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( )1 .This is_ ___eraser and that’s ____ring.

A. a, an B. an, an C. an, a D. a , a

( )2. --Your pencil is very nice. --______________________.

A. Thank you. B. Sorry. C. Yes, it is. D. That’s right.

( )3. Sam Brown is my uncle. We call him ________.

A. Uncle Brown B: Brown Uncle C. Uncle Sam D. Sam Uncle

( )4.-- Are Tony and Mary your friends? --__________________.

A: They are B. Yes, they are C. No, they not D. They aren’t

( )5. ---What’s your phone number? 511-8027.

A. I’m B. It’s C. It D. M

( )6. This is a girl. name is Gin a.

A. His B. I C. Her D. It

( )7. ---What’s his name?

---Jim. A. one B. last C. three D. Firs

( )8. I a boy. My name Nick.

A. am;am B. is ;is C. am;is D. is;am

( ) 9—Is that_ ______pen?

-- Yes, it is. It’s ____

A. he’s, his B. it’s, his C. His, his D. He, his

( ) 10—Nice to meet you.

-- ___________A. Fine ,thank you.

B. My name’s Peter. C. How are you? D. Nice to meet you, too.

( ) 11. It is not _________ book.

______is in the desk.

A. My a ,me B. A my,me C. my ,mine D. /,mine

( ) 12 . This is Mary. _______brother is a teacher.

A. His B. Her C. He’s D. She’s

( ) 13. --What’s her name?

--_____________________A. His name is Kate. B. Her name is Kate

C. My name is Kate. D. Its Kate.

( ) 14.This ____my sister and those ________ my parents.

A.is;is B.is;are C.are;is D.are;are

( ) 15. --Where are my pencils?

--__________________ A. It’s on the table. B. Yes, they are.

C. Sorry ,I don’t know. D. They are pencils.

( )16. My father’s brother is my .

A. brother B. father C. uncle D. cousin

( )17. –Is that your ID card? Please_ ____ me____8762356.

- 1 -

A. Say,of B. call ,at C. see ,in D. Tell,of

( ) 18. ---Helen, my friend.

A. She’s B. It’s C. I’m D. His

( )19 .Look at this photo. This is my sister and _____are my friends.

A. this B. these C. it D. that

( )20. --What does ―TV‖ mean? – It’s_________

A. 光盘 B. 数码影碟 C.电视机 D.录像带

( )21.Thanks _____ your help(帮助) .

A. you B. at C. for D. of

( )22---___are her keys? ---It’s___the schoolbag.

A.What,of B.What,on C.Where,of D.Where,in

( )23. Is this a photo _____ your family?

A. in B. of C. at D. for

( )24、 --R?U?L?E?R, ruler.

A. What B. How C. What’s D. Who

( )25. Mum, my teacher(老师), Mr Wang.

A. she is B. this is C. here is D. he is

( )26.—Are you Mr Li?

—_________.A. Yes, I am B. No, you’re not

C. Yes, you are D. Hello

( )27.-- He is John Brown .What’s his family name?


A. Brown B.John C. Mr John D. John Brown

( )28.Hi!This is _____new teacher._____name is Linda.

A.your;My B.his;Your C.your;Her D.her;His

( )29.What's this ____ English

A、in B、at C、to D、for

( )30.Thanks _____ your help(帮助) .

A. you B. at C. for D. of

( )31、I found a watch. If it is yours, please ____the teacher ___it

A .call,for B. email,at C. ask,for D. call,at

( .

A.friend B.friends C.brother D.student

( ,is this your book?

A.I B.me C.my

( )34、my keys?

A.Where B.Where's C. Where'reD.What’re

( )35、—Where’s my clock, Mum? — ______. Is it on your desk?

A. Yes, it is B. No, it isn’t C. I don’t know

( )36、—Is this _____ basketball?—No. It's _____ basketball. - 2 -

A. you;my B. my;you C. your;his D. I ; he

( )37、 —______ are those?

— are their cousins.

A. What,That B. What,They C. Who,They D.Who, Those

( )38.This is ____ English book and that is ____Chinese book.

A.a;an B.an; a C.the;an D. an; the

( )39、You can find your ID card _____the lost and found case.

A.at B、in C、on D、for

( )40This is your English book,it is____

A you B her C yours D she

( )41. -- What’s this in English? -- _______ a pen.

A. It B. Is C. It’s D.Its

( )42. – How _____ your father?

-- He’s fine. Thank you.

A. am B. is C. are D it’s

( )43.The name____the dog is Maomao.

A.in B.on C.of D.at

( )44. ____ Mary. _____ phone number is 215-0273.

A.My is;I B.I'm;My C.I is;I

( ) 45. Here ____ two books.

A. are B. is C. in

( ) 46. I am my mother’s ____. I am a girl.

A. son B. daughter C. brother

( ) 47. Tom and Jim ____ friends.

A. am B. is C. are

( )48. My father’s brother is my ____.

A. grandfather B. aunt C. uncle

( ) 49.It’s ____alarm clock. _____ alarm clock is on the desk.

A.An,a B. A,an C. An,the

( ) 50.This is a photo ___ his family.

A. at B. for C. of

( )51. --______ under the tree? --- No,they aren’t.

A.Is it B.Where is C.Are they

( )52. -- ____ the books? --They are under the desk.

A. Where are B. Where is C. Are they

( )53.These are _______rulers.

A. they B. you C.hers D.their

( )54. Look at those ________. They are nice.

A. photos B. Photoes C. Photo

( )55.---What’s his name?


- 3 -

A.isn’t B.aren’t C.don’t D.am not


Hello! I’m Zhang Heping.Zhang is my 56 name.Heping is my 57 name.I’m a 58 boy.I’m 59 .My English 60 is Paul.I’m 61 Class One,Grade Seven.Oh.I find 62 eraser in my classroom.It’s 63 .Now it is in the lost 64 found case.You can 65 658-6535.

( )56.A.first B.family C.one D.Middle

( )57.A.1ast B.two C.first D.too

( )58.A.Chinese B.English C.America D.China

( )59.A.3 8.25 C.60 D.1l

( )60.A.name B.color C.phone D.book

( )61.A.on B.at C.for D.in

( )62.A.the B.an C.a D.

( )63.A.white B.fine C.your D.my

( )64.A.but B.am C.and D.of

( )65.A.meet B.call C.spell D.Look

三 、阅读理解 (15分)


This is a picture of Mr. Li’s family. The man in the middle is Mr. Li. The woman is Mr. Li’s wife. They have two sons. The child behind Mr.Li is Li Lei. He’s thirteen. The other in front of Mrs. Li is Li Ming. He is eleven. Li Lei and Li Ming are in the same school, but not in the same grade. Li Lei is in Grade Two. Li Ming is in Grade One. They are good students.

66. There are _________ people in the picture.

A. three B. four C. five D. six

67.LiLei and LiMing______ in the same grade.

A. is B. isn’t C. are D. aren’t

68. Mr. and Mrs. Li have _________.

A. one boy, one girl B. two children C. two girls D. one boy

69. Li Ming is ________ brother.

A. Mr. Li’s B. Mrs. Li’s C. Li Lei’s D. we don’t know.

70. How old are Li Lei and Li Ming? They’re ____________.

A. eleven and thirteen B. eleven and twelve

C. twelve and eleven D. thirteen and eleven


I’m Dale. I’m a green and yellow pencil case(铅笔盒). What’s this? Oh, it’s Helen, a pen. And that’s Frank, a ruler. Helen is black and Frank is blue. What’s this in English? It’s a jacket, a white jacket. - 4 -

Its name is Alice. What color is the key? Oh, it’s black.

( ) 71. Dale is a ______.

A. pen B. pencil case C. ruler

( ) 72. The pencil case is ______.

A. green and yellow B. yellow C. green

( ) 73. The ruler is ______ and the jacket is ______.

A. white; blue B. black; white C. blue; white

( ) 74. The ______ and the ______ are black.

A. pen; jacket B. key; pen C. jacket; key

( ) 75. The jacket is ______.

A. Frank B. Alice C. Helen


( ) 76. ______lost his school ID card.

A. John B. Robert C. Mary D. Steve

( ) 77. If you lost your dictionary, you will call John at ______.

A. 597-4393 B. 235-0285 C. 685-6034 D. 597-0285

( ) 78. You can find a ______in the lost and found case.

A. dictionary B. computer game C. gold ring

D. school ID card

( ) 79. 235-0285 is ______ telephone number.

A. John’s B. Francisco’s C. Mary’s D. Steve’s

( ) 80. “Lost and found” means ______ in Chinese.

A. 失物 B. 拾物 C. 失物招领 D. 拾金不昧

四、 在(B)栏中找出与(A)栏相对应的答语。(10分)

( ) 81. Where are my books? A: It’s on the chair.

( ) 82. Where is his baseball? B: Yes, it is.

( ) 83. Are these your keys? C: This is my uncle.

( ) 84 Is the hat under the bed? D: No, she isn’t.

( ) 85. Who’s this? E: They’re in your backpack.

( ) 86. Is this your mother? F: It’s next to the door.

- 5 -

( ) 87. Where’s her sofa? G: No, they aren’t.

T hey’re John’s parents.

( ) 88. What’s this? H: Yes, they are.

( ) 89. Are they your parents? I: They are his grandparents.

( ) 90.Who are they? J: It’s a drawer.

五、 用am, is, are, isn’t或aren’t 填空。(2.5分)

91. My sister is a teacher .Her name _____ Jane.

92.You_____my friend.

93.The jacket ____on the bed.

94._______ these teachers in your school?


六、用所给词的正确形式填空。( 2.5分)

95. —Are those your ____________(photo) of your family? —Yes, they are.

96. —What are those in English?

—They are ______________(dictionary).

97.Please call_____( I ) Mr.White.

98. Are _________ (this) her teachers?

99. There are three people in ______ (she) family.

七. 按要求转换句型。(6分)

100. This is an apple.(改为一般疑问句)

________ ________ an apple? 划线部分提问)

________ ________ the maps?

102. They’re Mary’s Chinese books. ( 改为否定句)

________ _________ Mary’s Chinese books.

103. Those are my erasers. (改为单数形式)

________ __________ an eraser.

104.That is an eraser.( 改为复数形式)

________ ___________ erasers.


________ __________ the man?

八.汉译英( 4分)


_________ _________.Are you Mike?


My cup is purple._______ _______ yours?

108.一些箱子在床底下。Some boxes are_____ the ____.


________ _________!We are all waiting for you.

- 6 -


- 7 -

- 8 -

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