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2012年冀教版七年级上Lesson 9 Whose Coat Is This

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Lesson 9 Whose Coat Is This?

Teaching Aims
一. 一级目标 1.识记新单词

scarf glove coat whose

maybe just shorts


too big too small just right
二.二级目标 理解并掌握下列句型:

1. Whose coat /scarf is this? Whose gloves/ shorts are these? 2.It’s too+形容词+for sb(宾格形式) 三.三级目标: 1.名词所有格 2.可数名词的复数变化


scarf glove maybe just shorts coat whose
围巾 手套 也许,大概 恰恰,差不多,刚刚 短裤 外套,大衣 谁的

Task Two

Read the lesson loudly .

Task three Listen to the tape and fill in the blanks.

Task four

1.Read the dialogue by yourself and discuss with your groups to finish off Part2 and Part3 of Let’s Do It.

Language points
1.把下列单词变成复数。 scarf _—— glove —— coat—— box —— class—— library—— it /she/he—— is—— this——

2.掌握下列句型: A. 找出课文中的含有too big/too small/ just right的句子。 a. It’s too big for me. b. They’re too small for me. c. They’re just right for me. B. Whose coat /scarf is this? Whose gloves/ shorts are these?

Task five

1.This is my scarf. (就画线部分提问) 2.Is this your coat? (做否定回答) 3.It’s a small dress. (变复数形式) 4.They are some coats. (一般疑问 句/肯定回答/否定回答) 5.它对于我来说太小了。(翻译)

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