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七年级上册starter1---3以及1---4 unit小测试


1. --- Where's my book, please?

--- ________, I don' t know.

A. Sorry B. Thanks C. No D. Excuse me

2. --- Your pictures are very nice.

--- ___________.

A. You are right B. Thank you C. You are OK D. That's OK

3. --- Where is my soccer ball?

--- It' s ______ the table ______the floor.

A. on, under B. on, on C. under, under D. under, on

4. “I” ________ a word (单词) and a letter (字母).

A. be B. is C. am D. are

5. --- What about playing basketball after class?

--- ______________.

A. Thank you B. That's all right C. Sounds great D. Yes, it's boring

6. ---Where is Tom?

---He is ______ the classroom.

7. --- Are these your English books?

--- Yes, ________.

A. they're B. they are C. these are D. they're not

8. Can you_______ a key to school______me?

A. take, to B. need, to C. bring, for D. give, for

9. My mother likes volleyball. She thinks (认为) it is _______.

A. fun B. boring C. difficult D. hard

10. Mary likes sports very much and she plays sports _______.

A. everyday B. an every day C. every day D. every days

11. Let's _______ together.

A. play tennis B. play the tennis C. to play tennis D. to play the tennis

12. --- Does Tom _______ an eraser?

--- No. He ______have one.

A. have, don't B. have, doesn't C. has, don't D. has, doesn't

13. Sue ______ sports every day.

A. play B. playing C. plays D. to play

14. The picture is A. on B. in C. at D. to

15. The ruler on the bed. It’s on the floor.

A .is B. are C. not D. isn't

16. --- Can you spell your name, please?

--- Yes, I A. do B. can C. can't D. am

17. Beth isn't my sister. A. His B. Her C. She's D. He's

18. --- Is this your bike?

--- No, A. this isn't, Li Lei's B. this is, Li Lei's

C. it isn't, Li Lei's D. it is, Li Lei's

19. --- Bob, is this --- Yes, A. you, it B. your, it C. your, its D. his, its

20. --- Is Gina Miller your friend?

--- Yes, A. it is

B. he is C. you are D. she is


21.______ this in English?


23._______(谢谢) you for your help.

24.E_______me,Sonia. Is this your notebook?

25.C_____ Alan at 495-3539.


26. Jim plays soccer after school. (改为否定句)

Jim __________ ___________ soccer after school.


_______ _______ the students?

28. Those are his sisters. (改为单数句)

_____ _____ his _______.

29. He has a very nice watch.(改为一般疑问句)

30. Here is my family photo. (改写同义句)

Here is

31. We play volleyball. (用Let's引导句型)



A: Let's play basketball, Jenny.

B: Sorry.(32)_____ I just like computer games.

A: Do you have a computer game?


A: Does your sister have a computer game?


A: OK. Why don't we have something to eat first and then play computer games together? B: Good idea!

A: What do you like to eat?



B: She likes ice cream best.

A: Yes,she does.

B: What dose your sister like to eat?

C: I don't like basketball.

D:No, I don't

E: I like hamburgers and French Fries.


Jim Green is an announcer(播音员)for the program. Most of the girls___1____ boys like the program. They ___2___like Jim Green. Some of them often make phone calls to him and thank him ___3___ his work. There are lots of ___4___ to him every day, too.

Jim Green gets up at 6:00 every morning. He has bread and a glass of milk ___5___ breakfast. He leaves home at 6:30 and ___6___ his office at 7:15.

The program ___7____ at 7:30.He plays the new records (唱片)of the pop songs and modern music for his listeners. At 8:00 it's time ____8____ the news.

Jim finishes work at 10:30. He goes home ____9____ bus. He ___10___ newspaper and listens to music after supper.

He thinks his life is very interesting.

( )1.A and B with C but D about

( )2.A too B to C also D so

( )3.A to B for C fo D and

( )4.A letter B letters C friends D words

( )5.A at B with C for D to

( )6.A goes B gets C gets to D gets up

( )7.A begins B finishes C over D start

( )8.A to B for C of D in

( )9.A by B in C on D takes

( )10.A looks B reads C sees D watches

六. 阅读理解。


We have two new students in our school. They are Mike and Kate. They look the same, but they are not twins.

Kate is American. She's twelve. She is in Class Four. She has a little sister. She often looks after (照顾) her.

Mike is English. He is twelve, too. He is in Class One. He likes football. Mike and Kate are good friends. They are both in No. 20 Middle School.

47. Kate is

A. Japanese B. Chinese C. English D. American

48. Mike

A. looks like B. looks after C. looks at D .looks

49. Kate and Mike are in

A. the same class B. different classes

C. different schools D. different grades

50. Mike likes

A. bird B. cat C. football D. basketball

51. Which is right?

A. Kate is thirteen.

B. Kate and Mike are good friends.

C. Mike often looks after his little sister.

D. Kate and Mike are twins.


Sonia Hall is a schoolgirl. She doesn't like math. She thinks it is difficult and boring. But she likes sports very much. There are many sports clubs in her school. She joins the basketball club, the soccer club, the baseball club, and more. She thinks it is very

interesting to play all kinds of ball games. Sonia also thinks it is fun to collect sports things. She has a great sports collection. She has five baseballs, eight basketballs, four tennis

bats, and three soccer balls. She plays sports every day. She also likes watching matches (比赛) on TV.

She wants to be a sportswoman in the future (将来).

52. Sonia likes ________, but she doesn't like __________.

53. She has a ____ _____ _____ sports collection.

54. She often watches ________ on TV.

55. She thinks (比……更难)sports.


以“My family”为题,写一篇短文,介绍你家的主要成员及他们的职业,也可以简单描述他们的兴趣爱好。

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