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易混淆词语Unit One

1. He feels so ______ in the movie theater, as he finds watching movies ______,(frustrating, frustrated.)

2. This _________ news made us __________. (exciting; excited)

3. It’s _________ to see a UFO in the sky, isn’t it? (amazing; amazed)

4. Look , a train is running ________. Trains are _______ than buses. (quick; quickly)

5. This math problem is very _______ to work out. I can work it out _______. (easy; easily)

Unit Two

1.Mary didn’t come to the party, her sister came

___________ (instead; instead of)

2.He gets ______in learning English. He finds it _______to learn English(interesting; interested)

3.The boy is ____________ and he has a ____________ twin brother. (13 years old; 13-year-old)

4.Don’t ________ about me. = Don’t be __________ about me. (worry; worried)

5.She used to ______ short hair and she used to ________ very serious. (be; have)

6. I like English pop music so much, but I _____________ like it. (used to ; didn’t use to)

7.He used to _______(have; has ; had) so ______ (many; much) time but now he is really busy.

8.I used to be afraid of the big dogs, ______(and; but)now I am still afraid of ______( it ; them)

9.He made a difficult ________, he _______ to look for a job alone(decide ; decision)

10.------Michael Jackson has been______ for a few months . He ______ on June 26th, 2009.

------On, I ‘m sorry to hear his _______. (die; dead; death)

11.The boy used to give her mother many problems.

_________, his mother was very patient with him. So I think he is a ______ boy. Her mother brings him good _____ (luck; lucky; luckily)

12.To our _______,the girl from Sichuan won first prize in the end. We were quite ______at the news. (surprise; surprising; surprised)

13.By joining the club, I ‘ve learned ______and I have _______ new friends now. ( a lot; a lot of)

14.He is afraid to ________( speak;

speaking)___________(in front of ; in the front of)a group.

15.Jack didn’t use to play the guitar, ________ he?( did; didn’t;does; doesn’t)

Unit Three

1. I’m __________this year. I think________ should help with housework at home. And this ________ boy always help his parents do housework.

(16 years old; 16-year-old; 16-year-olds )

2. I’m really ______ now; I want to go to _________ at once.(sleep; sleepy)

3. My father is a _______ businessman. I believe I will _______ in my study, tool And my parents will take pride in my ________.( success; successful; succeed.)

4. Learning English is very ________, we should know the ________ of learning it. (important; importance)

5. I like learning English, my sister like them, _____. ( too; either; neither)

But I can’t speak quickly, my sister can’t ______.

6. The boy bought a new computer last summer. He ______

But he ______too much time on computer games. ( spend; pay; cost; take)

This new T-shirt _____ me 99 yuan.It ____ me a whole afternoon to find it in a shop.

Unit Four

1 A _____woman wrote this letter to me .She is ____about her 15-year-old son. (worry; worried)

2.Cold _____(run; running) water is ______to treat a small burn,

it can ______you get better. (help, helpful)

3 It’s not _______ for children to swim alone in the river; they should pay attention to the ________. (safe, safety)

4. It’s _________to smoke too much, and almost everyone

knows the __________ of smoking,

but few people would like to give up smoking. ( danger, dangerous)

5. Lisa _______ English very well, She will attend an English _______ contest next month.

However, her brother, Jack can’t understand _____ English at all. ( speak, speech, spoken)

6.---- Excuse me , can I ________ the book named the Old Man and the Sea

7. ----______ your coat , dear. It’s cold outside. ---OK, mum. I will _______myself later. (put on, wear, dress)

But I still can’t choose which pair of shoes to _______ for the party.

8. First you should get _______help.For example, you can take some_______(medicine, medical)

9. He lives in a _______ village. There is a beautiful river ________ the village. (near, nearby)

10. The driver sits ___________ the bus. He is also _____________ all the passengers.

(in front of , in the front of

一、 单项选择(每小题2分,共30分)

( )1. ––What will you do if it ____tomorrow? ––I’ll stay at home and watch the match on TV.

A. rain

is raining B. rains C. will rain D.

( )2. ––When will Han Han’s new book _____?––Sorry, I don’t know.

A. come on B. come out

come over

( )3. It’s dark. I would rather ______in bed than ____a walk outside.

A. lie, take

B. to lie, to take C. lie, to take C. come in D. D. to lie, taking

( )4. What they said doesn’t trouble him ___.

A. at the most B. the slightest C. at the slightest

D. in the slightest

( )5. I don’t know Peter’s address. You’d better ask ____.

A. else somebody

C. somebody else B. other somebody D. anybody else

( )6. The teacher hurried ____ into the classroom with a book under his arm.

A. go B. to go C. going D. went

( )7.If I want to be friends with others, I would first introduce myself ____them.


on A for B. to C. with D.

( )8. Mr. Liu is an old teacher. He has much experience _____ Chinese.

A. teach


( )9. What would you do if you cut yourself _____accident?

A. in


( )10. I am too nervous to know ________ to say.

A. what


( )11. The man won _____dollars in the lottery.

A. a million

two millions

( )12. ––What ____you do if you ____me ? ––I wouldn’t say anything.

A. will, are

would, were

( )13. There are only fifteen students here, the rest of them ____in the classroom.

A. am

were B. is C. are D. B. will, were C. would, are D. B. millions C. million of D. B. how C. when D. B. on C. by D. B. to teach C. teaching D.

( )14. ––What ____he like? ––He is confident and outgoing.

A. do B. does C. is D. was

( )15. We must hide the medicine ______children, or it may be dangerous.

A. to


( ) 16.A: She didn’t come to school yesterday , did she ? B: ______. Though she was not feeling very well.

A. Yes , she didn’t . B. Yes, she did. C. No, she did .

D. No, she didn’t

二、 用所给词的适当形式填空(每小题1分,共10分)

1. If my father were here, he _______________(know) what to do.

2. You’d better ask ___________(me) permission before borrowing things from me.

3. The woman is too old to look after ___________(she).

4. He invited a lot of friends ___________(come) to his birthday party.

5. There are some ________________(shelf) over there.. B. of C. with D.

6. The rich man gave ____________(million) of dollars to Taiwan.

7. I would rather read a book than _________(go ) to the movies.

8. This book is very _____________(help) to us.

9. An _______________(energy) people is hardly ever tired.

10. Lily is shy. She often feels nervous ______(speak) in public.

翻译10题 Unit One

1. 我喜欢通过大声朗读来练习发音。(like to do sth& by)

1、 他经常向他的父母要钱。(ask…for….)

2、 和朋友进行对话一点也帮不上忙。(not…. at all)

3、 我害怕在课堂上说英语。(be afraid to do sth或 be afraid of doing sth.)

4、 她在嘲笑谁?(laugh at )

5、 我决定在每一堂英语课上做大量的语法笔记。(decide to do sth.)

6、 我们于2006年开始在这所学校念书。(start to do sth.或start doing sth)

7、 学习英语对我们很重要。(句型It’s +adj. + for sb. + to do sth.)

8、 你通常怎样解决你的烦恼?(deal with)

9、 我们应该尽力理解父母。(try one’s best)

Unit Two


(can/can’t afford fo do sth& pay for)

2、令他惊讶的是,这个电话改变了他的生活。(to one’s surprise)

3、我总是以我的父母而骄傲。(take pride in)

4、他想要他妈妈更多地注意他。(pay attention to)

5、即使你不再爱我,我也会一直关心你。(even though , no longer & care about)

6、不要放弃帮助他。(give up)

7、她每天花很多时间和朋友玩游戏。(spend time doing sth.)

8、你应该尽可能地照顾好你的爷爷。(look after 或take care of

9、我过去常常走路上学。(used to do sth.,)

10、我们过去不常上网。(didn’t use to do sth.)

Unit Three

1.你不应该允许她开车,她不够稳重。(allow sb. to do sth. &enough+adj.)

1、 15岁的孩子应该被允许周末和朋友去看电影。(allow sb to do sth的被动语态结构)

2、 他必须每天早上打扫他自己的房间。(have to & clean up )

3、 你对孩子不够严格。(be strict with sb)

4、 这些制度对学习有好处。(be good for)

5、 我们有时候变得很吵,但是我们互相学到很多。(get+adj. & learn ….from…..))

6、 去年夏天我有一次在医院当志愿者的机会。(have a chance to do sth. 或have an opportunity to do sth )

7、 你需要更认真对待学习。(be serious about)

8、 我无法选择去哪里。(疑问词+动词的不定式结构) 10、你的妈妈允许你染发吗?(allow sb. to do sth.& get sth. done) dye (v.)染发

Unit Four

1.别担心,我们会想出一个更好的主意。(come up with….)

1、 那位老人太累了而站不起来。(too+adj/adv.+to do sth.)

2、 我的老师叫我在全校面前作演讲。(ask sb. to do sth.& in front of)

3、 我在等她邀请我吃晚饭。(wait for & invite sb. to do sth.)

4、 你能给我们介绍一下你自己吗?(introduce sb. to sb.)

5、 我一点也不害怕英语考试。(not… in the slightest & be terrified of 或 be afraid of)

6、 他容易相处吗?( get along with)

7、 我宁愿独自待在家也不愿跟他出去。

8、 约翰不会让我们大家失望的。(let….down)

9、 他的新书将于下个月出版。(come out)

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