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2013 新版 牛津七年级上 第4单元基础测试

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江苏 新课标 7A unit 4 练习(1)


1. I have a party ________ seven o’clock ________ April 1st. A: at, on B: in, on C: at, in

2. Millie always does her homework ____the evening but she watches TV __Saturday evening.

A: on, in B: at, in C: in, on

3. ----What’s the ________ today? ----It’s May 10th. A: date B: day C: time

4. ----Would you like _____ tea? ----Yes, I’m very thirsty(口渴). A: any B: a C: some

5. Let you and ________ friends. A. I am B. I are C. me are D. me be

6. Can you see the trees on_______ side of the road. A. the other B. other C. all D. both

7.There will be a baseball game ____ Saturday afternoon. A. on B. in C. at D. /

8. Would you like ______ tea? A. some B. any C. every D. no

9. Our teacher often tells us _________ our homework first. A. do B. to do C. doing D. does

10. Every day, I spend two hours ______kites.

A. practicing to fly B. practicing flying C. to practice to fly D. to practicing flying

11.It is time to get up. Let’s _____. A. wake her up B. wake up her C. to wake her up D. waking her up

12. Sandy ___ often late for the class meeting. A. isn’t B. don’t be C. doesn’t be D. aren’t

13. —Do you __ football matches on TV? —No, I don’t. I ____ films.

A. watch; see B. look; see C. watch; look D. see; look

14. It’s time ____ lunch now. After lunch, it’s time ____ the violin.

A. to; to play B. for; to play C. for have; to play D. to having

15. My mother is talking ___ the phone. Please come here ___ cold mornings. I need your help ___ my dancing lessons.

A. on; in; to B. with; on; at C. in; at; to D. on; on; with

16. ___ my school, school starts ____ 7.30 a.m. ____ weekdays.

A. At; at; on B. In; at; on C. At; at; in D. In; on; on


1. Doing morning exercises _____ (be) good for us.2. How many ________ (computer room) are there in the library?

3. What about ________(meet) my old friends. They are _______(real) nice to me.

4. Today is Monday, we are having our _____(one) art lesson. Miss Chen is the _____(good) art teacher in our school.

5. I like _____(go)______(fish) every Sunday. I’d like _______ (ask) you a question about _____ (fish).

6. I learn basketball ______ (good). We have 22 _______(play) in our basketball team.

7. Mary isn’t like_____ (she) mother. But _____ (she) likes _____ (she) very much.

8. There ____(be) some good news on TV. If you want to watch TV, you should _________ (finish) your homework first.


Paris(巴黎) has a beautiful name, the City of it means? Many beautiful buildings are lighted at .When you in Paris, you needn’t turn your headlights(车灯) even after dark. Paris is full of (充满)life all day and all night. But this is not the reason (原因)for its beautiful name. For hundreds of years, Paris has been the centre of science and art. scientists and artists have come to here. For this reason, people ( )1. A. Flowers B. Cars C. Lights D. Rivers

( )2. A. what B. how C. where D. when

( )3. A. noon B. night C. day D. evening

( )4. A. black B. dark C. noisy D. bright

( )5. A. walk B. go C. drive D .live

( )6. A. off B. down C. out D. on

( )7. A. only B. other C. any D. another

( )8. A. No B. Few C. Many D. A few

( )9. A. study B. drive C. play D. have dinner

( )10. A. make B. call C. build D. find

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