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they are scary.

8. Is Bill doing his homework?

No, he (not be).

9. now? (sleep).

10. I don’t(fish) this afternoon.

11. It takes me an school every day.


14. Their brothers

don’t like policemen.

16. The teachers in our school (friend) to us.


17. Look! The (swim) in the river.

19. down phone number.

二.单项填空 my

1. Let’safter dinner. That sounds good.

A. take a walk B. to take walk

C. take walk C. to take a walk

2. Jim very well, but he A. the; the B. a; a

C. a; the C. the; / a little Chinese.

A. say B. speak

C. tell C. talk

A. we B. us

C. our

C. mine

5. Did you get there bike? No, I A. a; a B. /; a

C. the; the C. a; the 6. Sally girl. She violin very well.

A. a; the B. a; /

C. an; the C. an; / plays

7. How’s everything going? ! Everyone in my new school friendly to me.

A. Great B. Terrible

C. Colorful C. Bad

on the phone.

A. talks B. says is

C. is saying C. is talking A. tell B. say

C. telling C. speaking

10. Mom cooks two eggs. One is for for my sister.

A. other B. the other

C. others C. Another me,


It’s Sunday Jack father a morning. and his

people on come from America and all friends. They are going to the Summer Palace(颐和园).There are on the the bus. good English. She is talking about the

Summer Palace. All the passengers are They like the Summer ( ) 1. A. am B. is C. are

D. be

( ) 2.A. many B. much C. a lot D. a little

( ) 3.A. they B. them C. their

D. theirs

( ) 4.A. be come from B. is from C. are from D. comes from

( ) 5.A. China B. Chinese Chineses D. English

( ) 6.A. is drive B. drive driveing D. is driving

( ) 7. A. Other B. The others C. C. is C.

Another D. The other

( ) 8.A. talk B. talks speak D. speaks

( ) 9.A. with B. to

D. of

( ) 10.A. see B. seeing see D. to look

C. C. for C. to

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