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Many people go to school for education. They learn languages, history, math

and subjects. Others go to school to learn skills to make a living. Schools education is very important and useful. Yet, no one can learn from school. Even a very good teacher can’t teach his students everything they want to know. The teacher’s job is to show his students how He teaches them how to read and how to think. So, many things will be school by the students themselves.

than to remember some formulas (公式). It is very easy to learn a formula in math, but it is hard to use a formula in a math problem. Great scientists us didn’t get everything from school. Their teachers only showed them the way. Edison didn’t finish primary school, but he was so successful. He invented so many things for human beings.

They were successful they knew how to study. They read books that

were not taught at school. They would ask many questions as they read. They did experiments (实验). They worked hard all their lives and never wasted time. The most important thing was that they knew how to use their brain.

1. A. any other B. some other C. others D. the other

2. A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything

3. A. learning B. learned C. to learn D. learn

4. A. outside B. out C. for D. at

5. A. himself B. herself C. oneself D. themselves

6. A. working on B. working out C. thinking about D. understanding

7. A. before B. behind C. after D. in the front of

8. A. but B. and C. still D. even

9. A. why B. so C. because D. though

10. A. thousands B. thousands of C. thousand of D. many thousands


The way a person feels inside is important. It can be really to tell anyone that you are feeling sad, worried, or upset. Then , it’s just you and these bad feelings. If you keep feelings locked inside, it can even you feel sick! But if you talk

with someone who cares about you, your mom or your dad, maybe you worries. It doesn’t mean that your problems or worries will disappear, but at least some one else know is bothering you and can help you solutions.

Your mom and dad want to know if you have problems they love you and they want to know what’s happening in your life. But what if a kid doesn’t want to talk with Mom or Dad? If not, find trusted adult, like a relative or a consultant at school. Maybe this person can help you talk with your mom and dad about your problem.

the hardest thing about feeling is sharing them with others. But sharing your feelings helps you when you are feeling good and when you aren’t feeling so good. Sharing also helps you to get closer to people who care about you.

1. A. hard B. easy C. right D. wrong

2. A. show B. mean C. make D. tell


3. A. except for B. because of C. such as D. instead of

4. A. start B. are starting C. have started D. will start

5. A. or B. so C. but D. nor

6. A. that B. what C. when D. where

7. A. invent B. look C. find D. create

8. A. when B. because C. after D. since

9. A. other B. others C. another D. the others

10. A. Sometime B. Sometimes C. Some time D. Some times


If you live in the United States, the law says you can’t have a full-time job until you are 16 years old. At 14 or 15, you can work part-time after school or on weekends, and during summer you can work 40 hours each week. Does all that mean that if you are younger than 14, you can’t earn your own money? Of course not! Kids who are between the ages of 10 and 13 can earn money by doing lots of things.

Valerie, 11, told us that she made money by cleaning up other people’s yards. Lena, 13, makes money by knitting (织) dog sweaters and selling them to her neighbors, and Reisa said she had started taking art classes and showing her work to people. People have asked her to draw pictures for them and they pay her for them. Jasmine, 13, writes articles for different magazines!

Earning is learning. By working to earn your own money, you are learning the skills you will need to succeed in life. These skills can include things like getting along with others, using technology and using your time. Some people think that asking for money is a lot easier than earning it; however, when you make your own money, you don’t have to depend on someone else. The five dollars that you earn will probably make you feel a lot better in your hand than the twenty dollars you ask for.

1. Kids can have full-time jobs at the age of in the USA.

A. 17 B. 14 C. 13 D. 10

2. If you are 15 years old, you can’t work ________.

A. after school B. on weekends C. during summer D. on weekdays

3. Reisa makes money by .

A. cleaning up other people’s yards

B. drawing pictures for others

C. writing articles for different magazines

D. knitting dog sweaters and selling them to her neighbors

4. According to the passage, which of the following is Not True?

A. You are learning how to succeed by working in your teens.

B. Kids are encouraged to live independently in the USA.

C. Earning one’s money is better than asking for money from others.

D. Kids don’t need to get along with others when making money.

5. From the passage we know that ________.

A. parents won’t let their children earn their own money

B. it’s hard for kids under 14 years old to earn money in the USA

C. kids can learn skills if they try to earn money on their own

D. if kids try to earn money, they won’t have enough time to study


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