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1. They got much _____ from those new books.

A. ideas B. photos C. news D. stories

2. I have two _______ and three bottles of _________ here.

A. orange, orange B. oranges, oranges

C. oranges, orange D. orange, oranges

3. Every evening M r. King takes a _________ to his home .

A. 25 minutes’ walk B. 25 minute’s walk

C. 25 minute walk D. 25 minutes walk

4. An old _______ wants to see you.

A. people B. person C. the people D. the person

5. Help yourself to __________.

A. chickens and apples B. chickens and apple

C. chicken and apple D. chicken and apples

6. Oh, dear. I forgot the two _________.

A. room’s number B. rooms’ number C. room numbers D. rooms’ numbers

7. She has been in Tianjin for ten years. Tianjin has become her second _________.

A. family B. house C. home D. room

8. ________ mothers couldn’t go to the meeting, because they have gone to Shanghai .

A. Mary and Peter’s B. Mary and Peter

C. Mary’s and Peter D. Mary’s and Peter’s

9. Li Lei has been to __________ many times this month.

A. her uncle B. her uncle’s C. her uncles D. aunt’s

10. He is a success as a leader but he hasn’t ________ in teaching.

A. many experiences B. much experience

C. an experience D. a lot experience

11. A classmate of _________ was here ten minutes ago.

A. you B. your C. your sister D. your sister’s

12. A group of _________ are talking with two ___________.

A. Frenchmen, Germans B. Germans ,Frenchmans

C. Frenchmans , Germen D. Germen , Frenchmen

13.The team ________ having a meeting .

A. is B. are C. am D. be

14. “Would you like _________?” “________, please.”

A. drink, Three coffees B. a cup of drink, Coffees

C. a drink, A coffee D. a drink, Three cups of coffees

15. The Great Wall was made not only by _______, but also the flesh and blood of ________ men.

A.earth and stone, millions of B. earths and stones, millions

C. the earth and stone, million of D. the earths and stones, millions


1. This is ___ reading-room.

A. the teacher’s B. teacher’s C. teacher’s D. the teachers’

2. Nothing was found but ___ broken.

A. the room window B. the room’s window C. the room of the window D. the window of room

3. How many___ would you like?

A. paper B. bread C. pieces of papers D. pieces of bread

4. There are 34___ doctors in the hospital.

A. woman B. women C. woman’s D. women’s

5. Some___ are even thinner than your little finger.

A. bamboo B. bamboos C. kinds of bamboo D. kinds of bamboos

6 Jack’s room is furnished with ___.

A. new furnitures B. many new furnitures

C. many new pieces of furnitures D. many new pieces of furniture

7. Have you read ___newspaper yet?

A. today’s B. Today’s

C. the today’s D. your today’s

8. It’s not far, only ___walk from here to our school.

A. a ten minutes B. ten minutes

C. a ten minutes’ D. ten minutes’

9. Last month, he wrote me ___letter.

A. a 1000-word B. 1000 words

C. a 1000-words D. 1000 words’

10.His isn’t fit for the work. Please get me ___.

A. something else B. somebody else

C. someone else’s D. somebody’s else

11. Excuse me, how can I get to the nearest ___ shop?

A. shoes B. shoe

C. shoes’ D. shoe’s

12. What ___ weather we’re having these days!

A. nice B. a nice

C. a bad D. worse

13 Yesterday I went to the super market and bought a lot of ___.

A. tomatoes B. potatos

C. vegetable D. meats

14. If by any chance someone comes to see me, ask him or her to leave a ___.

A. message B. letter C. sentence D. Notice

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