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班别_______ 姓名__________

一、 单项选择题:(40%)

( )1.—Sit down, please. -________.

A.Good B.Fine C.OK D.Thanks

( )2. I________ an English boy.

A. is B. am C. are

( )3. Those are__________.

A. teacher B. I teachers C. my teachers

( )4. ---_________? ---A bag.

A. What?s this in English B. How are you

C. How do you do

( )5. ----_________maps are there ? ----There are eight.

A. What B. How C. How many

( ) 6.You_______ a teacher,I_____ a student, my sister______ a student, too.

A. am, is, are B. is, are, am C. are, am, is

( )7.This ____Miss Li.____ my teacher.

A.Is , He?s B. are , She?s

C. is ,I?m D.is, She?s

( )8…_____ …I?m Tom Hanks.


A. How are you? B. What?s your name?

C. Good morning. D. How do you do?

( )9…“Hello, Kate .Nice to meet you.” …“______”

A. How are you ? B. What?s your name?

C. Nice to meet you , too. D. fine , thanks.

( ). 10. Please _____down and ____your book.

A.sit, open B. stand, open C. put, draw D.sit , put

( ). 11….What?s this ____English? ….It?s a pen .

A. In ,are B. in ,is C. on, is D. of, is

( )12.Please write it ___the blackboard.

A. In B. on C. of D. for

( )13….How ___you spell “pen”? ....P-E-N, pen.

A. are B. is C. can D. do

( )14…Can you help me, please? ....Yes,_____

A. I can’t B.of course C. he can D.I’m

( )15…What colour is the bird? …___ black and white.

A. It’s B.It are C. They’er D. Its

( )16…What’s your favourite ____? …Basketball.

A. Colour B.day C.flower D. sport

( )17.My favourit sport is _____.

A. swimming B.swim C.play football D.play table tennis

( )18. …____is it tomorrow?


…Today is ____. Tomorrow is Wednesday

A. What?s, Monday B. What day , Tuesday

C. How many , Monday D. How old, Saturday

( ) 19. … ____are you? …I?m five.

A. How B. How many C. How old D. What

( ) 20…____girls are there? ….There are twelve.

B. How B. How many C. How old D. What

( ) 21 …. ____ five and six? ….____eleven.

A. What , It B. What?s, It?s C. How many , It?s D. How old, I?m

( )22. Eleven and four____ fifteen.

A. am B .is C. are D. its

( )23….Let?s _____after school.

A. play football B. to play football

C. playing football D. going swimming

( )24….___the weather like ___spring? …__ warm.

A. What, in , It?s B What?s, in , It?s.

B. How ?s ,in , It?s D. How, on ,I?m

( )25.It?s cold in____ in China.

A. summer B. autumn C. winter D. spring

( )26….It?s time to go now. …____.

A. Thank you. B. You?er welcome C. Goodbye D.OK

( )27….What colour is the banana? …It?s_____.


A. black B. red C. orange D. yellow

( )28….How many ___are there? ….___twenty.

A. desks, Are there B .desks, They?er

B. desks, There?re D. desk, There?er

( )29.当你在路上认错了人,你可以说__________。

A. How are you? B. Sorry

C. Thanks D. What?s your name?

( )30.当别人夸你的衣服漂亮时,你可以说______。

A. Where, where B. Thank you C. Thank D. Sorry

( )31.下列哪一个单词中的字母i与其它三个的发音不一样?

A. fine B. nice C. like D. big

( )32.下列哪一个单词的字母组合与其它三个发音不同?

A. chair B. share C. year D. where

( )33.在cat, bag, black, that这四个词中,元音字母a发下列哪个元音?

A. [?]??B.?????C ?????D.?????

( )34.please spell “map” ….______.

A. MAP B.M-a-p C.M-A-P D. m-a-p

( )35. Kate, what?s this in English?

A. This is a pen B. It?s pen C. Its a pen D. It?s a pen

( )36…. “Betty, this is my friend, Tony”. …“_______, Tony.”

A. How are you B.I am Betty C. Nice to meet you D. Goodbye

( )37.下午在校门口遇到同学,应该怎么打招呼?


A. How are you? B. Good morning

B. Good afternoon D. Good evening

( )38… “____class are you in?” … “I?m in____.”

A. What , class four B. What?s, Class Four

B. What, Class Four D. What?s, class four

( )39. …____your telephone number?

…____ six two three, one eight four.

A. How many, It?s B. What?s , It C. What?s , It?s D. What, It

( )40. …___do you spell “bird”? ...B-I-_-D.

A. How ,r B. how, R C. How, R D. What, R

二, 连词成句并翻译成汉语,句末标点已给出。20%

41.what ,is ,day,it,tommow?______________________________________________________________________________

42.the,weather ,what?s,spring,like,in(?)_______________________________________________________________________









50.books,there,many,how,are,bag ,your,in(?)__________________________________________________________


51.The w_____ is very cold in Harbin in winter.

52.I like football and s______.

53.Basketball is his f_________ sport.

54.Let?s p____ basketball after school.

55.Today is f_______and tomorrow is Saturday.

56.My favourite c_______ is red.

57.It?s very h___ in summer.

58. This is my t______, Miss Li.

59.please s_____ up.

60.P___ up your hand.


61.What?s _____(you, your) favourite sport?

62.Let?s_______(to play, play) basketball after school.

63.I like________(swim, swimming),too.

64.This ________(is, are) a cat.

65.This is ______(I, my) friend,___(he, his)name?s Tom.


66.This is_______ Miss Zhou._____ (she, her) is my teacher.

67.Open ______(you, your) book, please.

68.I?m in Mr ______(Chen, Chen?s)class.

69.My new number____(are ,is) seven two six, eight one five four.

70.Can you help _____(me, I).

五,根据划线部分提问,每空一词。5%. _______ _______girls are there in your class?

72.My name?s_____ your name?

73.I?m _____ _____ are you? ________ your number?

75.I?m in ______ ______ are you in ?


A: Hello! What?s your name?

B: My name?s Dale


B: Fine, thank you, (2) __________________

A: Nice to meet you, too. (3)__________


B: I?m twelve.

A: (4)__________

B: His name is Frank


B: His phone number? Sorry, I don?t know





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