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1 Excuse me, Mr Li, I don’t know the meaning of the whole sentence, What shall I do ?

You should__ the new words in a dictionary first .

A look at B look up C look for D look after

2 My friend Dave helped me a lot by giving me__ on English learning.

A advices B many advice C some advice D an advice

3 Don’t forget__ your homework.

A doing B to do C did D does

4 What about__ at home? It’s too hot outside.

A staying B stay C to stay D Stays

5 Why not go to the cinema this afternoon?

A that’s a good idea B It’s true

C thanks a lot D very well

6 Where is Shijiazhuang?

It’s__ the__ population of China.

A in; north B in; west C on; north D on; south

7_____ is the population of Hubei/

Sorry, I don’t know

A How B How many C How much D What

8 She is ___taller than her mother.

A more B many C little D much

9 The government spent two___ yuan on this teaching building.

A million B millions C million of D Millions of

10 Sichuan is famous___ its hot food.

A for B as C on D in

11 What’s the ___ With Tony?

He misses his parents very much.

A wrong B matter C luck D Chance

12 I always listen to the teacher___ in class.

It’s very clever of you to do that.

A free B freely C careful D carefully

13 Playing basketball is ___dangerous than swimming

A more B very C better D much

14 it’s important__ the piano well.

A of him to play B for him to play C of him playing D for him playing 15 Sorry, Jeff. I left your dictionary at home.


A Your’re welcome B Never mind C That’s right D No problem

16 Mr Han is one of ___ Teachers in our school.

A the most famous B The most famous C much famous D most famous 17 This coat ___ a lot of money

A spends B costs C pays D takes

18 The __ way to travel is by plane.

A cheapest B slowest C most tiring D most expensive

19 __ do you do sports every day?

For about an hour.

A How long B How old C What time D What day

20 You should ___your bed first before you go to bed.

A make B to make C made D making

Ⅱ 完形填空

Have you ever been to Hong Kong ? When you travel in Hong Kong, You must __ of the traffic rules, because they are different from those of ours, and the traffic keeps to __. Before ___the street , you must look to the right and then to the left. If the traffic lights turn ___, The traffic must stop, and people can cross the zebra line. If the traffic lights turn ___, the traffic can go, and people __cross the road. In the morning and in in the evening, when people go to or come from ___, the streets are very busy. The traffic is __.

When you go somewhere by bus in Hong Kong, you must be careful, __.Always remember the traffic keeps to the left. Have a look first, or you may go the wrong way. In Hong Kong, there are a lot of big buses __ two floors. You may sit on the second floor. From there you can watch the city very well.

21 A careless B Be carefully C be careful D careful

22 A the left B left C the right D right

23 A across B cross C crossed D crossing

24 A yellow B green C red D red and yellow

25 A orange B red and yellow C green D red

26 A may not B not C aren’t D mustn’t

27 A sea B work C hotel D school

28 A the most dangerous B dangerousest C the dangerous D most dangerous 29 A too B also C either D but

30 A with B in C have D being

Ⅲ 阅读理解 A

Almost everybody has a hobby. My hobby is keeping a diary in English.

When I was nine years old, I began to have my hobby. At first it seemed(似乎)hard for me, but now it is easy. I know it’s possible to learn English well. After school I often go to the school library to read English stories or articles. Sometimes my English teacher introduces some interesting things to me. I collect information for my diary by doing these.

After I finish my diary every day. I always try to correct mistakes with the help of the dictionary. Now my English is very good.

I love my hobby. It helps me to learn English better.

31 I began to keep a diary ____

A when I was nine years old B before I was nine

C when I was eight years old D for nine years

32 ___it was not easy for me to keep a diary in English.

A Now B Usually C At last D At first

33 From the passage we know ____is one of the best ways to learn English well.

A keeping a diary B more reading

C more speaking D more listening

34 Which of the following is NOT my way of collecting information for my diary?

A I often read English stories

B My teacher sometimes introduces some interesting things to me.

C I often go to the cinema

D I often read English articles

35 From the passage we can say it’s ___for us to have a good hobby.

A bad B useless C helpful D careless


I’m from a small town. The town lies in the east of Zhejiang Province near the East Sea. It has a population of fifty thousand people. It is in the south of our country. The East Sea is to the east of the town. To the south is the flat land.

Mountains are on the west. And a river runs from north to south in the west of my town.

The weather here is comfortable. It is not too cold in winter or too hot in summer. And there are many kinds of fishes in the sea near my town. The fishermen in my home town are all living a happy life.


36here is the writer’s home town?

37What’s the population of the town?

38Are the mountains on the east of the East Sea?

39What runs from north to south in the west the town?

40What’s the weather like in the town?


choice cost fast however journey outside

There are four ways to travel from London to Amsterdam. The first_______ is by train because the _________ takes only four hours. _________, it is quite expensive. Going by coach does not_________ as much as going by train. When you go by car and by ship, remember that parking in Amsterdam is not cheap, so it is best to

stay_______ the city centre and travel in by bus or by train. Going by plane is the ___________, but you need to go to the airport. It also takes time.

Ⅴ 书面表达

假如你是Lingling,你的好朋友David 在汉语学习上有困难,请你根据自己的语文学习经验给他提供一些建议(80词左右)


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