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七年级Unit 9 综合测试

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Unit9 综合测试


一、听力测试(本题共30分) 听录音,每题读两遍。




( ) 21. --- What’s under your book?

--- It’s a letter from my e-pal who ______from America. There are also some

pictures ______ it.

A. comes, along B. come, along with C. comes, along with

( ) 22 --- ______do you call your grandparents?

--- We call them Pawpaw and Mimaw.

A. How B. What C. Which

( )23. --- My e-pal told me that nobody _______ to their grandparents in America. --- Really. I sometimes greet my grandparents with _____.

A. bows, bow B. bows, a bow C. bowed, bow

( ) 24. –--________, how do you get along with your grandparents?

--- We often talk with each other.

A.On the way B. By the way C. In the way

( ) 25. I like sports best,_______, I always play sports after school.

A. also B. however C. therefore

( ) 26. --- To tell the _______, I don’t know who broke the window.

--- I believe you. However, it is ______ that everyone said you did it.

A. true, true B. truth, true C. true, truth

( ) 27. --- I have lots of friends.Therefore, I often ________ messages_____ them on the


--- You’d better not do it very often. It’s bad for your health.

A. leave, to B. take, for C. send, to

( )28. --- Tom looks tired. What’s wrong with him?

--- He stayed up late ______ last night because I have a math test today.

A. studying B. studies C. studied

( ) 29.--- Is there ______ in today’s newspaper?

--- No, there isn’t __________.

A. anything special, something special

B. anything special ,anything special

C. special anything, special anything

( ) 30. . --- The park ________ my house is always crowded on weekends.

--- I have heard of it. And I also know it isn’t ________ until 10:00 p.m.

A. is close, close B. close to, closed C.closed to, closed

( ) 31. --- Excuse me, do you have ______ extra pen?

--- I’m sorry. I don’t have one.

A.a B. an C. the

( ) 32. --- Do you know Tom, the American boy, in our school?

--- Of course. We have been known each other ______ last year.

A. when B. while C. since


( ) 33. If you have problems in sleeping, which should NOT you do?

A. Drink coffee or tea before you go to bed.

B. Drink a glass of warm milk before going to bed.

C. Have a warm bath, but never stay there too long.

( ) 34. Look at the menu, Jeff wants to buy a hamburger, a large coke and two ice creams.

How much will he pay?

A. five dollars and sixty cents

B. five dollars and thirty-five cents

C. seven dollars and sixty cents

( ) 35. Which stress of the following is different?

A. Anyone B. Extra C. However


Mrs. Johnson likes to worry. She always worries something in her life. She has a grandson. He is ___36____ little Peter. It will little Peter’s birthday tomorrow. He’ll be just seven years old. Mrs. Johnson likes Peter very much and she wants to give him a good birthday present. She must buy something ____37____ Peter will like very much. What is the best present? She thinks hard and begins to ___38____. There are so many things in the world, but ____39___ can be a good present for a boy. Most children like picture books, but not Peter. He is ___40____interested in picture books and does not look at them. Peter loves to kick balls. He once___41___ a football from his uncle, but he has lost it now. He will be happy to have a new football as a birthday present. But if Mrs. Johnson gives him a ball, he will break the neighbors’ windows one day. Then her thought turns to clothing. She can buy a new coat___42___ her grandson. But that is not a good idea, either. Boys grow too quickly. The coat will soon be too small for him. At last Mrs. Johnson has make up her mind. She will not buy anything. She will give the boy a warm kiss. That’s the ___43____ present. ___44___, a moment later, she becomes worried again. If the boy does not get anything from his grandma, ___45____ he will not even let her kiss him!

( )36. A. calling B. calls C. called

( )37. A. which B. that C. what

( )38. A. worry B. worried C. worrying

( )39. A. everything B. something C. nothing

( )40. A. always B. never C. sometimes

( )41. A. has B. have C. had

( )42. A. to B. for C. from

( )43. A.cheapest B. dearest C. best

( )44.A. Therefore B. Also C. However

( )45. A. Maybe B. May be C.May

四、阅读理解 (本题共20分,每小题1分)



About ten men in every hundred have the trouble of “color blindness” in some way. Women are luckier, only about one in two hundred is affected(感染) in this trouble. Perhaps it is safer to be driven by a woman.

There are different kinds of color blindness. For example, a man cannot see deep red. He may think that red, orange and yellow are all shades(阴影) of green. Sometimes a person can’t tell the difference between blue and green. Some people think red is green. It’s very dangerous.

It’s not easy for people to explain(解释)color blindness . In our eyes, there are millions of very small things called “cones(圆锥体)”. These help us to see in the bright light and to tell differences between colors. There are also millions of “rods(柱状体)”, but these are used for seeing ,when it is nearly dark. They show us shapes( 形状)but not colors.

Some bugs have favorite colors. Mosquitoes(蚊子) like blue but do not like yellow. A red light will not attract bugs, but a blue light will. People also have favorite colors. Yet we are lucky. With the help of the cones in our eyes, we can see many beautiful colors by day, and with the help of the rods we can see shapes at night.


( ) 46.The underlined words “color blindness” mean“__________”

A.讨厌颜色 B.色盲 C.失明

( ) 47.With the help of the “cones”, we can see ______in the bright light .

A. shapes B. colors C. nothing

( ) 48. The charts show the number of people who are color blindness. If there are 1000

men and 20,000 women, please find out which chart is right?

( )49. According to the passage, which of the following is right?

A. Mosquitoes like yellow but do not like blue.

B. With the help of the rods we can see shapes at night.

C. People can explain color blindness easily.

( )50.The best title of this passage is________.

A. Color Blindness B. The Beautiful Color C. Kill Mosquitoes


Note: January 一月 February 二月 November 十一月 October十月 December十二月 根据表格所提供的信息选择最佳答案


( )51.Thanksgiving Day often comes on_________ .

A. the second Thursday in October

B. the third Thursday in December

C. the fourth Thursday in November

( )52.Of all the festivals in the form (表格), _______comes last in a year.

A. Christmas Day B. Boys′ Day C. Halloween

( )53.The symbol of Chinese New Year is_________.

A. turkey B. dumplings C. trees

( )54. There are _______festivals in the USA in the form.

A. 2 B. 3 C. 4

( )55. From the form we know that people are celebrating(庆祝) a festival in_______ .

A. China B. the USA C. Japan



Most Americans eat three meals during the day, breakfast, lunch and supper. Breakfast begins between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m., lunch between 11:00 a.m. and noon, and supper between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m.. On Sundays, most Americans eat brunch. Brunch is a combination (结合) of breakfast and lunch, and it always begins at 11:00 a.m. Students often enjoy evening snacks around 10:00 or 11:00 p.m..

In the United States, breakfast and lunch are simple meals. Supper is the main meal. For breakfast, some Americans usually eat bread and drink milk or orange juice. Some like eating fried eggs, fried potatoes and breakfast meat. Lunch is more colorful to most Americans.

When having supper, you may be tired of the number of tools(工具) to eat. How do you tell the difference between a salad fork and dessert fork? Most Americans don’t know the answer, either. But knowing which fork or spoon to use first is simple: use the furthest tools first, and then use the closest ones to the plate.

( ) 56. Breakfast usually begins after 8:00 a.m. in the United States.

( ) 57. Most Americans eat brunch from Monday to Friday.

( ) 58. Students often enjoy evening snacks around 10:00 or 11:00 p. m. .

( ) 59. In the United States, lunch is the main meal.

( ) 60. Most Americans don’t know the difference between a salad fork and a dessert fork.


Trip to Dragon City



( ) 61. Look at the map of Dragon City. This is your first trip there. You’re going to the

hotel from Dragon Square. You should go straight along_______ to Star Bridge.

A. South Street B. East Street C. West Street

( ) 62. If you go to the zoo from the hotel , You’d better go there__________.

A . by train B. by plane C. by ship

( ) 63. The shop is next to ____________

A. Star Bridge B. Water Bridge C. Dragon Bridge

( ) 64. You must pass______ from the shop to the theater. It’s the shortest way.

A. the library and the bookstore

B. the hospital and the bookstore

C. the hospital and the school

( ) 65. Which of the following is TRUE according to the map?

A .The park is in the middle of the city.

B. The museum is between the library and the bookstore.

C. The school and the church are in the same street.



( A )

A friend told me ____66____ strange. Therefore, I want to ask you about it. My friend from America told me about his grandparents. He said that children in his family can use their ___67______ names! For example, he ___68____ his grandmother Grandma Sally. However, I __69____believe this. It seems so rude! Also, my friend said nobody bows to their grandparents.I sometimes greet my grandparents with a bow. Is me friend telling me the ___70____?


The best way of learning English is using it. Sometimes people will say things so quickly that you can’t understand them. You will be nervous that you can’t say anything. Then you are afraid of speaking English. But if you keep your sense of humor(幽默感), you can always have a good laughing at your mistakes. It’s better for people to laugh at your mistakes than to be angry with you, because they don’t understand what you are saying. The most important for learning English is: “Don’t be afraid of making mistakes because everyone makes mistakes.”


66. ________67._________68._________69. __________70__________


71. m_________ : a wrong idea about sth.

72. u_________ : to know the meaning of


Sometimes people will say things so quickly that you can’t understand them.

Sometimes people will say things ___73___ quickly ___74___ understand them.



75. What is the best way of learning English?



(A) 根据对话内容,从方框内选项中选出能填入空白处最佳选项.(选项中有两项是多余的。) A: Do you have a special name?

B: Yes, I do. ___76______ A: That’s so interesting. _____77_____ B: Because I liked playing sports very much when I was young. A: Who gave you that name? B: ____78_____But nobody calls me Sport now because I have no time to play sports. A: _____79_____You should do sports when you are free.

Let’s take a walk now.

B: ______80_______ Let’s go.

76. __________ 77. _________ 78. _________ 79. _________ 80. _________

(B) 填入一个适当的词补全对话,每空一词。

A: Does ___81____ in your family have a special name?

B: My grandparents have special ____82____. They are Pawpaw and Mimaw.

A: Who gave them ___83____ names?

B: I don’t know. We ___84___ called them that since we were young.

A: ___85___ do they have those names?

B: They like the names. They think the names are cute.

81.__________ 82. __________ 83. __________ 84. __________ 85. ________


(A) 阅读短文,根据短文内容完成表格,每空一词。(每空1分)

Peking University(北京大学) is one of the most famous and oldest universities in China. It’s next to Yuanming Garden and the Summer Palace. The university opened in 1898. At that time, it was called Jing Shi Da Xue. It was later named Peking University in 1912. It’s known for providing(提供) their students with the best teachers and modern facility(现代化设施). It is easier for students graduating (毕业)from this university to have a better future. Every year, plenty of students try their best to go into Peking University. A dream for all the Chinese students is going to Peking University. Do you have the same dream? The only thing (B) 根据所给信息完成应用文。(共5分)

“五。一”假期刚刚过去,“六。一”儿童节即将到来,学校将组织全校同学去动物园旅游,假如你是学生会主席,请你以学生会的名义根据表格里的信息,写一则通知。要求至 6


Boys and girls ,

___________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Students’ Union ________ 20th

八 书面表达: (15分)

假期使人心情舒畅,身心放松。 “五.一” 假期刚刚过去,很多人在假期期间出去旅行。旅行不仅使我们放松心情,开阔视野,丰富了我们的阅历,同时也一定给我们留下了许多难忘的回忆。请你写一篇短文记叙自己在旅游中一件难忘的事。







66.___________ 67. ____________ 68.____________69.____________70.____________

71. m_____________ 72. u_______________ 73. _____________ 74. _______________

75. ______________________________________________________________________


76. ___________77. _____________78. ___________79. ____________80. ______________

81. ___________82. _____________83. ____________84. ____________85. _____________


(A) 86. ___________ 87. ___________88. ___________89. ___________90. _____________

(B) 根据所给信息完成应用文。(共5分)

“五。一”假期刚刚过去,“六。一”儿童节即将到来,学校将组织全校同学去动物园旅游,假如你是学生会主席,请你以学生会的名义根据表格里的信息,写一则通知。要求至 7


Boys and girls,

___________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Students’ Union ________ 20th

八 书面表达: (15分)

假期使人心情舒畅,身心放松。 “五.一” 假期刚刚过去,很多人在假期期间出去旅行。旅行不仅使我们放松心情,开阔视野,丰富了我们的阅历,同时一定给我们留下了许多难忘的回忆。 请你写一篇短文记叙自己在旅游中一件难忘的事。





__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 8

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________


一、 听力

二、 单选

21-25 CBBBC 26-30 BBABB 31-35 BCACC


36-40 CBACB 41-45 CBCCA


46-50 BBBBA

51-55 CABBC

56-60 BBABA

61-65 ACCCB

五、 任务型阅读

66 -70 something, grandparents’ calls can’t truth


71-72 mistake understand 73-74 too to 75 Using it.


76-80 DABFC

81-85 anyone/anybody names those have Why

七、 阅读表达

86 -90 name Next when teachers Working

Unit 9 语法讲解及习题


连接副词therefore ,however ,also,


2侧重于‘对比’表示‘然而’用连接副词however,它基本上等于but,表转折关系。 3侧重于‘附加’表示‘也,同样,并且’,连接两个分句表生活使示并列关系的,用连接副词also作用相当于too与as well

4 also ,too与either的区别。also可以用于肯定句句首或句中,too只能用于肯定句句尾,either用于否定句及疑问句句尾。



1) however可以位于句首,句中和句末;位于句首时,要用逗号与句子其他部分隔开;位于句中时,其前后都要用逗号;位于句末时其前用逗号分开。


3) 学过的连词还有and (和),or (或者),so (所以),then (那么),because (因为)。


1. The scenery in spring is very beautiful. ______,he doesn’t like it at all.

A .However B .But C .also

2. The students in the school all wear school uniforms, _______he doesn’t .


A .however B. but C .also

3. Maybe sometimes studying is hard work, but I want to have a good future. _______, I keep working very hard on every subject.

A .However B. Therefore C .Also

4. I really like the food in KFC._______,I also know that I can’t eat it too much. It is junk food.

A. So B. Therefore C. However

5. Rose often helps others._______, we all like her.

A. However B. Therefore C. However

6. --Why do so many people like writing diaries in English?

--Writing in English is really a wonderful way to work _______ your vocabulary .And _______ it is good for your expressions in English.

A. on; also B. in; too C. for; therefore

7. We needed a good place to go on a picnic._______, we went to the country.

A.Therefore B.Also C.However

8.She has difficulty in learning English. _______, she works hard and makes great progress.

A.However B.Therefore C.Also

9.We can’t live without watr._______,we should save water.

A But B Also C Therefore

10.He played golf with some famous people _________ he surprised everyone.

A.but B and C or


七年级unit 9 短语测试

1.Tim的爸爸的名字 Tim’s father’s name

2.在信中忘了某事 forget sth. in the letter

3.放在我名字的后面 put it after my name

4.写下 write down

5.你的全家 all of your family

6.将来的某时 some time soon

7.谢谢你把它们和我 thank you for sending them home

一起送回家 with me

8.称呼某人为 call sb. sth.


9.姓 family name

10.名 given name

11.全名 full name

12.某些奇怪的事情 something strange

13.附带着 along with

14.接近 be close to

15.向…鞠躬 bow to sb.











26. 去图书馆













by the way thank sb. for sth./ doing sth. an extra pencil tell sb. the truth prefer sb. to do sth. real name special name try to do sth. stay up all night write a message go to the library 12















26. 去图书馆

Unit 9 词汇讲解

1 however : but / no matter how ,可放在句首,句中,或句尾,请注意标点。

I feel a bit tired , however , I can hold on .( 坚持)

2 nobody : no one . Nobody / No one was in the library .

3 along : 1) He walked along the bank of the river.



4 bow : n.& v. 1)They all bowed to the Queen .(鞠躬致敬)

2)They greeted me with a polite bow.


5 therefore : “为此”,“因此”,“所以”

1)He was ill, therefore he couldn’t come to the party.

2) We have a growing population(人口) and therefore we need more food.

6 greet :v. greeting n.

1) They greeted me with a smile.

2) He greeted me by saying “ Good morning “

3) His speech was greeted by loud cheers.他的演讲受到了热烈的欢呼。

4) “Hello” and “Good morning are greetings.

7 message : 1) There are many messages for you .

2) There is much information for you .

3 I have much news to tell you.

8 true ---- truth -----truly

1) It’s far from the truth.这不是事实。

2) There is no truth in what he says.

3) To tell the truth , I forgot the homework.

4) Is it true that you are going to Japan ?

5) I’m truly sorry.

6) I truly love my English teacher.

9 in the way: 妨碍

on the/one’s way : 在途中

by the way : 顺便提起

1) Don’t stand in the way .


2) I met him on my way home / to school.

3) By the way , where are you going ?

10 extra: an extra pencil 一支额外的铅笔 , extra homework 额外的作业 11 stay up : Don’t stay up late into the night, it’s bad for your health. 12 since : 1 ) He’s been in Beijing since last year.

2) It’s ten years since I came here .

七年级unit 9 单词测试







































(复数)孙子,孙女 顺便问一下 额外的








任何人 自从 17

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