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2012-2013周报 期中复习 九年级

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初三英语 1

U1 复习


1. They went to the same c______ after finishing high school.

2. If I forget that thing, please r______ me.

3. Hard working is the k______ to success.

4. lf you drive carefully enough, you will a______ some traffic accidents.

5. Our new English teacher gave us a very b______ introduction of himself on the first day of school.

6. I can't hear what you said. Would you please r______ it?

7. The audience threw flowers onto the s ____if they liked the play in Shakespeare's time.

8. Tom is very l______ . He never finishes his homework on time.

9. Don ' t stand too c______ to the fire. You might get burnt.

10. After leaving school, I often write to my good friends to give them my best r______.


( )1. Concentration is one of the keys _______success.

A. of B. to C. with D. in

( )2.1 prefer _______ a bike to _______ a bus.

A. ride; take B. rode; took C. riding; taking D. riding; take

( )3. He jumped into the fire to save the kid ______it was dangerous for him to do so.

A. unless B. because C. although D. if

( )4. We should neither talk loudly nor eat in the theatre while_______ a movie.

A. watch B. watching C. to watch D. watched

( )5.Guangzhou is one of________ cities in our country.

A. more beautifully B. more beautiful

C. the most beautifully D. the most beautiful

( )6. You are late again. That's ________ she gets very angry.

A. because B. why C. how D. so

( )7. --- It ' s surprising that he got such a high mark! --- Yes, I wonder ___ it.

A. how did he do B. how he did C. why did he do D. why he did

( )8. She went to school without_______ breakfast this morning.

A. have B. has C. had D. having

( )9. It's impolite to _______ others.

A. look at B. watch C. see D. stare at

( )10. Taking pictures_______ very interesting.

A. are B. is C. be D. to be

( )11. He spent a.lot of money_______ books and magazines.

A. buy B. to buy C. bought D. buying

( )12. These keys are for _______the drawers of the desk.

A. locking B. lock C. locks D. to lock

( )13. Mr. Green wants to travel around the world because he enjoys_______ new places.

A. to visit B. visits C. visiting D. visit

( )14. He always feels like____ out for a walk after dinner.

A. to go B. going C. went D. goes 1 1

2 优师堂2013年学习材料

初三英语 ( )15. Eating____ meat is bad for our health.

A. too much B.much too C.too many

( )16:He has to stop playing basketball in 2008 _______ his illness.

A. because of B. at the end of C.next to

( )17._______ is one of my hobbies.

A.Run B.Runs C.Running

( )18. Please remember_______ the lights when you leave the room.

A. to turn off B. turning off C.turn off

( )19.His parents often encourages him____ hard.

A.work B.working C. to work

( )20. All these flowers_______ every day, or they will die.

A. must water B. must watered C. must be watered

三、用适当的介词填空。 D. many too D. instead of D. Ran D. turned off D. works D. water

2 1.I came to remind you_______ the body language lecture tomorrow afternoon. 2. The thief ran hurriedly_______ the direction of the river with a black bag. ‘ 3. Look me_______ the eye. I would like you. To tell me the truth. 4. Her new skirt is similar____ mine; 5. Her daughter is the best student in her class, so he is very proud_______ her. 6. He is good at taking photos, especially using darkness and light_______ a clever way.

7. Every student hopes to make a good impression _______their teachers.

8. She is too shy to talk_______ other people.

9. Mary is very careful _______ what she eats.

10. She didn't buy the car because of a lack _______ money.



l_______ listening to Beijing Opera________ classical music.

2.他要是撒谎,他就不敢直视我。He dare not _______ me_______ ______ _____ if he lies.

3.我喜欢打篮球也喜欢踢足球。l like playing basketball _______ _______ _______ football.


Please_______ _______ _______ and listen to the teacher in class.

5.我会马上过去。I will go over _______ _______.

6.同学们,请抬起头来。Boys and girls, please _______ _______ your heads.


_______ _______ _______ _______ _______, l don't like his new hairstyle at all.

8.好计划是成功的关键。Good planning is _______ _______ _______ success.


We should_______ _______ our teachers ______ ______ when we are in trouble.


When we talk to someone, we should _______ _______ _______ with the person.


We must_______ _______ _______ making friends on the Internet.

12.盯着别人看被认为是不礼貌的。 _______others is considered impolite.



初三英语 3

13.大学毕业后我想当一名老师。I would like to be a teacher _______ _______ college. 14,你会用脚尖儿跳舞吗? Can you_______ _______ _______ .


We often see some people _______ _______ money in the street.



1. To keep healthy, you should do sports and have a balanced d__________.

2. The coat is made of silk. It feels very s___________.

3. He passed his English e_______ and his teacher was pleased with his progress.

4. Reading in strong or weak light is h_______ to the eyes.

5.lt's f_________ of Jim to make such a stupid mistake.

6.lt's not good to j_ people by their clothes.

7. Staying up too late is also a kind of u_______ living habit.

8. Most living things d_______ on the sun for their growth.

9. Ice cream is very a_______ to children.

10. Would you lend me your phone, please? I need to r___ my Dad to tell him the good news.

11. Mum bought Dad some new ties. I think the colours s________ him well.

12. --- What’s the p_______ of your visit to Shanghai?

--- To know more about the culture there.


( )1.--- Do they like him? - Yes. He is _______ a kind man.

A. very B. so C. much D. such

( )2. ---I like the new teacher.

--- Me, too. Yesterday he gave me_______ on studying English.

A. some advices B. an advice C. many advices D. some advice

( )3. How long does it_ you to do your homework yesterday?

A. cost B. spend C. pay D. take

( )4. lt's very nice _______ you_______ me with my English study.

A. for; to help B. of; to help C. for; help D. of; help

( )5. Don't worry. He is _______ to look after little Betty.

A. enough carefully B. enough carefully C. careful enough D. enough careful

( )6. My watch doesn't work. I will have it _______tomorrow.

A. repaired B. repairs C. repair D. repairing

( )7.---_______do you have your hair cut? --- Once a month.

A. How often B. How long C. How soon D. How far

( )8.It ' s very important_______ us_______ learn English well.

A. of; to B. for; to C. for; for D. of; for

( )9. Mr. Liu told us an interesting story yesterday It made all of us_______ .

A. laugh B. to laugh C. laughed D. laughing

( )10. Each of us has to write a_______ report every two weeks.

A. two-hundred-word B, two-hundreds-word

C. two-hundreds-words D. two-hundred-words

3 3

4 优师堂2013年学习材料

初三英语 4 ( )11.---Where were you last night? --- At _______. A. Uncle Johns B. Uncle John's C. Uncle Johns' house D. The house of Uncle John's ( )12. --- David has made great progress recently. ---, _______ and____. A. So he has; so you have B. So he has; so have you C. So has he; so have you D. So has he; so you have ( )13. --- Have you brought _______ with you? We won't have time to come back. -- Don't worry. All the things we need are here, in this big bag. A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything ( )14. --- Would you mind if I close the window? ---_______. A. Of course not B. OK. I mind not C. That's all ri8ht D. Yes, please. ( )15. Would you mind __ a few questions? A. answer B. answering C. to answer. D. answered ( )1 6.--- What are you doing these days? ---l am____ the coming exam. A. looking for B. preparing for C. waiting for D. calling for ( )17. He has to earn lots of money_____ he can buy his children nice food and clothes. A.so that B.such that C.that D. in order ( )18. We should keep our classroom____. A.cleaned B.clean C.cleaning D. to clean ( )19. She spends too much time caring_______ her hair.

A. for B. about C. at D. with

( )20. People there are worrying____ the water pollution of this river.

A. with B. by C. in D. about


1. It’s very kind_______ you to tell me the news.

2. It is important_______ us to reduce the pressure we are feeling.

3. This dress is too expensive. I have to think _______it again.

4. He is good at caring_______ sick animals.

5. Are you happy—the new teacher who teaches you English?

6. Many students have lunch at school. ____average, they spend five yuan on each lunch.

7. This woman is confirmed_______ the oldest person in the world.

8. Our first impression of many people is based _______their appearances.

9. It is easy for us to pass the exam. But first _______all, we have to listen to the teacher carefully in class.

10. Yesterday, _______ my way to school I met an old friend.



Don't _______ _______ my health. I’ll be fine soon.


He gets up very early every day_______ _______ he can catch the early bus.


_______ _______ very important_______ us_______ _______ each other .

4.看那场比赛花了我半个小时。_______ took_______ half an hour ____ _____ the game.



初三英语 5

5.树木可以阻止风把沙子吹走。Trees can______ the wind______ _____ away the sand.

6. 这个图书馆很大,足够容纳200人。

The library is_______ _______ _______ hold 200 people.


The classroom windows_______ _______ by the students every week.

8.你帮助我,真好。______ _____ very nice____ you _______ help me.

9.汤姆多长时间理发一次?_______ _______ ______ Tom have his hair cut?


There is something wrong with my computer. I’ll ______ ______ ______ tomorrow;

11. 这个故事是以事实为依据的。 This story _______ _______ _______ facts .

12. 首先,让我告诉你这个消息。 _______ _______ _______, let me tell you the news.

13. 儿童节那天,所有的孩子都欢天喜地。

All children are _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ on Children’s day.

14. 如果你去游泳,我也会去。If you go swimming, _______ _______ _______ .

15. 我们的成功取决于你的春秋帮助。Our success _______ _______ your help .



1. We should eat more fruit and vegetables to keep h_________.

2. His mother cooks v_________ kinds of food on his birthday.

3. Mike has to make a c_________ if he will join the camp during the holiday.

4. Kate and her sister f_________ her pet bird every morning.

5. The e_________ football match made the fans crazy.

6. Children should drink more water instead of s_________ drinks.

7. Eating too much meat has the r_________ of getting ill.

8. To keep healthy, students had better have a b_________ diet every day.


( )1. --- Could you tell me ____? --- Sorry. I don’t know. l was not at the meeting.

A. what does he say at the meeting B. what did he say at the meeting

C .what he says at the meeting D. what he said at the meeting

( )2. The maths problem is too difficult_______.

A. for me to work it out B. of me to work it out

C. for me to work out D. of me to work out

( )3. Mary left without saying a word. I'm worried about___ I hurt her feelings.

A. where B. what C. which D. whether

( )4. No one can be sure _______ in a million years.

A. what man looks like B. what will man look like

C. what man will look like D. man will look like what

( )5. There is not much difference between the two dresses. I really don't know __.

A. what should I choose B. which I should choose .

C. which should I choose D. what I should choose

( )6. --- Could you tell me _______? --- Yes. They ______ to the museum. 5 5

6 优师堂2013年学习材料

初三英语 6 A. where the girls are; have gone B. where are the girls; have gone C. where the girls were; have been D. where were the girls; have been ( )7.---Tom wants to know_______ . --- I don't know. He said he would phone as soon as he came back. . A. when Dad comes back B. when did Dad come back C. when Dad will come back . D. when does Dad come back . ( )8. He likes telling lies, so nobody believes _______. A. that he said B. what did he say C. what he said D. he said what ( )9.--- Have you found Jim? --- No. Mrs. White says he is out, but no one knows ___. A. where he has been B. where he has gone C. where he goes D. where has he gone ( )10. I can't believe _______ ! He never does any exercise. A. how lazy Jack is B. how is Jack lazy C. what jack is lazy D. what lazy is Jack


1. 我今天对任何东西都失去胃口.I _______ ________ _______ _______ anything today .

2.布莱克夫人去购物了, 而不是呆在家里.

Mrs. Black went shopping _________ _________ staying at home.


We should learn how to _______ ______ _______ ______ ____ our time and energy.

4.两个月后, 她的商店开始盈利了.Two months later, her shop began to _______ _______.

5.然而, 要想保持健康, 你需要有一个均衡的饮食.

However, you need a ___________ _________ to stay healthy.


1. How many people are there in your family?

I don't know ________________________________________________.

2. Who is the lady in a red dress?

Do you know ________________________________________________?

3. "Who will go with me?" He asked.

He asked __________________________________________________?

4. "How often do you visit your grandparents?" Mike asked me.

Mike asked _________________________________________________?

5. "Do you often go shopping at weekends?" She asked me.

She asked __________________________________________?

6. "Did the boy hurt his leg?" The old man wondered.

The old man wondered ___________________________________?



初三英语 7

7. Jack may fail the maths exam. Mother is worried.

Mother is worried that ___________________________________.

8. Tom won the school English speech contest. I am surprised.

I'm surprised that ____________________________________.


1. 我想知道他是否已完成了作业.

I wonder ________________________________________ his homework. 2. 我们不确定他们当时在谈些什么.We were not sure ____________________________.

3. 你能告诉我们现在几点吗? Can you tell me ______________________________ now?

4. 老师说月球绕着地球转.The teacher said___________________________________ .

5. 他没有告诉她他在哪里工作.He didn’t tell her ________________________________.

6. 我要弄清楚我们是否将举行聚会.I must find out _____________________________ .

7. 他说他们已经赢了那场比赛. He said ______________________________________

7 7

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