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卓越培训 暑期九年级 综合测试卷

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卓越培训 暑期九年级 综合测试卷

姓名 分数

一、 单项选择。

1.Mr Black wants to have his hair .

A.cut B.cutting C.to cut D.cuts

should be allowed to do some sports after shool in the afternoon.

A.Sixteen year olds B.Sixteen-years old

C.Sixteen-year-olds D.Sixteen-year-old

3.She doesn’t do her job ,though she has .

A.carefully enough,enough

B.enough careful,time enough

C.careful enough,enough time

D.enough carefully, time enough

4.I must be back home A.by B.from C.for D.between

5.——Your key must be in your room.


A.So it does B.So does it C.So it is D.So is it

6.——I hear Yang Yan made an English speech yeaterday.

——,and A.So she did, so did I B.So did she, so I did

C.So she was, so I was D.So was she , so I was

7.The dress looks good her.

A.for B.on C.at D.in

8.——Our teacher is too strict us.

——I agree with you. But she is also friendly us.

A.with,to B.to,with C.for,to D.with,for

9.We’ll have three days this week to have a chance to volunteer.

A.on B.off C.at D.for

10.The boy isn’t allowed to make this decision for A.he B.his C.him D.himself

11.His parents worry about his at school.

A.success B.succeed C.successful D.to succeed

12.Mary is serious singing and dancing.

A.of B.at C.about D.on

13.English is very and all the students know the of the English study,.

A.important, importance B.important,important

C.importance, importance D. importance, important

14.Only then that he had lost a chance of achieving his dream.

A.he realized B.did he realized C.did he realize D.he did realize

15.Sometimes hobbies can schoolwork.

A.get the way B.get in the way of C.get in the way on D.get in the way with

二、 用所给词的适当形式填空。

- 1 -


2.Students shouldn’3.The man isn’4.Ann 5.You must stop (talk) and listen to me carefully.

6.The classroom must be 7.—— ——Yes, I have.

8.I can’ on my work when I am hungry.

(teach) us history last year.

10.I have a chance of (go) to America.


1)1.We should clean the classroom every day.(改为被动语态)

every day.

2.Eighteen-year-olds should be allowed to drink.(改为否定句)

Eighteen-year-olds allowed to drink.

3.They will watch TV.They won’t do homework tonight.(合并为一句)

They will watch TV homework.


4.Don’t worry that you’ll (考试失败).

5.I have to (呆在家里) on school nights.

(早起) is a good habit.

7.Anna is one of the best students in our class.You should …学习)her.

8.Everyone deeds to have at least (八小时的睡眠) a night.

9.Last year I 有机会) to study in foreign countries.


You’ll your if you work hard.

三、 完形填空。

Dear Li lei,

My best friend, Mer,has a problem. Neat month there a really important English speech contest for our whole city. Our classmates want her to the class in the school contest. Everyone is sure she will win. It’s probably true. Mei is very clever English. In fact, she always comes top in the school exams.But she is very shy. She’d rather

others than speak in front of people. She’s terrified speeches. She said she didn’t

want to let her friends she doesn’t know what to do with it I can’t

any good ideas to give her,either, but you always good solutions to people’s

problems. What do you think I should tell Mei? If you me, what would you do?

( )1.A. have B.will have C.will be D.is going to

( )2.A.instead B.take the place of C.instead of D.represent

( )3.A.with B.at C.on D.to

( )4.A.talk to B.listen C.hearing D.listen to

- 2 -

( )5.A.make B.to make C.of making D.about making

( )6.A.down B.up C.out D.like

( )7.A.at the slight B.and all C.in the slightest D.no all

( )8.A.look for B.think of C.think about D.think out

( )9.A.come up with B.catch up with C.go on with D.have a word with

( )10.A.are B.will be C.was D.were



Mobile phones are everywhere and sometimes they can be very annoying.

Most public places have mobile phone rules.So try to kip your phone ringer(手机铃

声) as low as possible or put in on vibration mode(振动模式) in public. A good time to leave your phone at home would be at school or when visiting a hospital.

If you need to make or take a call while in a meeting or at a restaurant or a theater,

leave the room. If you are warting for a call, get a seat near the door to minimize the interruption(减少干扰). It is polite to let others know that in the beginning. When you get a call and you are with friends, keep the call short and speak quietly. A good way to make sure that people don’t interrupt(打扰) you and others is to tell your friends when it’s a good time to call.



Has anything embarrassing (尴尬,囧) ever happened to you in school? I think

most of you will say “Yes”.

Last week, an embarrassing thing happened to me. I was walking in our school

when I saw a person who looked very much like Liu Dehua. I was by the person and lost sight of(没看到) where I was. You may know what happened next. “BANG” —I ran into a big tree, hit my head on it and fell down. Many students saw what happened and they laughed. I felt very embarrassed. A few students quickly ran to me to help me stand up.

I think everyone has embarrassing school moments. To you, it may be a very bad

thing, but to everyone else it is just something to laugh for a few minutes. People will - 3 -

forget it very fast, so you don’t need to think about it too much.. I think the most important thing is that we shouldn’t laugh at those who feel embarrassed. Today you might laugh at others, but tomorrow you may be laughed at by someone else. If something embarrassing happens to someone, we should play it cool and try to help.

1.Who was the writer looking at when he ran into a tree?

A.Liu Dehua. B.A person who looked like Liu Dehua.

C.His teacher D.One of his classmates

2.Where did the embarrassing thing happen to the writer?

A.In the park B.In the school C.In a shop D.At a restaurant

3.The underlined word “attract” in paragraph 2 means ““ in Chinese.

A.打击 B.惊吓 C.袭击 D.吸引

4.When something embarrassing happens to others, we should A.laugh for a few minutes and forget it

B.play it cool and try to help

C.think why it happens

D.laugh for a few minutes and help

5.Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?

A.The writer ran into a person and fell down.

B.A few students came to the writer and helped him.

C.The writer felt very embarrassed at that moment.

D.If you laugh at others, others may laugh at you some day




- 4 -

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