat with all her bags. But she couldn’t m__7__. She was stuck.

Mike had to push the lady. The conductor pulled her, too. At last they got her free but she wasn’t p__8__.

“I’ll write to the bus company,” she said. “I’ll t__9__ them not to make buses with such small s__10__.”

三、 用所给词的适当形式填空

A 1) We prefer music that ________ (have) great lyrics.

2)—_______ (do) she like dancing? —No, she doesn’t. 3) It tells the story of a monkey who ______ (lead) a group of monkeys.

4) The ________ (cartoon) that I like have lots of jokes.

5) I can’t stand hamburgers! They make me _____ (feel) sick.

B 1. I can’t find my pen. Maybe it’s _____________(lose).

2. People were _____________(deep) moved by his movement.

3. The play written by Shakepeare has a ______________ (happily) ending.

4. Which one do you like _______________(well) of the cartoons?

5. The story is so _____________ (fun).

6. The story that he told me made me ______________(laughing).

7. Do you know the ______________(end) of the cartoon story?

C 1. His grandmother is a kind and ________ (love) person.

2. Betty wants to be a ________ (cartoon) when she grows up.

3. Do you know who is the ________ (create) of Snoopy?

4. There are some cartoon ________ (favourite) which are older.




1. This is Tony’s camera. Could you ________?

A. give it him B. give him it C. give it to him D. give for him

2. The cartoons ______ I like have lots of jokes.

A. who B. whom. C. where D. /

3. I want to have a _____ with you about the problem.

A. fun B. word C. play D. rest

4. We need someone like Batman _____ can save Tony.

A. which B. who C. whom D. he

5. There are many cartoons which make you ______>

A. laugh at B. laugh C. to laugh D. laughing

6. I heard Daming still didn’t pass the English exam.

A. That’s good news. B. It’s no laughing matter.

C. You’re welcome D. Don’t say so.


1. I’d like to have a word with ___________. A. he B. his

2. Can you help her? She’s _______ deep trouble. A. in B. on

3. The cake ________ we ate last night was made by my mother.

A. who B. which C. what

4. The baby ________ we are looking after is very healthy.

A. what B. which C. /

5. Beijing is the 29th city that _____________ the Olympic Games.

A. hold B. holds C. have held

* 6. My watch doesn’t work. I must have it _______________.

A. repaired B. repair C. repairing

7. The young man who ______ sitting beside Mr Lin is my brother.

A. is B. are C. has

8. I ______________ her ever since she was a baby.

A. was knowing B. knew C. have known

9. I had a very unusual ___________ yesterday. I saw a UFO land in front of me.

A. decision B. test C. experience

10. It tells a story of a monkey ____________ leads a group of monkeys.

A. / B. who C. which

11. I’ll have someone ____________ my hair tomorrow.

A. cut B. to cut C. cutting

13. The girl __________ often helps me with my English is from England.

A. / B. who C. which

14. He was the first person _____________ passed the exam.A. / B. which

15. This is the school _________________ I studied ten years ago.

A. where B. that C. which C. him C. at C. that


---I heard Daming still didn’t pass the English exam.

--- _____. We should help him a lot.

A. That’s a good news B. It’s no laughing matter

C. You’re welcome D. Don’t say so

2. There are some cartoon _______, such as the Monkey King, Nemo, Sherk and so on.

A. characters B. favourite C. favourites D. writers

3. Monkey King tells the story of a monkey _____ leads a group of monkeys against the rule of the Emperor in Heaven.

A. which B. who C. when D. where

5. The whole series of Tintin began to _____ in December, 1984 in China.

A. publish B. published C. publishing D. be published

6. He ______ his father, they all ______ football.

A. is like, are like B. likes, like

C. is like, like D. likes, are like

7. Can you help her? She's ________ deep trouble.

A. in B. on C. at D. with

8. There are some trees on _________ sides of the river.

A. either B. all C. every D. both

9. About 200______ have been sold.

A. million copy B. million copies C. millions copy D. millions copies

10. The children without father or mother _____ good care of by their teachers in this special school.

A. takes B. take C. is taken D. are taken

11. This is the school ______I visited last summer.

A. in which B. which C. when D. who

12.This is the school ________ I studied ten years ago.

A. which B. in which C. that D. in that

13. _________ have finished the work can leave.

A. Those who B. Anyone C. The one who D. Who

14. She is one of the girls who ______ never late for school.

A. is B. are C. was D. were

15. The old man ____ his “99th birthday ” _____ by his big family.

A. has, celebrate B. had, to celebrate

C. had, celebrating D. had, celebrated


1. This is the bag _____ my mother bought yesterday.

A. that B. who C. whom D. this

2. The man _____ lives next to us is my English teacher.

A. whom B. which C. who D. /

6. The only language _____ is easy to learn is the mother tongue.

A. which B. that C. / D. it

7. The girl handed everything _____ she had picked up in the street to the police.

A. which B. in which C. that D. all

8. _____ cleans the blackboard should be praised.

A. That B. Who C. The one who D. The students who

9. Please show me the book _____ you bought yesterday.

A. which B. whom C. whose D. this

10. This is the best book _____ I have been looking for all this year.

A. who B. who C. which D. /

11. This is the only article of these that _____ written by him.

A. was B. were C. is D. are

12. The man _____ was here just now is a doctor.

A. whom B. who C. / D. he

13. The boy _____ has two lovely dogs.

A. who live next door B. which lives next door

C. whom lives next door D. that lives next door

14. Those _____ made no mistakes in today’s exercises please raise your hands.

A. which B. whom C. that D. who

15. Don’t go in, this is the shop _____ we have just been _____.

A. /, to B. that, / C. where, to D. which, there

17. This is the school _____ Mr. Smith once taught.

A. in that B. when C. where D. there

18. Have you visited the house _____ the famous scientist was born?

A. where B. in that C. that D. which

19. The factory _____ Mr. Li used to work was closed last week.

A. when B. where C. that D. which

20. Do you still remember the day _____ we first met?

A. that B. when C. what D. on that

22. October 1,1949 is the day _____ we’ll never forget.

A. when B. that C. where D. in which

23. October 1,1949 was the day _____ the People’s Republic of China was founded.

A. which B. when C. where D. in which

24. Is this the shop _____ sells children’s clothing?

A. which B. where C. in which D. what

25. Is this museum _____ they visited last month?

A. that B. which C. where D. the one

26. I still remember the sitting-room _____ my mother and I used to sit in the evening.

A. what B. which C. that D. where


完形填空: 1

Dear grandma,

How is it going? I hope that grandpa is (1) now. I was sorry to hear that he had a (2) last week. I hope you are in good health.

Things are fine now. I finished my end-of-year exams last week and got my (3) card today. I always get (4) when I see the envelope from school in the mail, but (5) I did OK this time. I had a really hard (6) with science this semester, and I wasn't surprised to find that my worst report was from my science teacher. She said I was lazy, which isn't (7). It's just that I find science really difficult. (8) disappointing result was in history. My history teacher said I could do better. The good (9) is that my math teacher said I was hard-working. And my Spanish teacher said my listening was good.

Well, that's about all the news I have for now. Dad and Mom (10) their love. Love,


1. A. well B. rich C. busy D. kind

2. A. rest B. dream C. game D. cold

3. A. report B. ID C. phone D. library

4. A. excited B. sad C. nervous D. tired

5. A. carefully B. luckily C. suddenly D. quickly

6. A. business B. question C. problem D. time

7. A. important B. true C. boring D. enough

8. A. Each B. Some C. Another D. Other

9. A. meaning B. notice C. news D. letter

10. A. have B. send C. provide D. show


A man was walking along the street when he saw a woman struggling with a large box. It was half in and half __1__of her car. He was a helpful kind of man, so he went up to the woman and said. “Let me give you a hand with the box. It looks very __2__.”

“That’s very kind of you,” the woman said, “I’m having a lot of __3___with it. I think it’s stuck.” “Together we’ll soon move it,” the man said. He __4__ into the back seat of the car and took hold of the other end of the box. He said, “I’m ready.” And he began to __5__ hard.

For several minutes the man and the woman struggled with the box. Soon they were __6__ in the face. “Let’s rest for a minute.” The man said, “I’m sorry, but it __7__ stuck.” A few minutes later, the man said, “Let’s try again. Are you ready?” __8__of them took hold of the box again. “One, two, three!” the man said, and again they went on with their struggle. At last, when they were very tired, the man said, “You are __9__. It is stuck really. I don’t think there’s __10__ we can get it out of the car.” “Get it out of the car!” the woman cried, “I’m trying to get it in!”

( )1. A. in B. out C. on D. off

( )2. A. heavy B. strong C. dear D. new

( )3. A. trouble B. questions C. matter D. accidents

( )4. A. got B. stepped C. came D. walked

( )5. A. pull B. carry C. push

( )6. A. white B. tired C. red

( )7. A. goes B. falls C. grows

( )8. A. Every B. All C. Either

( )9. A. ready B. right C. clever

( ) 10.A. anything B. anywhere C. anyone

3 D. lift D. hurt D. seems D. Both D. sure D. anyway

Monkey King plays tricks

Almost all Chinese, young or old, have heard of the Monkey King.

The Monkey King character 1 “ Journey to the West”, a book written by Wu Cheng’en in the Ming Dynasty. The 2 tells what happens along the way when the Monkey King 3 Monk Tang to find lost Buddhist classics(佛经).

But it is the superhero, Monkey King, 4 catches people’s attention. People love him because he is 5 , never afraid of anyone 6 powerful than he is. He goes to the Dragon King to get the golden cudgel(金箍棒). He brings 7 to the party held by the Queen of heaven. He is never scared by monsters even those stronger than himself.

People also are amused by his cleverness. He plays tricks(骗术) on monsters by transforming(变形) into them. He even 8 jokes with the Buddha.

The Monkey King has 9 thought of giving up. He meets all kinds of difficulties, even misunderstanding by his master, 10 he always meets his duty.

1. A. is out of B. is from C. named D. comes from

2. A. character B. letter C. story D. book

3. A. asks B. describes C. advises D. helps

4. A. what B. that C. which D. who

5. A. terrible B. friendly C. suitable D. brave

6. A. a bit B. much C. more D. less

7. A. happiness B. trouble C. jokes D. cheer

8. A. sees B. plays C. takes D. has

9. A. ever B. never C. still D. yet

10. A. but B. or C. and D. so



One day when Jack was walking in the park, he saw a woman, who lived a few miles away, sitting on a bench with a dog beside her. The dog was looking up at the woman.

Jack walked up to the woman and said, "Hello, Sue, how are you? May I sit and talk with you for a while?" "Of course, please sit down," Sue said. Jack sat down next to Sue on the bench, and they talked quietly together. The dog continued to look up at Sue, as if waiting to be fed.

"That's a nice dog, isn't he?" Jack said, pointing at the animal.

"Yes, he is. He's handsome. He's a bit of a mixture, but that's not a bad thing. He's strong and healthy."

"And hungry, "Jack said." He hasn't taken his eyes off you. He thinks you've got some food for him."

"That's true, "Sue said." But I haven't."

They both laughed and then Jack said, "Does your dog bite?"

"No, "Sue said, "He's never bitten anyone. He's always gentle and friendly."

Hearing this, Jack decided to hold out his hand and touched the animal's head. Suddenly it jumped up and bit him.

"Hey!" Jack shouted." You said your dog didn't bite."

Sue replied in surprise, "Yeah, I did. But this is not my dog. My dog's at home."

1. The dog looked at the woman because ___.

A. the woman wanted to feed him B. the woman was friendly

C. he was strong and healthy D. he was hungry

2. Jack and Sue were ___.

A. friends B. next-door neighbors C. strangers D. in the same family

3. Jack touched the dog because he believed ___.

A. the dog was handsome B. Sue's dog was unfriendly

C. the dog belonged to Sue D. Sue's dog was at home

4. We can infer from the passage that ___.

A. Sue gave a wrong answer B. Jack made a mistake

C. the dog wasn't dangerous D. both Jack and Sue liked the dog

5. Which of the Following can be the best title of the passage?

A. A Wrong Question B. Sue's Dog C. A pleasant Meeting D. Sue's Friend


Years ago, I lived in a building in a large city. The building next door was only a few feet away from mine. There was a woman who lived there, whom I had never met, yet I could see her seated by her window each afternoon, sewing or reading.

After several months had gone by, I began to notice that her window was dirty. Everything was unclear through the dirty window. I would say to myself, "I wonder why that woman doesn't wash her window. It really looks terrible."

One bright morning I decided to clean my flat, including washing the window on the inside. Late in the afternoon when I finished the cleaning, I sat down by the window with a cup of coffee for a rest. What a surprise! Across the way, the woman sitting by her window was clearly visible. Her window was clean!

Then it dawned on me. I had been criticizing (批评) her dirty window, but all the time I was watching hers through my own dirty window.

That was quite an important lesson for me. How often had I looked at and criticized others through the dirty window of my heart, through my own shortcomings?

Since then, whenever I wanted to judge (评判) someone, I asked myself first, "Am I looking at him through my own dirty window?"

Then I try to clean the window of my own world so that I may see the world about me more clearly.

6. The writer couldn't see everything clearly through the window because_____.

A. the woman's window was dirty B. the writer's window was dirty

C. the woman lived nearby D. the writer was near-sighted

7. The writer was surprised that_____.

A. the woman was sitting by her window B. the woman's window was clean

C. the woman did cleaning in the afternoon D. the woman's window was still terrible

8. "It dawned on me" probably means "____".

A. I began to understand it B. it cheered me up

C. I knew it grew light D. it began to get dark

9. It's clear that _____.

A. the writer had never met the woman before B. the writer often washed the window

C. they both worked as cleaners D. they lived in a small town

10. From the passage, we can learn ______.

A. one shouldn't criticize others very often

B. one should often make his windows clean

C. one must judge himself before he judges others

D. one must look at others through his dirty windows


Jack went to a barber’s shop and had his hair cut, but when he came out, he was not happy with the result. When his friend Bob saw him, he laughed and said, “What has happened to your hair, Jack?”

Jack said, “I tried a new barber’s shop today, because I wasn’t satisfied with my old one, but this one seems even worse.”

Bob agreed. “Yes, I think you’re right, Jack. Now I’ll tell you what to do when you go into a barber’s shop next time: look at all the barber’s hair, find out whose hair looks worst, and then go straight to him.”

“Why shall I go to him?” Jack asked. “But that would be foolish!”

“Oh, no, it wouldn’t,” answered Bob. “Who cut that man’s hair? Just think it. He couldn’t cut it himself, could he? Another of the barbers cut it. So you know he can’t be the worst barber.”

1. When Jack went out of the barber’s shop, he was not happy because _________.

A. nobody had cut his hair B. the barber hadn’t cut his hair well

C. the barber had cut his hair carefully D. he was not satisfied with his old barber

2. “I tried a new barber’s shop today.” means _______.

A. this barber’s shop was a new one B. this was the only barber’s shop in this town

C. Jack often went to this barber’s shop D. Jack had not been to this barber’s shop before

3. After Jack had his hair cut, he thought _______.

A. the new barber’s shop was the best one B. the old barber’s shop wasn’t so good as the new one

C. the new barber’s shop was worse than the old one D. the old barber’s shop was the worse one

4. Bob told Jack to find out which barber’s hair looked the worst and then go straight to him. Why?

A. Because his was certainly the best barber. B. Because his was free all the time.

C. Because his was the worst barber. D. Because his wasn’t the worst barber.

5. From the story we know that ______.

A. it’s foolish to have one’s hair cut at a barber’s shop

B. barbers cut each other’s hair

C. barbers never have their hair cut

D. a barber always cuts his hair by himself

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