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七年级上册 单词总结

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8. on+(星期)


1. go to school 去上学 go to work 去上班 go to play 去玩 go to sleep 去睡觉 go to bed 上床睡觉 go to the park/zoo/restaurant 去公园/动物园/餐馆 go home 回家 go shopping 去购物 go swimming 去游泳 go down/along 沿着……走 go for a walk 去散步 go to the movies 去看电影 2. Good morning/ afternoon/evening Good idea. 好主意 Good night. 晚安 Good-bye. 再见 2. watch TV. 看电视 3. watch a movie=see a film 看电影 4. watch the animals. 看动物 watch a match 看比赛 4. listen to 听…… listen to the radio 听广播 listen to me 听我说 5. read a book. 看书 read a newspaper 看报 read English/Chinese/French 读英语/汉语/法语 6. write with pencils. 用铅笔写 sing with me. 和我一起唱 talk with mouths 用嘴说 draw with markers 用水彩笔画 walk with feet.用脚走路 help…with 帮助……做…… 7. go by bicycle = ride a bicycle骑车子 go by bus=take a bus. 乘公交车 go by car=take a car. 坐小汽车 go by train=take a train坐火车 ’s car/taxi

bike/bus/plane/ship/train onMonday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Th

ursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday on+ (节日) on Teachers’ Day/ New Year’s Day /Children’s Day /National Day on Women’s Day on International Workers’ Day in the Spring Festival 9. above the bed 在床上方(斜) beside the lamp 在台灯旁 on the map 在地图上 near the office 在办公室附近 below the chair 在椅子下

in the library 在图书馆 in the street 在大街上 far from home. 离家远 across the street 街道对面 10.at home 在家 at work 在工作 at school 在学校 at noon 在中午 at night. 在晚上 at +时间 at 10:00 in the evening 晚上10点 at five o’clock在5点钟 11. in the morning/afternoon/evening in English/ French/ Chinese in front of 在……前面(不相容) in the tree 在树上(长) in the daytime 在白天 in the middle of在……中间 in +颜色 in red sweater 穿红毛衣 the man in brown pants. the boy in white shorts. in+季节 in spring/ summer/ autumn/ winter

in+月份 in January/ February/ March/ April/ May/ June/ July/ August/September/ October/ November/ December


in +地名 a bottle of water. in China/Canada/Australia/the a cup of tea. U.S/the U.K… a can of pop/coke 12.. Happy Birthday to you.生日快乐 two bottles of milk

Merry Christmas 圣诞快乐 three glasses of orange juice Happy New Year to you. four cups of tea 13. have breakfast/ lunch/ supper five boxes of books

have a friend. have a headache. 头疼 have a cold 感冒 have a try 试一试 have a party. 举行宴会 have a stomachache. 胃疼 have lessons/classes 上课 have a look at 看一看 have a birthday party 举行生日宴会 have a lovely day. have fun=have a good time玩的高兴 have a rest 休息 have a meeting开会 14. a banana. nt/ English/ American two feet/teeth.

three buses/classes four peaches

five dresses. six families

seven strawberries

eight sheep. nine fish

ten cities/countries

eleven leaves. twelve men.

thirteen beaches.

Fourteen watches. seventeen children

eighteen women/policemen

nineteen men/women teachers

15. a lot of=lots of 许多 a red flag. 一面红旗 a bowl of rice/noodles/soup

16 . a blue coat. a yellow skirt. pants/ socks/runners a map of the world a map ofChina/Canada a map of the U.S/U.K a map of our country a picture of my family the tree’s leaves 17. It’s time for lunch = It’s time to have lunch. It’s time for sleep = It’s time to go to sleep. It’s time for bed = It’s time to go to bed

It’s time for school=It’s time to go to school

18. There are…=There’re有(复数) There’re four seasons in a year

There is… =There’s 有(单数) There’s a river near my house

19. play with ball/doll. 玩球/玩具娃娃 Let’s play with snow

play on the computer 玩电脑 play games玩游戏 play football/basketball

play the piano 弹钢琴 play the cards玩牌

20. work on the computer. 用电脑工作 talk on the telephone打电话 work hard at math/Chinese/English /French努力学数学/语文/英语

21.fly kites. 放风筝 2

…years old ……岁 sing a song. 唱歌 get up 起床

do my/her/his homework do sports 做运动

lie on the bed. 躺在床上 make dumplings. 包饺子

speak in English/ Chinese 用英语/汉语说 22.brush my/our hair.梳头 brush our teeth. 刷牙

comb our hair 梳头 wash our hands. 洗手 wear our clothes 穿衣服 wash our face洗脸 23.turn left /right turn around 转身

point left/right /up/down reach up/ down stand up

sit down. look up/down.

24. feel happy/sad. feel tired/sick. feel cold/hot/warm/cool feel lonely 25. get on 上车

get off 下车 get up 起床 get to 到达

get there/here 到那/这儿 26疑问词小结 how

how many(接复数名词)

how much(对不可数名词提问) how old 多大 how tall 多高 how far 多远 how long 多长(时间/距离) how often 多长时间一次 how soon 多快 where which when

whose who

why(对because提问) what

what time 什么时间 what colour 什么颜色 what day

what/which country 哪个国家 what/which city 哪座城市 what/which class

27.put on穿上 反义词take off脱下put up 挂起/张贴/搭起 try 代on 试穿

try to do试图去做;努力去做 try doing尝试去做

28. Don’t+动词原形“别……” Don’t open/close the window Don’t worry 别担心

Don’t rush 别跑 Don’t be noverous 别紧张

Don’t be late for school 别迟到 29. arrive in/at 到达 近义词有

get to /reach

30. on time 按时/准时

on a visit to 到……的参观 (be) on duty 值日/值班 on a farm 在农场 on foot 步行 on one’s way to sp.

turn on 打开 turn off/out关闭 on foot. 步行

on the desk. 在桌子上 on sale 出售 on a … trip on one's field trip

31. is east / south / west / north of

China/ the U.S/the U.K 32. very good. very much.

That’s right=Right It’s delicious. That’s easy That’s expensive.


That’s fun. be young/old That’s great. be sunny/windy/rainy/snowy/ 33. Let’s +动词原形. 41. come back 回来 Let’s go / play / read /write come in 进来

come from=be from.来自于 Let’s sing a song

34. want to +动词原形. come to my birthday party

I’m hungry /thirsty.I want to 42. look at … eat/drink like to go to the store/movie

like singing/reading/watching I’d like= I would like

I’d like some dumplings for supper.

35. be good at 在……做得好;擅长 be late for 迟到 be good for 对……有好处 be bad for对……有害 be back home 回家 be made of 由……制成(看出) be made in 在……制成 be interested in 对……感兴趣 36. clothes shop. 服装店 bicycle shop 自行车店 tea shop 茶叶店 grocery store. 杂货店

department store.百货公司

37. Sweet dreams. 美梦 The elephant is dreaming.

38. the same…as 和……一样…… beautiful beaches.

39. get ready to do 准备好做…… get up get to get there get on

get ready for get to know 知道 get to work 开始工作 40. be +形容词 be broken be lonely. 孤独 be happy/sad. be tall/short

look at the picture/ blackboard

look over 仔细检查 look for 寻找 look like 看起来像 look silly 看起来傻 have a look at 看…… look around 环顾 look after 照顾 43.next year/month /week the day after tomorrow 后天 44.keep healthy = stay healthy = keep in good health 保持健康 keep clean 保持干净 keep healthy 保持健康


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