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1、穿行热带雨林 trek through the jungle

2、人们真正友好的地方 the place where the people are really friendly

3、天气一直很暖和的地方 the place where the weather is always warm

4、希望看尼亚加拉大瀑布 hope to see Niagara Falls

5、想要去度假 would like to go on vacation

6、、考虑去巴黎游玩 think about /consider going to Paris

7、法国的首都 the capital of France

8、较不现实的 less realistic

9、欧洲最有活力的城市之一 one of the liveliest cities

10、包括埃菲尔铁塔和世界上最著名的教堂之一——巴黎圣母院 including the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral,one of the most famous churches in the world

11、迷人的景点 fantastic sights

12、搭乘地铁去大多数地方是方便的 It’s convenient to take the underground train to most places .

13、一般/总的来说 in general

14、一个消费颇高的地方 quite an expensive place

15、和能为你翻译的人一起去旅游 travel with people who can translate things for you

16、打包轻便的衣服 pack light clothes

17、去暖和的地方 go somewhere warm

18、中国东部 in eastern China

19、旅游 take a trip

20、今年夏天 this summer

21、提供给我一些信息 provide me with some information

22、到...地方旅游... travel to

23、户外活动 outdoor activities

24、不介意路程的远近 don’t mind how far it is

25、一个有厨房的房间 a room with a kitchen

26、自己做饭节约钱 save money by cooking our own meals

27、足够三人住 big enough for three people

28、靠海的地方 somewhere near the ocean

29、一个理想的地方 a beautiful place

30、长城 the Great Wall

31、云南的石林 the Stone Forest in Yunnan

32、度假地点的建议 give suggestions for vacation spots

33、每年的这个时候 at this time of a year

34、横渡太平洋 sail across the Pacific

35、梦想着我们想做的事 dream about things that we would like to do

36、调查结果 the finding of a survey

37、成千上万的thousands of

38、这个问题的几种答复 different answers to the question

39、在完成你的学业之后 after finishing education

40、尽可能快得开始工作 start working as soon as possible

41、为他们的父母提供更好的生活 provide better lives for their parents

42、以便 so that

43、继续学习 continue studying

44、做他们自己喜欢的工作 do jobs they enjoy

45、根据这个调查 accordint to the survey

46、电脑编程(工作)computer programming

47、成为2008奥林匹克运动会的志愿者 be a volunteer at the 2008 Olympics

48、作为翻译工作 as a translator

49、梦想出名 dream of becoming famous

50、想要能够飞 would like to be able to fly

51、坚持你的梦想 hold on to your dream

52、接受好的教育 have a good education

53、尽我可能地学多 learn as much as I do

54、选择做.. choose to do

55、学习合适的科目 study the right subjects

56、赢家的态度 winner’s attitude

57、进行兴奋的旅行 go on exciting trip

58、这是他曾经住过的地方。 This is the place where he has ever lived / that he has ever lived in .

59、我记得他和我们度过的每一天。 I remember every day that he spent with us .

60、在巴黎乘出租要花许多钱,但坐地铁到大多数地方游览是很方便的。 Traveling around Paris costs a lot of money , but it’s convenient to take the underground train to most places .

61、我和家人想到中国东部某个地方旅游。 My family and I want to take a trip somewhere in eastern China .

62、我们不介意有多远。 We don’t mind how far we have to go . .

63、你们能为我提供一些关于学生交换计划的信息吗? Can you provide us with information about student exchange programs ?

64、通过在大学选择学习正确的科目来实现我的梦想。 I can achieve my dream by choosing the right subjects at the university .

65、上海这个时候很冷。如果去那儿你需要打包暖和的衣服。 Shanghai is cold this time of year . You need to pack warm clothes if you go there .

66、我们心甘情愿的坚持住在那偏僻的地方。 We are willing to hold on to living in the lonely place .

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