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1.A .all B.who C.how

2.A.not B.no C.coat

3.A.close B.class C.bus

4.A.many B.money C.any

5.A.dog B.bag C.big


6.A.She is a student. B.She’s my father. C.She is twelve.

7.A.Yes.It is. B.Two cars. C.It’s small.

8.A.in the factory. B.My room C.Three.

9.A.My brother B.A worker C.Monkey

10.A.Football B.Apple C.English


11.Where is Betty from? A.America B.England C.Japan

12.Can Betty play football? A.Yes,she can. B.No,she can’t. C.We don’t know.

13.How old is Betty? A.13 B.14 C.15

14.Where is Tony from? A.China B.Canada C.England

15.Can Tony speak Chinese? A.Yes,he can. B.No.he can’t. C.We don’t know.


16.Jim is twelve.

17.Li lei has brothers and sisters.

18.Jim and hie sister are students.

19.Jim and Li lei are in the same class.

20.Li lei likes maths.




A.Are,I am B.Is,he is C.Are, he is D,Is,I am

A.much B.many C.any D.some

3.------_____is Ms. Song?

-----She is in the office.

A.What B.Where C.Who D.How

4.Tony hasn’t got any brothers_______sisters.

A.and B.or C.of D.with

5.Linda is from_______.He speaks_________.

A.English,English B.English,England C.England,English D.England,England

6.There_______a pen and two pencils in the bag.

A.is B.are C.be D.am

7.--------How are you?


A.How are you? B.Very well. C.How do you do? D.Yes,I am fine.

8.This is ________room.

A.Lily and Lucy’s B.Lily’s and Lucy C,Lily’s and Lucy’s D.Lily and Lucy

9.Tom can___________in the river.

A.swim B.swimming C.swims D.to swim

10.This is______sister,_________name is Mary,and________is a nurse in the hospital.

A.my,my,she B.my,her,she C.I,her,she D.I,she,her

11.---_____are those sweaters?


A.What B.How C.What color D.How

12.----What’s your_______favourite sport?


A.father B.father’s C.fathers D.to father

13.His father is David Beckham,we often call him Mr______.

A.David B.Beckham C.David Beckham D.Beckham David

14.Helen can’t play_______basketball,but he can play________piano.

A.a,the B./,a C.the,/ D./,the

15.-----________there any water in the bottle?


A.Is,there is. B.Is,it is. C.Are,there are. D.Are,there is.


S:Good morning! L2:No,who is Lucy? L2:Nice to meet you,Sam.

1.There are some oranges on the table.(改为否定句)

2.They have got some colour pens.(改为一般疑问句)


4.He is from America.(改为同义句)

5.He is a student.(改为复数形式)



( )1.What can you see in the picture? A. There are two.

( )2.Are you Li ying’s sister? B.He is a teacher.

( )3.Who’s on duty today? C.It’s blue.

( )4.Are these your books? D.It’s a flower.

( )5.Can we put the bags here? E. Yes.put them there.

( )6.What is his brother? F.No.I am not.

( )7.Is it a bird? G.I can see some trees.

( )8.How many cats are there in the sky? H.No,It isn’t.

( )9.What colour is the tree? I.Jim is.

( )10.What’s that on the desk? J.Yes,they are.


’the blackboard,you can see a cat.A map door.The room is different from my classroom.Under the teacher’s desk is a ball,but you can’hat is my friend,Lucy.She is a new student.She ’ A.like B.for C.at D.on

A.in B.of C.on D.at

A.behind B.of C.under D.in

A.look for B.look at C.look after D.see

A.in B.has C.on D.to

A.an B.a C.the D.his

A.the same B.at C.like D.after

A.boys B.girls C.students D.twins

A.fine B.nice C.good D.well


(A) 判断正(T)误(F)

Tom and Pingping are good friends.They are in No.6 Middle School.Tom is an English boy.He is seven.He is in Class Two,Grade One.He is Number Two in Row(排)Five.His Chinese teacher is Mr Wu.Pingping is a Chinese boy.He is twelve.He is in Class Three,Grade One.He is Number Five in Row Two.His English teacher is Mrs Read.

1.Tom is in Class Three.

2.Tom is in Row Five.

3.Pingping is Number Five.

4.Mr Wu is an English teacher.

5.Mrs Read is Pingping’s Chinese teacher.

(B) 选择正确的答案

Mr and Mrs Smith come from Australia.They are in Beijing now.Mr Smith is a teacher in a high school.He teaches English.He likes reading and running. His son,Jim,is a student.He likes playing football very much.He likes school,too.He does his homework every day.Mrs Smith is a

teacher,too.She can speak a little Chinese.She likes Chinese food.She doesn’t like doing housework at all,but she likes cooking.They all like China a lot.

6.Mr and Mrs Smith are from______

A.Canada B.American C.Australia D.England

7._________likes swimming.

A.They B.Tom C.Mrs Smith D.Mr Smith

8._______can speak a little Chinese.

A.They B.Tom C.Mrs Smith D.Mr Smith

9.Mrs Smith doesn’t like________at all.

A.Chinese food B.teaching C.doing housework D.cooking

10.They all like_____a lot.

A.China B.Chinese C.playing D.school


假如你是Tony请根据下面信息以My Family为题写一篇小短文,字数50词左右(可以

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