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九年级上topic 1and 2

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1. 残疾儿童 2.详细地 3.跟。。。保持联系 4.遥远的

5.取得进步 6.起草、拟定 7.幸亏、由于 8. 短缺

9.打电话、号召 10.到目前为止 11.属于 12. 赶上、跟上13.采取措施做某事

14.reform and opening-up 15.take an active part in

16.be strict with/in 17.used to do sth be used to do sth be/get used to doing sth 18. carry out

19.With the development of China

20.What`s the populations of the U.S.A?

二. 背诵句子。

1. Great changes have taken place there and my hometown has become more and more beautiful.

2. You have taken part in some volunteer activities during the summer holidays , haven`t you?

现在完成时:have/has +过去分词

标志性的词:already just before for since yet recently ever never so far in recent years

During/in/over the last/past few years(months weeks), etc. 常考句型:It is (has been) +一段时间+since从句 翻译:自从我们搬到这里已经六年了。

This/that/it is the first(second…)time that +完成时

翻译:This is the first time we have seen a film in the cinema

together as a family.

3.I have been to Mount Huang with my parents.

4.I have been to an English summer school to improve my English.

5.She has gone to Cuba to be a volunteer and she will be back tomorrow.

Have/has gone to

Have/has been to

6.Life was so hard that people had no tome or money to enjoy leisure activities.


Have no time or money to do sth

There is no time/chance/need/way to do sth

There is no point doing sth

7.People kept in touch with their friends and relatives far away mainly by letter or telegram.

Keep/lose in touch with keep on keep fit

Keep up with keep out of keep a promise Keep away from keep…from

8.Beijing has made rapid progress and it has already succeeded

in hosting the 2008 Olympic Games.

Made rapid progress make a decision make a living Make mistakes/a mistake make faces/a face

make up one`s mind make fun of make money make oneself at home make a promise

succeed in doing sth

fail in doing sth

9.No one likes “Little Emperors” Neither do my parents. He hasn`t finished the work. Nor have i.

They aren`t from the country, neither is Tom.

Neither/nor +助动词/be +主语 某人也不。。。 I like English,so does Marry.

I am a teacher, so is she.

So +助动词/be +主语 某人也是。。。

She likes English, so she does.

So+主语+助动词/be 某人的确如此

1O.What a wonderful experience!








3. 多甜的水啊!

4. 多有用的一门学科啊!

5. 时光飞逝!

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