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七年级上册unit2 单元测试

I. 听力。

一. 听句子,选择正确的答语。

( ) 1. A. It’s an pencil. B. It’s a pencil. C. It’s my pencil.

( ) 2. A. It’s a watch. B. Watch. C. W-A-T-C-H

( ) 3. A. Yes, it’s. B. Yes, it is. C. It’s my ruler.

( ) 4. A. Jack. B. smith C. Smith

( ) 5. A. It’s eraser. B. It’s a eraser. C. It’s an eraser.

二. 听句子,选择与句子意思相符的图片。


6. __________ 7.__________ 8.__________ 9.__________ 10._________


( )11. Betty is_______.

A. English B. American C. America

( )12. Betty’s father is an ______ teacher.

A. English B. England C. American

( )13. Betty’s good friend is______.

A. Betty B. Tony C. Jim

( )14. Tony is_______.

A. 6 B. 7 C. 8

( )15. Tony’s telephone number is ______.

A.685-6034 B.786-7034 C. 694-6035

II. 单项选择。

( )1. This is ______________ key and that is ___________ eraser.

A. a, a B. a, an C. an, a

( )2. —Is that a baseball?


A. Yes, that is. B. No, it isn’t. C. Yes, it’s.

( )3. —Hello! Are you Sue?


A. Yes, I’m. B. No, I’m. C. No, I’m not..

( )4. —Is this her pen?


A. No, it’s my pen.

B. No, it’s a pen.

C. Yes, it’s my pen.

( )5. What’s that ______________ Chinese?

A. in B. of C. to

( )6. This is not _________ watch. I think it’s _____________ watch.

A. you, he B. she, my C. his, her

( )7. -How do you spell ring?


A.It’s a ring B.r-i-N-g C.R-I-N-G

( )8. Is this ____________ English car?

A. you B. your C. a

( )9. —What’s this in English?

—______________ a pencil case.

A. This’s B. That is C. It’s

( )10. —Your ring is nice.


A. Thank you B. OK C. It’s not nice

( )11. Is that your pencil ________ the lost and found case?

A. in B. at C. on

( )12. Please call Mike _________ 235-0285.

A. for B. at C. to

( )13. A set of __________ on the table.

A. key is B. keys is C. keys are

( )14. —_______________ this?

—_____________ a computer.

A. What’s, This B. What’s, It’s C. What, This is

( )15. __________ Tom. This is ____________ book.

A. I am, my B. I am, I C. He is, he

III. 完型填空。

that? It’想) it’And I lost a I write a notice If (如果) find the keys, please 555-6741. you!

( )1 A. What B. It’s C. What’s

( )2 A. the B. a C. an

( )3 A. case B. eraser C. keys

( )4 A. gold B. set C. nice

( )5 A. eraser B. cases C. keys

( )6 A.I B. you C. he

( )7 A. call B. meet C. found

( )8 A. in B. on C. at

( )9 A. My B. His C. Her

( )10 A. See B. Thank C. Meet

IV. 阅读。



At school I have a good friend(朋友). He is an English boy .His name is Tom .He is twelve. We are in No. 3 Middle School(中学) .We’re not in the same(同一个) class .He is in Class

2,Grade(年级) 1 .Tom’s sister(妹妹) is not a student .Her name is Jane .She is five .She is a nice girl .

Miss Gao is my English teacher (老师).She is thirty(30岁) .Mr Wang is Tom’s Chinese(语文) teacher .He is thirty ,too .They’re good teachers .

( )1. Tom is _________.

A. English B. American C. Chinese

( )2. Tom is in _____________.

A. Class four, Grade Two

B. Class Two, Grade One

C. Class four, Grade One

( )3. How old is Jane?

A. four B. five C. twelve

( )4. Miss Gao is my ______teacher .

A. English B. Chinese C. math

( )5. Tom and I _____in the same class ,we _____ in the same school .

A. are , aren’t B. are , are C. aren’t ,are


Look! I’m Tom. This is a pencil case. It’s orange. It’s my pencil case. What’s in the pencil case? A ruler is in the pencil case. It is my ruler. The ruler is blue and red. That is a pencil. It is black and white. It is not my pencil.

Look! That girl is Lucy. It is her pencil. That boy is Tim. I found his green pen in the pencil case. I call Tim at 7890003. It is his telephone number.

( )6. What color is the pencil case?

A. It’s orange. B. It’s blue and red. C. It’s green.

( )7. I am Tom. The ____ is not mine.

A. pencil B. pencil case C. ruler

( )8. ________ has (有) a pencil.

A. Tom B. Lucy C. Tim

( )9. ________ found the pen in the lost and found case.

A. Tom B. Lucy C. Tim

( )10. What’s Tim’s telephone number? _______

A. 208796 B. 7893335 C. 7890003.


阅读短文判断正 (T) 误 (F).

His first name is John. His last name is Smith. His phone number is seven-four-five, six-six-zero-five. Her first name is Susan. Her family name is Hall. Her phone number is five-zero-five, seven-one-one-seven. The girl found a baseball in the lost and found case. The boy lost a baseball. The girl calls the boy at his phone number.

( ) 11. His first name is John.

( ) 12. Her family name is Hall.

( ) 13. The boy found her baseball in the lost and found case.

( ) 14. Her telephone number is 545-6605.

( ) 15. The girl calls the boy at 505-7117.

A: Hello! What’s your name, please?

B: _________1_________

A: Hello, Jim. _______2________

B: Hi, Helen.

A: And your last name, please?

B: Read.

A: _________3_________

B: R-E-A-D.

A: Oh, what’s this in English?

B: _________4_________

A: Is this your watch?

B: _______5______. My watch is here.

A: This isn’t my watch. Let’s go to the Lost and Found.

B: OK.

VI. 作文。

九. 根据下列提示写一份寻物启事:你丢失了一个黑色背包,里面有一串钥匙,一个红色铅笔盒。你的名字叫Mary,电话5893467.


一. 听句子,选择正确的答语。

1. What’s that?

2. How do you spell it, please?

3. Excuse me, is this your ruler?

4. What’s your family name?

5. what’s this in English?

二. 听句子,选择与句子意思相符的图片。

6. Is that your computer game in the lost and found case?

7. My pens are in the blue backpack.

8. That is Jane’s ruler.

9. Her name is Gina.

10. My telephone number is 406-3139.


My name’s Betty. I’m American. These are my parents. My father is an English teacher in Beijing. My mother is a worker. And I have a good friend. His name’s Tony. He is from England. He is seven. His phone number is six, eight, five—six, zero, three, four.



1-5: BCBCC 6-10: CEBAD 11-15: BABBA

II. 单项选择

1-5:BBCAA 6-10: CCBCA 11-15: ABCBA

III. 完形填空

1-5: ABBAC 6-10: BACAB

IV. 阅读理解

1-5:ABBAC 6-10: AABAC 11-15: TTFFF

V. 情景对话


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