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Lesson 41


Learning aims:

New Year’s Day, the Spring Festival, International Workers’ Day, Children’s Day, Teachers’ Day, National Day. When is…? Happy New Year. Talking about the Spring Festival.

Let’s play a guessing game. Please guess what day it is.

Then ask and answer:
When is (…)? It’s (…).

It’s the first day of the year. What day is it?

New Year’s Day.

It’s the most (最) important(重要的) festival in China. What day is it? (the) Spring Festival. When is the Spring Festival?

It’s usually in

It’s on May the first. What day is it?

On the day, people won’t go to work.

International Workers’ Day

Children like it best.
What day is it?

Children’s Day

It’s for your teachers. What day is it?

Teachers’ Day

It’s our country’s (国 家)birthday. What day is it? National Day When is National Day?

It’s on October

It’s on March the eighth.
What day is it? Women’s Day. It’s on March 8.

The moon is full.

Family watch the
moon and eat moon-cakes together. Mid-autumn Day. (the) Mid-autumn Festival.

It’s for your father. It’s the third

Sunday of June.
What day is it?

Father’s Day

It’s for your mother. It’s the second Sunday of May. What day is it?

Mother’s Day

What do you like to do on holidays?

We like to watch a movie on New Year’s Day.

We like to go shopping during the Spring Festival.

My little brother and sister like to go to the zoo on Children’s Day.

My friends and I like to go mountain climbing on National Day.

1.What do you like to do on holidays? I like …. 2.present sb. sth. = show sb. sth. present sth. to sh. = show sth. to sb. 3.We have … on … 表示某天又某个节日或活动。 4.go mountain climbing = go climbing 去爬山 5. Expansion in,on,at 加表示时间的词,区别如下: in 常用于年、季节、月和泛指的上午、下午、晚上之前。 on 常用于年月日,星期或具体的某一天前面。 at 常用来表示某个时间点。

A: When is ….?
the Spring Festival
New Year’s Day Tree Planting Day National Day Children’s Day April Fool’s Day Christmas Day

B: It is in/on…
January or February
January 1 March 12 October 1 June 1 April 1 December 25

International Workers’ Day May 1 Teachers’ Day September 10

A: What do you like to do? play with friends

B: I like to …

fly kites
rest and read books work on the computer go to the store to buy clothes go to the zoo to watch the animals go to the theatre to watch a movie go to the restaurant to eat

( H ) New Year’s Day ( D ) Tree Planting Day ( C ) National Day A: June 1 B: September 10 C: October 1

( A ) Children’s Day
( F ) April Fool’s Day ( E ) Christmas Day

D: March 12
E: December 25 F: April 1

( G ) International Workers’ Day
( B ) Teachers’ Day

G: May 1
H: January 1

The little boy is crying. (对划线

部分提问) What is ________ ________ the little boy __________ ? doing

1. 完成同步练习册第41课的练习。 2. 你最喜欢的节日是什么,在那天你可以做什么。 请写一段话,不少于60词。

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