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21.一Where are Mike and John?

一They________________chess in the next room.

A.play B.are playing C.played D.can play

22.—________________did you stay in Shanghai last month?

一Ten days.

A.How long B.How far C.How often D.How many

23.The teacher was very happy because______________in the class passed the math test.

A.everyone B.anything C.nobody D.nothing

24.I want to have dinner in that restaurant,but it's very______________.I can’t afford it.

A.important B.delicious C.expensive D.popular

25.一Did you really not______________well this morning?

一Yes,but I’m better,now.I think I had a fever.

A.hear B.stay C.sound D.feel

26.There is___________________water on the floor.

A.too many B.too much C.much too D.many too

27.一_____________________________do you go fishing with your grandfather? 一About once a week.

A.How long B.How many C How often D.How much

28.We had great fun______________with our teacher yesterday.

A.talk B.talked C.to talk D.talking

29.一I had a sore throat.

一I’m sorry to hear that.I think you________________drink lots of water.

A.should B.can C.maybe D.may

30.It_______________little Tony twenty minutes to get to his school from his home.

A.spent B.was C.took D.needed


—About 3 kilometers.

A.How was your weekend

B.How long does it take

C.How far is it from your home to school D.How about your summer vacation 32._________________you all_________________________at home last Sunday? A.Were;stay

B.Were;stayed C.Did;stayed


33.一You are late.What’s the matter?

一I didn’t get up________________eight o’clock. A.after




34.Eating vegetables and fruit _____________________your health. A.is bad for

B.are good for

C.is good for

D.are bad for

35.Alex is an___________________________________boy. A.eleven-years-old C.eleven years old

B.eleven year old D.eleven-year-old

36.一Where are you going for vacation? —___________________________________

A.We enjoyed ourselves. C.it depends on my father.

B.I don’t mind them. D.That sounds interesting.

37.一____________________you at home last Sunday?

一Yes,I_________________________________________________. A.Was;was



D.Were was

38.一How about having some tea first?

一______________________I like drinking tea best. A.No,thanks.

B.Sounds great!

D.Sorry, I don’t have any tea.

C.No,I’m not hungry.

39.—Did he go to London on vacation? 一No,____________________________. A.he went

B.he did

C.he didn’t

D.he goes

40.一I watched Harry Potter yesterday and I really like it. —____________________________.it’s very interesting.

A.I do,too.

B.It’s OK. C.I don’t mind it.

D.I don’t like it.



My parents and I were on vacation in London.One day, my mother and I decided to go on Oxford Street.That’s a great fashion street.I wanted to the subway,but my mother didn’tshe thought the weather was nice and it was better for us to walk.I was angry and about an hour.She also got angry and asked me not to cry.And then I ran away from her.she couldn’t catch up with(追上)me.I ran into a shop and .Many people came around me。They talked to meI didn’t know what they said.(打开)my small bag,and found my hotel address.He took me back to the hotel.When my mother ,she hugged(拥抱)me.She told me .I still remember this now.

41.A.swimming B.shopping C.dancing D.fishing

42.A.have B.get C.take D.sit

43.A.decide B.wait C.mind D.agree

44.A.for B.from C.after D.with

45.A.popular B.long C.crowded D.friendly

46.A.started B.stopped C.enjoyed D.practiced

47.A.so B.because C.but D.and

48.A.went B.came C.left D.run

49.A.watched B.saw C.looked D.felt

50.A.like B.for C.about D.by




Zhang Feng is on vacation in Beijing.But he can't go out to play today because it is snowing outside. He is calling his pen pals and asking them what they are doing. Here are their answers. Bob, in Canada:

It's sunny but very cold here.Most of the people wear coats and scarves.My friends and I are in a park.Some of us are skating, and some are playing soccer.Everyone here is having a good

time.What am I doing? I'm watching them playing.

Dave, in Australia:

It's too hot here.I'm relaxing with my family on a beach.There are many people here.Some are swimming in the water.Others are surfing.I'm surprised to see that a group of people are playing beach volleyball in this heat.My parents are lying on the beach.What am I doing? I'm taking photos.

51.It's ________________________________in Beijing.

A.windy B.rainy

52.Why does Zhang Feng call his pen pals?

A.Because he is on vacation.

B.Because he wants to know what his pen pals are doing.

C.Because he wants to play with his pen pals in the snow.

D.Because he likes talking with his pen pals on the phone. C.sunny D.snowy

53.What is Bob doing?

A.He's watching his friends playing. B.He is skating.

C.He's playing his soccer.

54. Who are lying on the beach?

A.Bob. B.Dave's parents C.Bob's friends. D.Dave's classmates. D.He's taking photos.

55.From the passage, we can learn_________________________________

A.Dave and Bob are taking pictures on a beach.

B.Dave's parents are swimming in the pool.

C.Bob and his friends are having fun in a park.

D.a group of people are playing soccer in the heat


56.Who has a headache?

A.Mike. B.Carol. C.Alicia. D.Brad.

57.When does Carol want to have time off?

A.From September 6th to 7th.

C.From September 7th to 8th.

58.Why can't Alicia go to the music club?

A.Because her mother is ill.

B.Because she has a bad cold. B.From September 6th to 8th. D.From September 7th to 9th.

C.Because she didn't pass the English exam.

D.Because her mother wants her to do some shopping.

59.What's wrong with Brad?

A.He has a headache. B.He has a sore throat.

C.He has a stomachache. D.He has a bad cold.

60.What does Mr Ride do?

A.He's a doctor B.He's a teacher. C.He's a singer. D.he's a dentist


Dear editor,

I don't have any fun because there are too many rules in my family.I have to get up at six o'clock every morning.I have to make my bed(整理床铺) and clean my room every morning. Then I have to walk with my dog.I can't meet my friends after school because I have to do my homework first.I can't watch TV on school nights, and I can only watch TV on weekends. I have to be in bed by eleven o'clock. On weekends I have to clean my room and wash my clothes. Then I always have to do my homework, I never have any fun.What can I do?


Wang Dong

61.Who is the letter from?

A.The editor. B.Wang Dong.

C.Wang Dong's mother. D.Wang Dong's father.

62.Why doesn't Wang Dong have any fun?

A.Because his family has too many rules.

B.Because he has to get up early every morning.

C.Because he has to clean his room on weekends.

D.Because he can't meet his friends after school.

63.What can he do after he gets up?

A.Make his bed.

C.Walk with his dog.

64.When can he watch TV?

A.On weekends

C.Every nights.

65.What does he have to do on weekends?

A.Meet his friends. B.Make his bed.

C.Wash his clothes. D.Watch TV.

单词拼写 (10小题,计l5分)

根据句意及首字母提示或用括号中所给词的适当形式完成单词。 B.On school nights. D.Every day. B.clean his room. D.A, B and C

1.We are h________________________________a good time in the park.

2.It’s quite c________________________________today.It’s going to rain.

3.一Does he drink juice every morning?

一No,hardly e______________________________________.

4.Be quick,or you'll be l_________________for school.

5.1 want to take some p______________________with the camera.

6.Don't talk l_________________in the classroom.

7.Look.They_____________________(swim)in the poo1.

8.The movie made me____________________(feel)sad.

9.Naney and Sonia like singing.So they want to be__________________________ (sing).

10.Where______________________(be)your father last Thursday?


1.How do you get to school?(根据自身实际情况回答问题)

2.Do you often have a fever in winter?(根据自身实际情况回答问题)

3.How was the weather here yesterday?(根据实际情况回答问题)


B:I went to New York City last month.


B:No.he didn’t practice speaking English this morning.




He didn’t want _____________ ________________ __________________last night.


I ______________ _______________ ________________my mother.


We ___________________ _________________ ________________at home last Sunday.


________________does your sister__________________ ______________soap operas?




Monday…Oh,I don’t like Monday, because I h weekend.Tuesday is not so bad..On Wednesday evening I don’t g.at home and do my homework.I like

I always go out on Friday—maybe to the cinema.I love very much.,and I sometimes go to a club.Then on S I go to my friend’s house or he comes to mine.my grandfather in the afternoon.Then the weekend is over and another(又一的)Monday c again ...and I feel bad again﹗

1.__________ 2._________ 3._____________ 4._____________5.________________

6._________ 7.____________8.___________ 9._____________ l0.________________

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