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九年级Unit 2 Topic 2 Section A导学案

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九年级英语Unit Two Topic Two Section A导学案

备课人: 英语备课组 审核人:英语备课组 上课时间:


1. Remember some words and phrases . 2. Master pron.

3. Do some exercises.

教学重难点:Aim 1 and 2 教学方法: In groups 自学指导题。


1.Mr.King got up late this morning . _______ _____ _______ ( 结果),he was late for work. 2.I looked for my pen_______ _______ _______ ( 到处),but I didn’t find it.

3.Don’t make too much noise _______ _______ (在公共场所)or you will disturb others. 4.His _______ ( 行为)showed he was a bad person.

5.The patient ‘s health condition is improving_______ _______ _______ (一天天)

6.The traffic was heavy. _______ _______ _______ ( 结果),we were late for the meeting. 7.They disliked each other___ ____ ________ ( 一开始),but now they are good friends.

当堂训练题: Read 1a and do 1b 小组合作探究题:

2. ______________ happens and everything is the same. 3. I am lucky these days and______________ goes well. 4. —Look! Can you see ______________ behind the tree? —Yes. I think it is a rabbit.

5.I looked for Maria______________ ,but I couldn’t find her. 6. —Did you go ______________ during the summer vacaton? —Yes, I went to West Lake with my parents.

7.He’s locked in and ______________ knows where the key is . 8.If______________ obeys the rules the roads will be much safer.

9. It is so difficult a problem that______________ of us can work it out. 10.Wait a moment . I have______________ personal to discuss with you .



( )1. He is waving his hand in order to attract the _____ of his friends.

A. mind B. notice C. attention D. look

( )2.If there are no trees on the hills,the soil will be_____ when it rains.

A. washed away B. blown away C. taken away D. put away ( )3. _____ known to all,dropping litter will influence the look of our city.

A. It is B. That is C.Which is D.As is

( )4. Tommy is in trouble and he is asking his friends to give him_____

A. some advicesB. Some advice C. an advice D. any advice

( )5There used to be a lot of fish living in this small river,but now they have all

_____ because of the pollution. A.die off B. dead C. died out D. died from ( )6.Nothing is difficult if you set your_____ to it.

A. heartB.thought C.head D.mind

( )7.Every one of us should pay attention the environment.

A. to protevting B. to protect C. protecting D.of protecting ( )8.—What has happened in your hometown?

—Great changes _____ in my hometown recently. A. have been taken place B. have taken place C. have been happened

D. was happened ( )9. we should make some rules _____the situation of our class.

A.change B.changing C. to change D. To changing 二、根据句意,用所给单词或词组的适当形式填空。

2.This kind of disease has completely_______ _______ in the country because of the doctors’ hard work.

3.Everyone knows the _______of protecting the environment.

4.You should be polite to the foreigners. Don’t be _______to them. 教学反思:

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