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is very old. A.This B.That C.It D.It’s

3.What’ English? ( )6.-__________. What’s this in English?

5.What’? game. I like it. -__________, I don’t know.

are all teachers. A.Excuse me; Sorry B.Excuse me; Excuse me C.Sorry; Sorry D.Sorry; Excuse me

9., Alice and Mary. 10.My uncle’. ( )7.Please call Mary —6218.

11.This is Paul’ 12. A.at B.for C.in D.of

13.Your mothers’’name? ( )8.— is your grandfather? —Fine.

15.? 16.

17.! That’s an English book. 18.This is a boy. H name is Bruce.



1.I’m a singer and _________(I) name’s Dale.

2.Is _________(she) book new?

3.It’s nice __________(meet) you.

4.Let _________(we)learn and read English.

5.What’s the __________(boy) name?

6.His __________(one) name is Jones.

7.Six and eight ___________(be) fourteen.

8.In the small village(村子), there are only nine __________(family) now.

9.How are ____________(your)?

10.Can you ____________(answer) the question.


( )1.-How do you spell ring?


A. It’s a ring B.r-i-N-g C.R-I-N-G D.a ring

( )2.Is that __________ pencil case?

A.he B.him C.his D.he’s

( )3.-Is this an orange?

-Yes, ___________.

A.it’s B.its not C.it is D.is it

( )4.Tom and Jim __________ in Class 3.

A.is B.be C.am D.are

( )5.-What’s your telephone number? -___________ 555-778. A.What B.How C.Who D.Where ( )9.Are these parents? A.you B.she C.Mona’s D.they )10.Kate and I good friends. A.are B.is C.am D.be 四.句型转换。 1.That is my good pen friend.(改为复数句子) 2.This is her family photo.(变为一般疑问句) 3.Tom is Mr. Green’s son.(改为同义句) 4.(对划线部分提问) 5.They are orange backpacks.(改为单数句子) 6.His telephone number is 535—2375.(改为一般疑问句) 7.His telephone number is 123-4567. (改为一般疑问句) 8.Dave and Anna are my friends.(改为一般疑问句) 9.That boy’(对划线部分提问). . 10.It’s his backpack.(改为一般疑问句) (

五.情景对话。 Who in the picture? 1.A:Hello! 3.你能画一张安娜的全家福吗?

B: a picture family? A: Nice to meet you. 4.那串钥匙是珍妮的吗?

that Jane’s ? 2A:Hi! 5. 我的姓氏是史密斯。

My _________ _________ Smith A: What’s your name? 八.阅读理解。

B: B:535-2875 . A: Thank you. B: Not at all. 3.A:Come and meet my family. B:OK. A: This is my grandfather. B: C: How do you do? A: This is my sister Jane. B:Hi, Jane! D: Hi, Dave!Nice to meet you! 4.A:Jeff,is this your watch?

B: Oh, no, ’s Mr. King’s watch. A: Mr. King, is this your watch? C:A: Not at all. 5A:Tony,is that your key? here. That’skey. It’s key. A: Is that Mark’s? B:Yes,it is. 七.翻译。


these two 2.在照片里的那些女人是谁?

1. 阅读下面的名片,回答问题。 What’s his first name? What’s his family name?

What’s his telephone number? Where is he in?

2.I’m a new student here. My name is Gina. I’m twelve years old. In my family, There are six people. My grandmother, my grandfather, my mother, my father, my Sister and I.I live in Beijing now. My telephone number is 535-4567. Gina is a

There are people in her . She has a

535-4567 is her

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