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英 语 期 中 试 题

第I卷 (选择题 共50分)



( )1. Pandas are very _____ and ______. So we all like them.

A. friendly, ugly B. cute, scary C. dangerous, beautiful D. shy, smart — _____ do you usually come to school? —By bike.

A.How B.What C.How often D .Why

( )2.—How does the old man go to the park?

—He sometimes _____ to the park _____ foot.

A.go; on B.goes; on C.go; by D.goes; in

( )3.—Hi, Jane. What time do you get up _____ weekdays?

—I usually get up _____ about six o’clock.

A.in; at B.on; at C.at; at D.at ;in

( )4.My fatherc can play _____basketball but he can’t play _____piano.

A.the ;the B. /; the C.the ; / D.a; a

( )5.—What _____ Yu Ping usually _____ in his free time?

—She usually goes to the library.

A.do; do B.is; doing C.does; do D.do;does

( )6.Thanks for _____ me your story.

A.tell B.telling C.tells D.to tell

( )7.— _____ do you go to the zoo with your brother?

— Once a month.

A.How long B.How often C.How old D. How far

( )8.—It’s time _____ supper. —OK, Let’s _____ .

A.for; go B.for; to go C.to; go D.to; to go

( )9.I study English, art, history and some _____ subjects.

A.another B.others’ C.other D. other’s

( )10.—I can’t watch TV _____school nights.

A.on B. at C. for D.in.

( )11.— _____ do you _____ the book? —It’s very interesting.

A.What; like B.What; think of C.How; think D.How; think of

( )12.Physics is too _____ for me. I don’t like it at all.

A.interesting B.easy C.difficult D. funny

( )13.—What do you usually do _____ weekdays after school?

—I usually play football.

A.in B.at C.on D. for

( )14. He can _____ ,but he can’t drive a car.

A ride bike B. by bike C. ride bikes D. rides

( )15.He is new here. He has _____ good friends.


A. few B. a few C. little D. a little

( ) 16.This book _____ Lucy’s. Her name is on the cover.

A.must be B.may be C. can’t be D.must’t be

( )17.The girl_____ a red dress is my English teacher.

A.with B. in C. on D. wear

( )18.Sam is a _____ swimmer. He can swim very _____ .

A.well;good B.good; well C. good; good D.good; fine

( )19.Where _____ Lily and Lucy come from?

A.dose B. do C. are D. is

( )20.Look! There are many people on the beach.They are_____ and happy.

A.relaxing B.relaxed C.relax D.relaxes



I think the most(最animal in the zoo is . I watching them swim and jump(跳快) and very high(高). They can with a ball. They can stand up and “walk” on the to people. If you fall into(掉进) the water(水) and swim, they may come up and you.

( )21. A. scary B. interesting C. boring D. ugly

( )22. A. lion B. penguin C. dolphin D. giraffe

( )23. A. want B. turn C. have D. like

( )24. A. swim B. run C. jump D. walk

( )25. A. run B. relax C. play D. jump

( )26 A. live B. play C. go D. sleep

( )27 A. water B. floor C. street D. airport

( )28 A. clever B. cute C. funny D. friendly

( )29. A. can B. can’t C. doesn’t D. are

( )30.A. meet B. visit C. help D. eat




Mrs. King is an American doctor. She is now in China. She works in a Children’s Hospital in Beijing. She is also learning Chinese medicine(医术) there. She likes Chinese medicine very much. She loves working for children. She works hard in the day and reads English books on(关于) Chinese medicine at night. She learns Chinese from the Chinese doctors and her Chinese friends. Now she can speak some Chinese. She can read some Chinese books, too.

Her husband Mr. King is a teacher. He teaches English in a junior high school in Beijing. He works hard, too. He works from Monday to Friday. He teaches three classes every day. Sometimes, on Saturdays and Sundays, he teaches other English 2

classes. He wants to make more money (挣更多钱).

( )31.Mrs. King works in a _____ .

A.shop B.junior high school in Beijing

C.hospital in Beijing

( )32.Both of the Kings _____ .

A.live in America B.live in Shanghai

C.work hard

( )33.Mr. King works _____ .

A.in a junior high school in Beijing

B.in a Children’s Hospital in Beijing

C.in a junior high school in America

( )34.Mrs. King learns Chinese from _____ .

A.her teacher B.the books

C. the Chinese doctors and her Chinese friends

( )35.Which of the following sentences is NOT true?

A.Mrs. King can speak English and Chinese.

B.Mrs. King knows nothing (一点儿也不懂) about Chinese medicine.

C.Mrs. King is from America.


A French woman goes to London to see her son. She knows a little English, but can not speak it very well.

One day she goes to a shop. She wants to buy a hen(母鸡) for supper. But she can not remember the English word for “hen”. Just then the shop waiter asks her: “Can I help you?”

“I want the egg’s mother” the woman answers.

The shop waiter does not understand(明白) her and says: “ Sorry, we have not any bigger eggs. ”

Suddenly(突然) the woman remembers(记起) the word “cock(公鸡)”. She says: “I want the cock’s wife!”

This time the shop waiter laughs.

( )36.The woman goes to London_______.

A. to learn English B. to have supper C. to see her son

( )37.The woman ________.

A. only knows a little English B. knows much English

C. doesn’t know English

( )The shop waiter thinks the egg’s mother must be“_______”.

A. bigger eggs B. the cock’s wife C. hens

( )39The shop waiter laughs because he ________.

A. understands the woman at last B .thinks it is interesting(有趣的)

C. does not understand the woman

( ) 40.Is the woman clever(聪明的)?

A. Yes, he is. B. No, she isn’t . C. Yes, she is.



Many children like watching tv'. it's very interesting and they can see a lot and know many things about other people. they can also learn from the radio. but they can learn easily with tv. why? because they can hear and watch at the same time. but they can't watch anything from the radio. tv helps to open children's mind ( 思想 ).they can find better ways to do things.

many children watch tv only on saturday and sunday mornings. they are very busy. but some children watch tv every night. they go to bed late. it's not good for their eyes and health.

( ) 41. children like watching tv, because it's ??? .

A. boring B. interesting

C. dangerous D. good

( ) 42. when we learn from the radio, we can ________.

A. hear and watch at the same time B. only watch

C. only hear D. can only see

( ) 43.tv helps to open children's ___________.

A mind B. hands C. feet D. eyes

( ) 44.some children don't often watch tv, because they are _________.

A. free B. not interested C. busy D. tired

( )45. it's very_______ for us to watch tv too much.

A. good B. nice C. bad D. not bad



Welcome to thezoo

A. 10:00 in the morning B. 8:00 in the morning

C. 6:00 in the afternoon D. 8:00 in the afternoon

( )47. The zoo opens ______ days a week.

A. one B. two C. five D. seven


( )48. If you are 13 years old. You want to go to the zoo, they should pay ______.A. $3 B. $6 C. $8 D. free

( )49. Kate is 12, and her little sister is 6. If they go to the zoo, they should pay _______.

A. $9 B. $11 C. $6 D. $3

( )50. The zoo closes(关) at _____ on Wednesday.

A. 10:00 a. m. B. 6:00 p. m. C. 8:00 a. m. D. 8:00 p. m.

得 分 栏

第II卷 (非选择题 共50分)


根据句意及首字母或汉语提示,填写句中所缺的单词。 1.We have to be q_____ in the library. 2.Don’t f_____ with each other.

3.The little girl is a_____ of the snakes. 4.There is a b_____ over the river. 5.His d_____ is to become a singer.

6.There is a library in the _____ (中央) of the city. 7.We should brush our _____ (牙齿)every day. 8. She is_____ (从来不)late for school. 9.Scott works at a radio _____ (电台).

10.Our school’s rules are very _____( .可怕的) We can’t do this or that.

六、句型转换(共 7 小题,计 7分)根据每个句子后面的要求转换句子。

1. You can’t arrive late for class.(改为祈使句) _____ _____ late for class.

2.She usually takes the bus to get to school..(改为同义句) She usually gets to school_____ _____

就划线部分提问) _____ do you like koalas?

4.I always get up early,too.(改为否定句) I_____get up early ,_____ .

5.She has to wear a uniform at school.(改为否定句)


She ____ _____ to wear a uniform at school. 对划线部分提问)

______ _____ the _____in Qingdao today?

7.She often plays tennis after school.(用now改写句子)

She _____ _____ tennis now.

七、翻译句子(共 8 小题,计 8分)请把所给的句子翻译成英语,每个空格填写一个词。 1.My father_____ _____(要求严格)with me at my study.

2.Elepants are losing homes and they are _____ _____(处于危险中)

3. The lions are_____ _____有点)scary.

4.People _____ _____ (砍到)many trees,so elephants are losing their homes.

5.What time do you_____ _____ (穿衣服)?

6.Elepants never _____ _____ (迷路)?

7.They can _____ you_____ and you can make friends.(讲故事)

8.Are your teachers _____ _____ you ( 友好相处)?


1.Swimming in cold weather sounds _____ ( terribly ).

2.Don’t be _____ (noise). The boy is sleeping.

3.The sun is shining now,it’s_____ ( sun) today.

4.The tigers are_____ (danger),we should be careful.

5.The soup tastes _____ (well)..

6.She likes singing and she wants to be a_____ (music?

7.She practices_____ (play)the piano every day.

8.It is easy for many students _____ (go) to school.

9.How about_____ (ride) our new bikes to school?

10.Don’t forget _____ (bring) the book to school tomorrow.


根据对话内容,从方框内选择恰当的句子填入对话相应的空白处,使对话完整,合乎情景 (有两个多余选项)。

Tony: Where do you want to go now?

Maria: Let’s see the elephants.

Maria: Oh, they’re interesting.

Tony: Yes, but they’re ugly, too.

Maria: Oh, Tony! So, Tony: Let’s see the pandas. They’re kind of cute.

But they’re also kind of shy. Where are they?

Tony: They’re over there on the left,



家有家规,校有校纪。请以“School rules”为题,向新生Anna介绍你们学校的一些规章制度。要求:条理清晰,意思连贯,语句通顺,语法正确,书写规范。70词左右。(提示:1.上课不能迟到;2.教室要干净、安静;3.见到老师要问好;


School rules

Welcome to our school,Anna. Here are some of our school rules.


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