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Starter Units 1- 3


一 单项选择:(10%)

( )1. My sister and I ______in the same class.

A. am B. is C. are D.\

( )2.--- What is this ? ---_______________.

A.I am Lily B. It’s apple. C. It’s an apple. D. It’s green ( )3.. “CCTV” 的意思是_______________.

A. 音乐电视 B.重要人物 C. 中国中央电视台 D.中国共产党 ( )4.There is ___ “h” and ____ “u” in the word “hour”.

A. a, an B. an, a C. the,\ D. an, an ( )5.---Is this your book? ---No, _______.It’s his book.

A.it isn’t B. it is C. this isn’t D.this is. ( )6.--What color is it?--- It’s_________.

A. green B. a green C. in the bag D.green book. ( )7.That’s a girl. Her name is _______.

A. Wang Xiaohong B. Wang Xiao Hong C. Wang xiaohong D. Wang xiao hong

( )8. —Is your name Fan Fan? —__________.

A. Yes, it is B. No, I’m not C. Yes, I am D. No, it is ( )9.--Are you Tom? --_________.Tom is my brother.

A. Yes, it is B. No, I’m not C. Yes, I am D. No, it is

10.---Colin,what’s this in English? ---__________.

A.This is a pen B.It’s a pen C.It’s pen

( )11.It’s ___________ black.It’s ________ black ruler.

A.a;/ B./;a C.a;a

( )12. ---________ is that quilt? —It’s black.

A..How color B.What color C.What’s color


I am a Chinese girl. My Wenbo. I 12 years old . I is very nice. We all like (都喜欢) her very much. What’s ( ) 11. A. name B. names C. name’s D. name are

( ) 12. A. am B. is C. are D. be

( ) 13. A. is B. are C. am D. /

( ) 14. A. read B.look C. looking D. reading

( ) 15. A. in B. at C. of D. on

( ) 16. A. a B. an C. the D. two

( ) 17. A. name B. number C. card D. family

( )18. A. She B. Her C. He D. His

( )19. A. your B. his C. her D. she

( ) 20. A. it B. it’s C. is D. She’s 三、阅读理解。(20分)

Mary is a girl. She is a middle school student. She is thirteen. She is in Class Three, Grade Two.

There is a big picture in Mary’s room. It’s the picture of her family. Mary’s mother is a teacher of Chinese. There is a big red flower on her black coat. Mary’s father is a worker. He is at work from Tuesday to Saturday. Mary’s brother is beside her mother. He is a middle school student, too. He is in Grade Three. Mary and her brother like books. They like school. They work hard. They are good students.

Today it is Sunday. They don’t work. They all stay at home.

( ) 26. There is a picture of ________.

A. Mary B. Mary’s family C. Mary’s father D. a middle school

( ) 27. Mary is ______.

A. fourteen B. ten C. thirteen D. fifteen

( ) 28. Mary’s father and mother are _______.

A. worker and teacher B. worker and nurse

C. teacher and doctor D. doctor and nurse

( ) 29.There is a red flower on _______coat.

A.Mary’s B. Mary’s mother’s

C. Mary’s brother’s D. Mary’s father’s

( ) 30. ________ on Sunday.

A. They all are at home B. Mary and her brother go to school

C. Mary’s father is at work D. Mary’s brother goes to school.

四.辩音, 请把划线部分发音不同的选项找出来.(5%)

( )31. B. nme C. m D. ct

( )32. A. B. Hlen C. pD. bed

( )33. A. nce B. qult C. h D. fne

( )34. A. Hell

( )35. A. compter B. K B. b C. C. bD. g D. rn

五.根据音标写出单词 (18%)

42. [fain] ________43 [neim]_____

44. [m?p]______ 46[wait]_______ 47 [jel?u]________

48. [pli:z]_______ 49.[spel]_________ 50. [blu:]________ 51. [θ??ks]_______

52.[bl?k] _______

六.用an /a 填空:(13%)

58._____ S 59._______Z 60.____ R 61._____X 62._____ F 63____K

64._____G 65.____UFO 66.____elephant 67._____American boy

68.____ old bus 69._____red apple 70.____orange quilt

八 作文:(10%)

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