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Module 1

My classmates

Unit3 Language in use.

1. 来自 2. ……..怎么样? 3. 我们的朋友们 4. 欢迎来到……. 5. 日常英语 6. ……..岁 7. …….的首都 8. 在我的班上 9. 一个很大的城市 10.名字(2种) 11.姓氏(2种) 12.向……介绍你自己 13.几岁 Be from What/How about…….. Our friends Welcome to……. Everyday English ……..years old the capital of…. in my class a very big city Given name/ last name Familt name/ first name Introduce yourself to How old

Where are you from? 1.你来自哪里? I am from Beijing. 我来自北京 2.认识你很高兴 Nice to meet you! 3.欢迎来到7年级4班 Welcome to Class Four Grade Seven. What/How about you? 4.那么你呢? Are you from China? 5.你来自中国吗? -是的|不是 Yes, I am. No, I’m not. 6.你几岁了?-我13岁。 ole are you? I am thirteen years old. How Good to see you! 7.很高兴见到你。 8.它是英国的一个小城市。It’s a small city in England. 9.托尼是我的名字, Tony is my first name and Smith is my 史密斯是我的姓。 last name. In 10.中文的姓在前而名字在后。 Chinese, the family name is
first and the given name is last.

第一 第二 第三 第一 第二 第三 人称 人称 人称 人称 人称 人称 单数 单数 单数 复数 复数 复数 you he we you they 主格 I she it you them 宾格 me you him us her it 作 用 作 主 语
作 宾 语

物主代词 (有形容词性物主代词和名词性物主代词两种)
第一 人称 单数
形容 词性 my

第二人 第三 称单数 人称 单数
your his her its

第一 第二 第三 人称 人称 人称 复数 复数 复数
our your their


名词 前做 定语

名词 性



theirs ours yours

theirs 独立 使用

be: am , is , are (说明身份、状态、年龄等)

am I我 He/She/It 他/ is 她/它 They/We/You are 他们/我们/你, 你们

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

I am miss Yang. 我是杨老师。 I am from Fujian.我来自福建。 I am 22 years old.我22岁了。 I am very happy . 我很幸福。 I am in Class Three.我是三班的。 She is my classmate.她是我的同学。 He is my friend.他是我的朋友。 We are Chinese. 我们是中国人。 You are Chinese, too. 你们也是中国人。

be的一般现在时的否定句式和疑问句 式是什么呢?请看下面的句子。 1. I am not Chinese. 2. He is not (isn’t) an English boy. 3. We are not (aren’t) from America. 4. Are you Chinese? 5. Is he an English boy? 6. Are you from America?


We are Chinese. 我们是中国人。 Are you Chinese?你 们是中国人吗?

2. I am Tom. 我是汤姆。 Are you Tom? 你是汤姆吗?

转换成一般疑 问句

3. I am in Class 3. 我在三班。

Are you in Class 3. 你是三班的吗? 4. I am happy. 我很幸福。 Are you happy?


注意:am not 一般不缩写

She is Chinese. Chinese.
They are in Class 2.

She is not (isn’t)

They are not( aren’t) in Class 2.

Are you Tom?你是汤姆吗? No, I am not. .

注意: ② be动词am,is,are与其前 后词的合写。 I am = I’m You are = You’re He is = He’s She is = She’s What is= What’s It is = It’s is not = isn’t are not = aren’t My name is = My name’s


定义: 用来表示人或事物的性质、状态。

肯定句: 主+ be


is are


否定句: 主 + be + not + …
一般疑问句: Be+主+…? Yes, 主 + be. No, 主 + be + not.

特殊疑问句: 疑问词 + 一般疑问句?

1. be+形容词 He is very kind. 他人非常好。 The fruit is very fresh. 这水果很新鲜。 2. be+名词 They are my friends. 他们是我的朋友。 It’s my book. 这是我的书。 3. be+介词短语 The book is on the desk. 书在桌子上。 She is in the park. 她现在在公园。 4.be+副词 Class is over. 下课了。

1.Look at the pictures and introduce e three people to your class.

Sam twelve, England Class 1

Emma thirteen, America Class 4

_________________ This is Emma. This is Sam. _________________ She’s thirteen. He’s twelve. She’s from America. He’s from England. _________________ _________________ She’s in Class 4. He’s in Class 1.

Xu Kexin thirteen, China Class 3

David Beckham England, English, thirty-seven

_________________ This is Xu Kexin She’s thirteen. _________________ She’s from China. _________________ She’s in Class 3. _________________

This is David Beckham. ———————— He’s from England. ———————— He’s English. ———————— He’s thirty- seven ———————— years old. ________________

2.Look at the pictures in Activity 1 nd complete the sentences.

? 1. This is ____. Sam __ ______years old is twelve Sam ? and he __ from _______.Heis England ___in Class1. is is is not ? 2. This __ Emma. Emma __ ____ from England. is She __ from America. She ___thirteen years old is and she is __ Class 4. in Is ? 3.--__ Xu Kexin from England? ? -- No, she ___. She __ from _______. China isn’t is ? 4.-- ___ Xu Kexin in Class 3? Is ? -- Yes, she ___. ___ is

3. Complete the conversation.
Jack: Hi, my name is Jack. What’s your name? Lingling: Hi, Jack____ Lingling. Where are you I’m from ? from Where are you from Jack: I’m ____ England. _____ ___ ___ ____? Lingling: I’m from China. ____ ____ are you ? How old Jack: I’m thirteen. How old are you ? 4 thirteen Lingling: I’m _________, too. I’m in Class ___, Grade 7. What about you ? Jack: I’m in Class 3. Nice to meet you. Lingling: Nice to meet you, too.

4. Complete the table with these words

America Chinese




nese American English

国家名 …国人
…国的 …语

如:I’m from China and I’m Chinese.

Around the world
姓 和 given name 名字 Family name and
In Chinese, the family name is first and the given name is last. Family name (Last name)+ Given name (First name) In English, the given name is first and the family name is last. Given name (First name) + Family name (Last name)

Chinese name Yang Liwei

Family name Given name




English name Bill Gates
Family name Given name



5. Work in pairs. Ask and answer questions about a friend. A: What’s his/ her name? B: He’s/ She’s …. A: Where’s he/ she from ? B: He’s/ She’s from …. A: How old is he/ she ? B: He’s/ She’s … years old.


1. Peter is from New York and he’s _________(美国人). American 2. We _____(写) English words on the write notebook. given 3. Yang Liwei’s _____ name(名) is Liwei. irst 4. Sunday is the f___ day of the week. rom pen 5. Where is Michael Jackson f____? 6. I o___ the door for him.


are 1. He and I _____(be) in the same class. China 2. I’m from _____ and I’m _______.(China) Chinese 3. Lingling is not from Englandand she _______ isn’tEnglish .(English) _______ 4. Tom is fifteen _____ (15岁)years old. 5. We are ___(be) students. Wecome_____(来自) ____ from Beijing. is twelve 6. She ___ a student, and she is______ (12岁)years old.


1. Peter is old, Peter, is, old. twelve, twelve years years.
2. Lingling, in,in Class 2? Is Lingling is, Class 2?

3. from, the the teacher from? Where is teacher, where, is?
4. friend, English, my, teacher, is, an. My friend is an English teacher. 5. your, from, is, from England? Is your father father, England?

Thank you !

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