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制卷人: 领导审核: 同意印制 份

第一部分: 听力(共四节,满分25分)

第一节 听句子,选择与句子内容相关的图画(共5小题,5分)

第二节 听句子,选择与所听内容相符的正确答语,并将所选答案的字母代号填入答卷相应空格内。每个句子听两遍。(每题1分,满分5分)

( )6.A.My name is Marry. B.I’m fine.Thank you.

C.Nice to meet you,too﹗

( )7.A.Smith B.Jack C.Zhang ( )8.A.Yes,it is. B.E-R-A-S-E-R. C.It’s my eraser.

( )9.A.It’s on the desk. B.It’s blue. C.No,it isn’t.

( )10.A.Yes,we do. B.That’s all right. C.That sounds good.

第三节 听对话,选出能回答问题的正确选项并将所选答案的字母代号填入答卷相应空格内,每段对话听两遍。(每题1分,满分5分)

( )11.What’s this in English? A.Pen B.Ruler C.Pencil ( )12.What is his phone number? A.312-0178 B.321-0178 C.321-0187

( )13.Where is Gina?

A.In the room B.Under the table C.At school

( )14.Does Tony have a ping-pong ball? A. Yes,he does. B.No,he doesn’t. C.Sorry.I don’

t know.


( )15.The girl’. A.Sally B.Peter C.Paul


( )17.A.seven B.nine C.ten ( )18.A.five B.two C.three ( )19.A.four B.five C.six

( )20.A.every day B.on TV C.at home 第二部分 英语知识(共三节,满分30分) 第一节 词语释义(每题1分,满分5分)

选出与句中画线部分意义最接近的解释,并将所选答案的字母代号填入答卷相应空格内。 ( A.father B.mother C.father and mother ( )22.I’ A.OK. B.Thank you C.You’re welcome. ( A.picture B.book C.notebook ( worker.

A.mom B.grandpa C.dad D.grandma ( A. last name B.first name C.given name 第二节 单项选择填空(每题1分,满分15分)从A,B.C.D四个选项中选择能填入空白处的正确答案,并将所选答案的字母代号填入答卷相应空格内。

并将所选答案的字母代号填入答卷相应空格内。 Ⅰ. 单项选择(每小题1分,共15分) ( )26.. –Hi,Grace! -________.

A. How are you ? B.Good afternoon,Frank. C.Hi,Bob. D. Good morning,Cindy. ( )27. Please call Mary _____ 354-6403. A. in B. at C. to D. of

( )28. It’s ________ old photo. ________ photo is on the wall.

A. /; A B. a; The


C. the; A D. an; The

( )29.. -What ________ telephone number? -It’s 210-5674762. A. are you B. is your C. are your D. your is

( )30. ________. Is this your pencil box? A. Sorry B. I’m sorry

C. Excuse me D. Hello

( )31.These are my________.

A. sister B.parent C. sistersD.pencil ( )32. _______is Tom. He is my good friend. A. This B. It C.She D.These ( )33. _______do you spell it? --P—E—N.

A.What B. Who C.Why D.How ( )34.Is that your pen? - Yes, ________.

A.it’s B.it is C.I am D.he is ( )35.Those are red flowers (花are my English teacher’s.

A.He B.She C.It D.They ( )36.Your watch is very beautiful.

A.Thank you B.You are right

C.Yes, it is D.Please do not say that ( my parents.

A.is;are B.is;is C.are;are D.are;is ( )38. ________Mike _______a baseball ? A. Does; has B. Does; have C. Do; has D.Do; have

( )39. -________ my keys? - they are in your bag. A. Where is B. Where are C. What’s D. Is it

( )40. This isn’t ________ schoolbag. That is ________ .

A. my,mine B. I ,mine

C. my,my D. mine,my

第三节. 完形填空(每小题1分,共10分)将所选答案的字母代号填入答卷相应空格内。

My name is Kelsey. I am a___41__.I am 13 years old. I am__42___No. 13 Middle school. I


have__43___ID card. The ___44__is 8709201150783. Look! This is __45___watch.. __46___very good. Oh, __47___that? Is it a pencil box? No,it__48___. It’s a notebook. A boy’s __49___is on the card. It is David’s. I can give the notebook to__50___. ( )41. A.man B.woman

C. student D. teacher

( )42. A.in B.of C.for D.teacher ( )43 A.the B. / C. a D. an

( )44. A. name B.key C. bag D. number ( )45. A. my B. your C.her D. his ( )46. A. It’s B. It C. This D. This’s

( )47. A.what B. how C. how’s D. what’s ( )48. A. is B. isn’t C. are D. aren’t ( )49. A. name B. ruler C. card D. notebook ( )50. A. she B. her C. him D. he’s 第三部分 阅读理解。(共15小题,满分25分) ( A )

Mr and Mrs Scott want to buy some new chairs for their new house. They come into a shop and see some very good chairs on the floor. They like the color and want to know how much they are. They see a price tag (标签) on one chair.It says(上面写着)“100元”. They

like the chair but they are too dear for them.. The Scotts

do not think they can buy them now. They leave this shop and go to other shops. Mr Scott thinks they can find some cheap chairs.

( )51.Mr and Mrs Scott have a new house.

( )52.They want to buy tables and chairs for their house.

( )53.They think the chairs in this shop are cheap. ( )54.They leave the shop and go home.

( )55.They want to buy good and cheap chairs.


We have two new students in our school. They are Mike and Kate. They look the same, but they are not twins. Kate is American. She's twelve. She is in Class(班级) Four. She has a little sister. She often looks after (照顾) her. Mike is English. He is twelve, too. He is in Class One. He likes football. Mike and Kate are good friends. They are both in No. 20 Middle School.

( )56. Kate is . A. Japanese B. Chinese C. English D. American ( )57. Mike Kate. A. looks the same B. looks after


C. looks at D .looks

( )58. Kate and Mike are in .

A. the same class B. different (不同)classesC. different schools D. different grades ( )59.Mike likes .A. bird B. cat C. football D. basketball

( )60. Which(哪一个) is right(正确)? A. Kate is thirteen.

B. Kate and Mike are good friends. C. Mike often looks after his little sister. D. Kate and Mike are twins. (C)

My name is Bob. Today let me tell you something about my big family.

My grandfather’s name is Dave Brown. And my grandmother’s name is Anna Hand. They are very kind.

My father is a tall man. His name is Frank. He looks cool. My mother is a beautiful woman.Her name is Alice.She has a yellow ring.

I have an uncle. He is my father’s brother. His name is Paul.

daughter is my cousin. Her name is Mona Brown. ( )61.Anna Hand is Frank’.

A. mother B. grandmother C.aunt D.daughter ( )62.Bob’s father is A. Dave Brown B.Frank Smith C.Frank brown D.Alice Brown

( )63. Bob’A. map B.ring C.key D. pen

( )64. Mona Brown is Bob’s . A. aunt B.girl C.mother D.cousin

( )65.There are people in Bob’s family. A. nine B.eight C.seven D. six

第四部分 写作(共三节,满分20分)

第一节 根据句意,用括号中所给词的适当形式填空,并将所填单词写在相应位置。(共5小题;每小题1分,满分5分)

66.How (be) you?


68.I must (do) my homework by myself. 69.Let us (go) home on time.


第二节 将下列句子中汉语部分译成英语,注意使用适当的形式,并将所填单词写在相应位置。(共5小题;每小题1分,满分5分)

He often comes to see my grandparents with my aunt. My

aunt is a nice woman. Her family name is Smith. And their


71.What is this (用英语)?

72.This is my (全家照)

73.Yesterday , I lost my (学生卡) .

74. Do you like (看电视).

75.Last month, I found (一串,一副) keys.

第三节 书面表达(满分10分)

My Family

请以 My Family 为题写一篇文章,介绍你和你的家人,字数在字左右。



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