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一.听力部分(20 分)

I.情景反应 根据你所听到的句子,选择恰当的答语。(5分)

( ) 1. A. Yes, I do. B. No, I don’t. C. Yes, I can.

( ) 2. A. I’m walking B. By bus C. At six.

( ) 3. A. Because they are lovely. B. Because it’s fun. C. Because I don’t like animals.

( ) 4. A. Fine B. Sorry. C. Excuse me

( ) 5. A. She is singing. B. They are talking. C. I’m reading a book.

II.图片理解 根据所听到的描述,选择与其相符合的图片,其中有一幅是多余的。(5 分)

6.__________ 7._________ 8._________ 9._________ 10.__________


( ) 11. A. At 7:00 am. B. At 6:30 am. C. At 7:30 am.

( ) 12. A. they are friendly. B. They are fun. C. They are cute.

( ) 13. A.The art club. B. The English club. C. The music club.

( ) 14. A. A policeman. B. An actor. C. A doctor.

( ) 15. A. She’s shopping. B. She is playing. C. She is eating lunch.

IV. 听短文,根据短文内容选择最佳答案。(5 分)

( ) 16. Susan comes from __________.

A. China B. Japan C. the United States

( ) 17. Susan is _________ years old.

A.13 B. 14 C. 15

( ) 18. Susan stays in New York with her _______ for seven years.

A. uncles B. parents C. grandparents

( ) 19. In summer, Susan wears_________ most of the time at school.

A. skirts B. sports shoes C. school uniforms

( ) 20. Susan _________ her school.

A. can’t stand B. doesn’t C. loves



21. You must l________ to the teacher in class.

22. The students are c________ the classroom now.

23. We can eat in the d_________ hall every day.

24. The girl can’t go out on s________ nights.

25. P________ are from China. Everyone in the world likes this kind of animal.


26. I like ________ (read) in the library.

27. She often goes ________ (shop) with her parents.

28. He _________ (miss) his family very much.

29. Many _________ (child) want to join the music club.

30. I want to learn __________ (play) soccer now.


( ) 31. She likes children , and so she is good _____ the children.

A. on B. for C. with D. in

( ) 32. Bill can ________ stories and the children want _______ friends with me..

A. speak, make B. tell, make C. say, making D. tell , to make.

( ) 33. Mike either sings ______ plays the drums.

A. To B. and C. but D. or

( ) 34. It’s eleven o’clock. You have to go ________.

A. to home B. home C. my home D .his home.

( ) 35. There is a river between school and home, so he takes a _______ to school every day.

A. Bus B. taxi C. boat D. train

( ) 36. ---_______ does Mr. Brown go to work?

A. Why B. How C. When D. Where

( ) 37. ---How many students are there in your school? ---___________.

A. Hundred of B. Three hundreds C. Three hundreds of D.Three hundred.

( ) 38. ______ watch too much TV.

A. Don’t B. Not C. Can’t D.Doesn’t

( ) 39. Remember ________ me this evening.

A. to call B. call C. calls D. calling

( ) 40.Molly and Bill are my _______. They are _______ to me.

A. friends, friendly B. friendly, friendly C. friendly, friends D. friends, friends

( ) 41. Is this _______ elephant or _________?

A. an, a B. a, an C. an, an D. a, a

( ) 42. ---______ is it in Beijing?---It’s eight o’clock in the morning.

A. When time B. how time C. what time D.which time

( ) 43. Bill likes playing ______ basketball , but he doesn’t like playing _____ piano.

A. the, the B. /, the C. the, / D. /, /

( ) 44. We have English classes _______ Monday ____ Friday.

A. on, to B. at, on C. from, on D. from, to

( ) 45. ---What are you doing, Tom?------_______

A. I do my homework. B. I’m taking photos.

C. He is watching TV. D. He watches TV.

( ) 46. Thanks for______ me with my English.

A. Help B. helping C. to help D.helps

( ) 47. Where _______ Tom _______?

A.do , come from B. is , come from C. does, from D. is, from

( ) 48.Here is a photo _______ my family.

A. on B. of C. in D. for

( ) 49. I think volleyball is _______ boring.

A. kind of B. all kinds of C. a kind of D.kinds of

( ) 50. ---_________? ---Because they’re very interesting.

A. Why do you like animals? B. What animals do you like?

C. Where are they? D. Who do you like?

三、 交际运用(共15 分)

VIII. 完成对话 (5分)

从方框中选择正确选项,并将其字母序号写在对话后面的横线上。其中有两个选项是多余的 A: Hello, Jane.

B: Hi, Millie. __51.____

A: I am reading a story book, but it’s boring. What’s up(怎么了)?

B: Do you want to go shopping with me?

A: __52____ What do you want to buy?

B; ___53____ You know I always love skirts.

A: That is true. You are beautiful in skirts.

B: ___54____

A: ___55_____

B: What about 2:00 pm?


IX. 补全对话 根据对话内容,在空白处填写适当的话语(话语可能是一个句子,也可能是一个短语或一个词)使对话完整正确。(10 分)

A: Let’s go to the zoo. _56_____________________________

B: I like pandas.

A: _57___________________________?

B: because they are very cute. __58___________________________?

A: I like dogs. __59_________________they are smart.

B: __60______________________________?

A: I also like giraffes.

B: Let’s see them.

A: Good idea.




XI. 阅读理解(30 分)


It’s a fine Sunday morning. The Smiths are at home. Mr. Smith is cleaning his car in the garden. Mrs. Smith is in the kitchen. She is cooking lunch for the family. David and his friends are in the living room. They are taking and watching TV. His sister Joyce is in her room with her cat. Joyce is doing her homework and the cat is playing with a ball.


( ) 61.How many people are there in Mr. Smith’s family?

A. two B. three C. four D. five

( ) 62. Who is cleaning the car?

A. Mr. Smith B. Mrs Smith C. Joyce. D. David and his friends.

( ) 63. Where is Mrs Smith?

A. In the living room. B. In the garden.

C. In the kitchen. D. In her room.

( ) 64. What are David and his friends doing?

A. Talking. B. Watching TV. C. Playing football. D. A and B

( ) 65.What’s the cat doing?

A. It is eating meat. B. It is sleeping.

C. It is playing with Joyce. D. It is playing with a ball.


( ) 66. The name of the cat is_______.

A. Persian B. Fluff C. Lavender D. Jack

( ) 67. If you find the cat , you can call ___________.

A. 532981 B. 918435 C. 91843568 D.84356891

( ) 68. Jack can’t find his_______.

A. dog B. toy C. cat D.book

( ) 69. If you find Fluff, you can get________.

A. $ 50.00 B. ¥50.00 C. 50 元 D.£50.00

( ) 70. This passage is most probably from a ________.

A. map B. dictionary C. guidebook D. newspaper.



( )1. I’m Jimmy. I’m from Thailand. I like to play with my friends. I like to eat grass(草). I’m

in a zoo. Many kids come to see me every day.

( )2. I’m Kobo. I can play with a ball. I can stand up and “walk” on water! I’m very friendly

to people,. I’m the most interesting animal in the zoo. I like playing in water.

( )3. He’s Peter. He is smart. He is from Africa. He can run fast(跑的快). He catches抓) and

eats small animals. Now he is in a zoo. He eats some meat(肉) everyday.

( )4. Dudu is my good friend. He is very interesting. He likes to sing a song “Wang ! Wang!”

My parents and I like Dudu very much.

( )5.I’m Jingjing. My parents and I live in China. We are black and white. We like China very

much. We are from Sichuan Province.


五、书面表达(10 分)

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