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16. Li Ping his father. They are both outgoing.

A. looks after B. runs after C. takes after D. takes care of

17. I?m sorry I can?t help you because I don?t know bicycles.

A. how to fix up B. when to fix up C. what to do D. how to do with

18. I don?t like eating chocolate. The taste is too .

A. sweet B. crispy C. sour D. comfortable

19. The twins are similar each other.

A. to B. with C. at D. for

20. I fixed up the radio and to him.

A. give up B. give out C. give away D. give off

21. They set up an English club students improve their English.

A. help B. helped C. to help D. to helping

22. The house faces the south.

A. of B. in C. on D. towards

23. It that on December 21 st,1981,the first basketball game in history was played.

A. said B. says C. is said D. say

24. He knocked an old man and knocked him .

A. into, into B. into, down C. down, on D. at, on

25. -----We need to a plan. -----Let?s have lunch first.

A. come up B. come up with C. catch up D. catch up with

26. 8. Look! The children ______ the baskets ______ apples.

A. fill, with B. filling with C. full, of D. are filling, with

27. The volunteer work each of them several hours a week.

A. will spend B. will take C. will pay D. will cost

28.------Where are the trains ? ------In Shenyang.

A. built B. done C. tried D. produced

29. I noticed him just now.

A. to go out B. go out C. went out D. gone out

30. A little girl sang a lot of songs to them up.

A. clean B. cheers C. cheer D. cleans

31. a volunteer is great.

A. Being B. Be C. To D. To being

32. Don?t the meeting. Because it?s important.

A. put off B. put away C. put on D. put up

33. The knife is cutting pencils.

A. used to B. used as C. used for D. used by

34.-----I want to teach in this school.

-----Well, teachers very much here.

A. need B. are needing C. are needed D. will need

35. Jim is very sad. Because he has money.

A. ran out B. ran out of C. run out of D. run out


When Jack was very young, he played a lot of football, and he was very ___36____ at it. But then he went and worked in a town and there was no ___37____ for him there, so he stopped _____38 ___.

Then he began to get rather ____39___, so he thought, “ I?ve stopped playing football, and now I?m getting fat. __40___ am I going to do ?” He thought about it for ____41___, and then he said to himself,” I know, I?ll play tennis.”

He had a few __42____, and then played for a few months.

He met a nice girl at the tennis club one day, and they played a game of tennis _43__ another young man and woman. Jack played very badly and was very ___44___ with himself. “I?ve never played as badly as this before,” he said to the girl.

“ Oh,” she said, “ you ____45__ how to play tennis?”

( ) 36. A. better B. best C. good D. well

( ) 37. A. tennis B. girl C. school D. team

( ) 38 .A. working B. playing C. studying D. watching

( ) 39. A. fat B. angry C. short D. tall

( ) 40. A. What B. When C. Which D. Why

( ) 41. A. many years B. quite a few years C. about ten years D. a few days

( ) 42. A. tables B. lessons C. balls D. friends

( ) 43. A. for B. without C. against D. on

( ) 44. A. surprised B. angry C. interested D. pleased

( ) 45. A. don?t know B. know C. didn?t know D. knew


A man in a very famous restaurant started to take off his jacket. As soon as he saw this, the waiter rushed over to his table and said, “I?m afraid I must ask you to keep your jacket on, sir, because it is not good manners (礼貌) to do it in such a nice restaurant.”

“Now, listen,” said the man. “I will let you know that the Queen (女王) of England gave me permission to take off my jacket here.”

“The Queen of England?” said the waiter in great surprise.

“Sure.” replied the man, “When I was in England last month, a friend of mine took me to see the Queen. It was very hot. I started taking my coat off. The Queen looked over and said, ?You may do that in the United States, but you may not do it here!? So I got the Queen?s permission, right?”

46. We can be sure that the story happened in ______.

A. America B. the Queen?s palace C. England D. an small restaurant

47. When the waiter asked the man not to take off his jacket, the man ______.

A. took his advice at once B. left the restaurant angrily

C. refused to listen to him D. wanted to see the manager

48. The man told the waiter that he could take off his jacket because _______.

A. the weather was very hot B. the Queen of England let him do so in the USA.

C. he was very rich D. he was free to take off his clothes anywhere

49. What did the Queen really mean?

A. People in the USA were less polite. B. She let him take off his jacket in America.

C. The English and the Americans enjoyed different ways of life.

D. He shouldn?t take off his coat on such a formal occasion (正式场合) in England.

50. From the story we can see that ____.

A. the man went to have dinner with his friend.

B. the waiter was afraid of the Queen.

C. the man went to see the Queen of England with his friend.

D. the Queen invited the man to have dinner in a restaurant


V.根据所给的首字母和汉语提示填空.( 共10分.)

1. The dog has filled my life with p_________.

2. Tea is ____________ (生产)in Hangzhou.

3. My computer is broken. He is r_________ it for me.

4. I?m sorry that I didn?t p_________ any food for the poor people.

5. A hundred years is a c____________.

6.--Marry! F___________ my glasses please, I want to watch TV.

--OK, Dad. I?ll do it right away.

7. There are two famous ___________(教堂)in Paris.

8. Your bag is ___________ (相似)to mine both in color and in size.

9. I met her by a___________ in a crowded bus .

10.Why not c____________ visiting Beijing next time?

VI、动词短文填空. (共10分.)

The police do many things for us. They help(1)________( keep) our things and us safe. They help keep cars moving safely. They take care of people who (2)_________( hurt). Then they see these people get to a doctor.The police go around town (3)________( see) that everything is all right. They get around town in many ways. Some of them walk or go by car. In some big cities,some of the police ride on horses. It is strange to see these animals in the street. As they go around town,the police help people. Sometimes they find (4)_______(lose) children. They take the children home. If the police see a fight,they (5)________(come) right away. Sometimes people will ask the police how(6) _________( get) to a place in town. The police (7)______( tell) the people which way to go. They know all the streets and roads well. Some police stand at crossings. They tell the cars when to go and when to stop. They make sure that the cars do not go too fast. They help children cross the street. They also help people who (8)________(not walk) too well. Without the police,our streets will be dangerous. Cars might go too fast and (9)_______(hurt )people. Lost people might never (10)_______ (find). The police do a good job. We need them.

VII、书面表达(共15分)圆珠笔(ball-point pen)和我们息息相关,几乎每个同学都拥有它,你们知道它是怎么发明的吗?根据下面表格用英文写一篇作文,(80字左右)。

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