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兰州市科学院中学2009年初一新生入学英语试卷 2010.06.24

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一、判断下列单词环线部分的发音是否相同,用“√”“×”,表示在括号内. 10分

( ) 1. five thin ( ) 2. use usually

( ) 3. lake wait ( ) 4. phone bottle

( ) 5. me he ( ) 6. lot note

( ) 7. over old ( ) 8. tree eat

( ) 9. slow down ( ) 10. horse work

二、用直线连接下列英文单词和对应的中文意思. 5分,每线0.5分

1. busy 电影院 2. a bottle of 打开 Cinema 电话 next time 寻找 Phone 忙碌的 turn on 在家里 Tomorrow 音乐 at home 下次 Music 明天 look for 一瓶

三、选择填空,将答案的标号填入括号内. 20分,每题1分

( ) 1. I’ve got a toothache. I’m going to see the ______.

A. Park B. doctor C. teacher D. hospital

( ) 2. –May I ______ your bike? --Sure.

A. ride B. riding C. read D. to ride

( ) 3. –Whose ruler is it? --Maybe it’s ______.

A. Peter B. Peters C. Mary’s D. Peters’

( ) 4. I want to see a film. I’m going to the ______.

A. cinema B. school C. museum D. bank

( ) 5. -- ______ will you do this Sunday? --I’ll play football.

A. What B. When C. Where D. How

( ) 6. –What is she doing? --She ______.

A. has a cold B. will dance C. is dancing D. usually goes swimming

( ) 7. Mrs Arthur can ______ piano.

A. played the B. played C. plays the D. play the

( ) 8. -- ______ does your father do? --He’s an engineer.

A. Who B. What C. Which D. How old

( ) 9. My father ______ a new car. He ______ it very much.

A. have, like B. has, likes C. has, like D. have, likes

( ) 10. What time will he ______ back tomorrow?

A. be B. is C. am D. are

( ) 11. ______ blouse is that? It’s Helen’s.

A. Who’s B. Whose C. Who

( ) 12. This is ______ egg. ______ egg is nice.

A. an…The B. a…The C. a…An

( ) 13. ______ any coffee in the cup?

A. There is B. Is there C. Are there

( ) 14. My mother ______ a new jacket.

A. have B. has C. is

( ) 15. How many books ______ in your desk?

A. is there B. are there C. there are

( ) 16. Would you like ______ to the shop?

A. to go B. going C. go

( ) 17. ______ carefully! Can you ______ anything?

A. Listen to…hear B. Hear…hear C. Listen…hear

( ) 18. Don’t keep the door _____! A. close B. open C. opening

( ) 19. Please buy some apples ______.

A. on your way to home B. to your way home C. on your way home

( ) 20. You want to go with us, ______?

A. do you B. don’t you C. aren’t you

四、从B栏中选出适合A栏的答语:将序号填入题前括号内. 每小题1分,共10分 ( ) 1. What will your dad do next week? a. He is a doctor.

( ) 2. What are you doing? b. It is green.

( ) 3. What does he do? c. I surfed the internet.

( ) 4. Did you have a good time? d. I am watching TV.

( ) 5. When did you come home? f. We’re going to visit art museum.

( ) 6. What colour is it? g. Yes, I enjoyed myself very much.

( ) 7. What are you going to do tomorrow? h. OK. My name is Jones White.

( ) 8. Could you leave your name? i. About eleven in the evening

( ) 9. What’s Mary doing now? j. She’s sleeping in bed, she’s ill

( ) 10. What did you do last night? k. He’ll go sailing.


( ) 1.当你想知道对方最喜欢什么时,问:

A. What do you like best? B. Do you like English? C. I like English very much.

( ) 2.当你提醒Jack上学不要迟到时,说:

A. Don’t read in bed, Jack! B. Don’t watch TV. Jack! C. Don’t be late for school, Jack!

( ) 3.当你想知道这周日的天气如何时,问:

A.It’s Sunday today. B. What does Sunday like? C. What’s the weather like this Sunday?

( ) 4.当你想知道字典的价钱,问:

A. Have you got a dictionary? B. How much is the dictionary? C. I like this dictionary.

( ) 5.当你想了解别人是否需要一杯茶时,问:

A. What are you looking for? B. What do you like best? C. Would you like a glass of tea?


1. Ben, to, may, speak, _________________________

2. to, I park, get, how, the, can, ____________________________

3. price, of is, book, the, this, what, ___________________________

4. my, gift, I, to, buy, mother, a, for, want, __________________________

5. and, water, this, drink, medicine, more, take, ___________________________


( ) 1.你想告诉别人你的爸爸瘦,可以说:Your father is thin.

( ) 2.告诉别人电视机声音太响了,说:The television is so cloud.

( ) 3.打电视时,May自我介绍说:Hi, I’m May.

( ) 4.你手里拿着一把尺问同桌:Look at that ruler. It’s short.

( ) 5.告诉别人你的朋友是男孩时,可以说:She’s a boy.


1. Simon has lunch at school every day. (改成一般疑问句)

______ Simon ______ lunch at school every day?


______ ______ does the teddy bear cost you?


______ ______ does Daniel swim?

4. We didn’t go to school last Friday. (改成同义句)

There were ______ ______ for us last Friday.


______ ______ shirt ______ Jack ______?

6. He isn’t doing his homework now. (用two days ago改写)

He ______ ______ his homework two days ago.

7. Was he in the room? No, he wasn’t. (改为复数形式)

______ ______ in the room? No, ______ ______.

8. My brother is seven years old now, so he can go to school. (合并句子)

My little brother is old ______ to go to school.

九、阅读理解. 每小题2分,共30分.

(Ⅰ) Jim’s Family

It’s nine o’clock in the evening. The family is at home. Jim’s father is sitting in a chair. He’s watching TV. Jim’s mother is standing near the window. She’s giving some food to a bird, Polly. Polly says,“Thanks! Thanks!”Where’s Jim? Oh, he’s behind the door. Kate, Jim’s sister is looking for him. They are playing games. They have no homework on Sunday evening.


( ) 1. There are ______ people in the family.

A. three B. four C. five D. six

( ) 2. Who is watching TV in a chair? ______

A. Jim B. Jim’s mother C. Jim’s father D. Jim’s sister

( ) 3. Jim and Kate are ______.

A. good friends B. two girls C. two boys D. brother and sister

( ) 4. The children ______ doing their homework.

A. aren’t B. isn’t C. don’t D. not

( ) 5. What’s Kate doing?

A. She’s doing her homework. B. She’s standing near the window.

C. She’s looking for a pen. D. She’s playing games.

(Ⅱ) (Jane meets Henry. She’s on her way to the hospital to see her friend, Susan. )

Henry: Where are you going, Jane? Jane: I’m going to the hospital to see Susan. Henry: I saw her yesterday. What’s the matter with her?

Jane: She’s sick. She had a headache. Then can I catch a No.7 bus to get there? Henry: No. A number 13 bus will take you to the hospital.

Jane: I see. Thank you.


1. Jane is going to the hospital. ( )

2. Jane’s friend, Henry was ill. ( )

3. Jane meets Susan on her way to the hospital. ( )

4. Jane is going to get to the hospital by taxi.


5. Why is Jane going to the hospital? _____________________________________ It is Saturday today. Tom has no lesson. Tom and his father are on a bus now. They are going to the supermarket. On the bus, Tom meets his uncle Henry, his aunt Ann and their son Tony. Tom says hello to them. They are going to the zoo. Tony wants to see the animals in the zoo. He likes animals. He says he can see many animals there. At the bus stop they say goodbye.


1. It is Saturday tomorrow. ( ) 2. Tony is Tom’s brother. ( )

3. Tom’s uncle is going to the supermarket. ( )

4. Ann is Tony’s mother. ( ) 5. Henry is on the bus, too. ( )

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