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( )1.A. You should draw a computer B. you should click “save” C.you should visit the library

( )2. A.thank you very much B.no idea C. That’s a pity ( )3. A.for three years B. I went to London in 1998 C.We want to go to London

( )4. A.That’s great B.Let’s look at the instruction C.I don’t like it,either

A. study B. studied C. studying D. to study

( )5.A.it is my favourite mobile phone B.I often use it to listen to music

( )18.

C.I like collecting cameras

A. walking B. to walk C. walk D. walks

二.听对话,根据所听内容选择最佳答案。对话对一遍。(每小题1分,共5( )19. - Your parents told you__ too much sweet before going to bed.. 分) A. to eat B. ate C. not to eat D.to not eat ( )6. A. B.because his mother didn’t buy a new computer game for him. ( )20. Thank you for your help! ___________. C.because his mother didn’t buy a basketball for him A. Don’t mention it. B. Gook luck. C. All right. D. Me, too. ( ) 7.A.the boy. B.the boy’s mother. C.the boy’s father. ( )21. Could you tell me ( ) 8.A.in a restaurant B.in a shop C.in an office A. where are the twins from B. where the twins are from

C. where were the twins from D. where the twins were from ( ) 9.A .3:00 B. 2:00 C. 4:00

( )22. Could you tell me we shall have the picnic? --- In the ( ) 10.A.do her homework B.send and receive e-mails C.both A and B 三.听对话,根据所听内容选择最佳答案。对话读两遍。(每小题1分,共5


听第一段对话,回答第11—12小题。 ( )11.what does the girl do when she is not busy? A.watch films B.play computer games C.listen to music ( ) 12.What will the two speakers do this afternoon?

A.watch basketball game B.play basketball C.visit Jeremy Lin 听第二段对话,回答第13—15小题。 ( ) 13.Whose computer doesn’t work?

A.Mike’s B.Jim’s C. May’s ( ) 14.What’s jim’s phone number?

A26577889 B.2896 5778 C.27788965 ( ) 15.What will Mke do right now?

A.go to the repair shop B.give Jim a call C.send an e-mail to Jim

(注意:请同学们翻到第二卷第四题,继续做听力填表题。) 五.选择题。(每题1分,共15分) ( )16.Do you like playing ______ piano?

A. a B. an C. the D. /

( )17. If you want to work on Radio Beijing, keep English well.


A. what B. which C. when D. where

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( )23. Do you still remember ___________ me somewhere in Beijing?

---Yes, of course. Two years ago. open their minds , too. They learn newer and better ways of doing things. Many A. to see B. see C. seeing D. saw.

children watch TV only on Saturday or Sunday evening. They are always busy with

( )24. We won’t go shopping if it ___ tomorrow. A. rains B.Will rain

their lessons. But a few children watch TV every night. They go to bed very late. C.is going to rain D. Would rain

They can' t have a good rest. How about you, my young friend? ( )25. Do you feel like ________ with me?

A. go shop B. going shopping C. to go shop D. go shopping

( )26. I didn’t remember _____ I had seen them before or not.

A. that B. whether C. if D. where

( )27. —What did the girl tell you just now? —She told us _______.

A. what we should do B. what should we do

C. where could we get water D. when would they come

( ) 28. I don't know _______ he will come tomorrow or not. ______ he

comes,I'll tell you.

A.if;Whether B.whether;Whether C.if;That D.whether;If ( )29. Tony is ________ in collecting sports cars. He has an _________ hobby.

A. interesting, interested B. interest, interesting

C. interested, interesting D. interested, interest ( )30. Not only you but also Jim ______ interested in playing chess.

A. am B. is C. are D. be


( )31. A few children go to bed late because they ______

A. are busy with their lessons B. do their homework C. watch TV D. listen to the radio

( )32. Children can't see anything ______

A. in the radio B. on the radio C. on TV D. by watching TV ( )33. TV helps to open children's ______

A. eyes and minds B. minds C. eyes or minds D. eyes

( ) 34. Why do many children watch TV only on Saturday or Sunday evening? Because ______

A. TV is not good B. they don't like watching TV C. they have no time D. they want to play football

( )35. Children can study better and more easily on TV because ______

A. they like to watch TV B: they can hear at the same time

C. they can watch at the same time D. they can hear and watch at the same time

can't see anything over the radio. TV helps to open children's eyes. It helps to


Basketball is still a young game. It is not yet a hundred years old. In the year of 1891, a certain college was having some trouble with its boy students. The weather was bad and the students had to stay indoors. As they could not take part in their usual outdoor sports, they are unhappy, and some of them even get into fights from time to time.


Most children like watching TV. It's very interesting. By watching TV they can

see and learn a lot and know many things about their country and the world. Of course ,they can also learn over the radio. But they can learn better and more easily on TV. Why? Because they can hear and watch at the same time. But they

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Finally, some of the teachers at the college asked Dr. J. E. Naismith to invent a game so that the students might have something to play at. It was not easy to invent such a game because it had to be played indoors, and the court was not very large. Dr. Naismith thought for a few days and invented a kind of ball game. It was a fast, exciting game with much moving and passing of the ball.

It was played between two teams. In order to make a score, the ball had to be thrown into a basket ten feet above the floor on the wall. At each end of the court there was such a basket. At first, Dr. Naismith had planned to have the ball thrown into a box. As he couldn't find boxes of the right size, he had to use fruit baskets instead. That is how the game got its name—basketball. 根据短文内容,选择正确答案(10分) ( )36. The passage tells us _________.

A. what basketball was B. how basketball was invented C. why people like basketball D. how to play basketball

( )37. Basketball is _________.

A. not yet an old game B. a game with a long history C. already over a century old D. a game invented by Japanese

( )38. The word “indoors” means _________.

A. in the door B. inside the room C. in many doors D. in the open air

( )39. Basketball was invented _________.

A. in the winter of 1891 B. in September of 1891 C. in the spring of 1891 D. in the winter of 1991

( )40. The game got its name from _________.

A. the ball itself B. the basket itself C. both the basket and the ball

D. its inventorⅦ.

( C )

Sam’s hobby was collecting stamps. He collected stamps from many countries. Sam’s favorite stamps came from France. And every year there was only one edition in France. He had all the French editions from 1960 to 2006 except that of 1974. It was hard to find it. He looked for it every where — in stores, street markets and on the Internet. But the results made him very sad.

“Don’t worry. Be patient. You’ll find it one day,”his father said to him. “I hope so,”Sam said. Sam also liked making friends. He had a pen friend named Vem in France. Vem knew Sam liked collecting stamps. One day Vem’s mother, Laura gave him an old French stamp. It was a big, green one. He used it to post a letter to Sam.

As soon as Sam received the letter, he looked carefully at the stamp. He was amazed to see that it was the stamp he wanted.

Sam was so excited! He told the good news to his father.

“You see,”said his father.“You did find your stamp in the end. So you know, it’s good to have two things in life.” “What are they?”Sam asked.

“Friends and patience!”his father answered. ( ) 41. Sam’s favorite stamps were from ____.

A. China B. France C. England D. Germany

( ) 42. Sam felt very ____ when he couldn’t find the 1974 special edition stamp. A. happy B. angry C. unhappy D. excited ( ) 43. How many French editions does Sam have in the end?

A. 46. B. 47. C. 48. D. 49.

( ) 44. What does the word “edition” mean in this passage?

A. 颜色 B. 模式 C. 版本 D. 科目

( ) 45. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. All of Sam’s stamps were from France.

B. Sam found the 1974 edition stamp on the Internet.

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C. The color of the 1974 edition stamp is blue.

D. Sam’s father thought it was good to have patience and friends in life.

( D )

A man went to buy a piece of meat. As he didn’t know how to cook meat, he asked the butcher (屠夫) to tell him the way of cooking it. The butcher told him how to cook it, “But I can’t remember your words,” the man said. “Will you please write them down for me?” The butcher was kind enough to write them down for him. The man went home happily with the meat in his hand and the note (字条) in his pocket (口袋). A dog followed him on the way. It jumped at him, took the meat away and ran off. The man stood there, not knowing what to do. Then he laughed and said, “never mind. You don’t know how to eat it. The note is still in my pocket.”

( ) 31 The man went to buy a piece of meat in __________.

A restaurant B shop C butcher’s D chemist’s

( ) 32 Why did the man asked the butcher to tell him the way to cook meat?

A He wasn’t good at cooking meat. B He can’t cook meat very well. C He didn’t know how to cook meat. D He didn’t know how to eat meat.

( ) 33 In order to (为了) remember what the butcher said, he asked the butcher _______.

A to say it once again B to teach him again C to show him how to cook it D to write it down for him

( )34 What happened in the end?

A He forgot to cook the meat. B The dog took the meat away.

C He taught(教)the dog how to eat the meat. D The note is still in his pocket.

( ) 35 What do you think of the man?

A He was afraid of dogs. B He loved dogs very much. C He was a very foolish(愚蠢的)man. D He didn’t know how to do things


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MY uncle is a doctor in Britain. He 36___ (work)in a hospital since 1980.Last month he 37___(come) back to China .This hotel 38___(build)last year. Look,the workers 39____(put) up another hotel there. We 40____(plant) more trees in the future. And we will stop 41____(pour) 倾倒 the waste water into the river.When we asked him 42____(stay) longer.he answered: “I must 43_____(fly) to Beijing tomorrow. I have a very important lecture课题 to give. If I 44____(have) time ,I will come back again. Let’s 45____(make) contributions贡献 to our home.” 八.综合填空。(每题2分,共10分)

阅读短文,根据短文内容及首字母提示,填入适当的单词。 1.He is getting much better than before.

But his doctor w___ her couldn’t be in a hurry to return to training. 2. --why don’t you open the door? I left the k___ at home.

3. The teacher told us not to c___ other’s homework .

4. Take this m___ three times a day after meal and then you will get better. 5.I am afraid I will fail in this e____

--- Come on. You must believe yourself. 6. Mr Smith liked playing_____(篮球)

7. One of my ____(亲戚) came to my birthday party. 8. The ____(分数) of the football match was 3:4 9. Here is the ____(介绍) of the matchine 机器。

10.My little sister often ____-(练习) playing the piano. 九.任务型阅读(每小题2分,共10分)


On January 12,2010,a big earthquake地震 struck Haiti海地. Lots of buildings were greatly damaged and the people there are left homeless now.

An album唱片 of singers who performed at Hope For Haiti Now, a TV programme, has become the pop album in the US music charts 排行榜 . The album has sold 171,000 copies .Besides ,the programme has so far raised over $40 million for Haiti.

Hope For Haiti Now was organized by actor George Clooney. He said ,”It is a big world out there ,and we all should look after people who is in trouble. ( ) 1.When did the earth quake happen?________________ ( ) 2.How many copies has the album sold? _____________

( )3.把划线部分翻译成汉语:______________________________ ( )4.Who organized Hope For Haiti Now? ______________

5. How much money has the programme raised? _________________ 十.书面表达。(15分)

按照信息提示,请写一篇短文,介绍一下你的新朋友Linda. 要


Name: Linda Date of birth: 2/ 6/ 1991

School: No.4 Middle School Character: kind and outgoing Hobby: read books, write articles, listen to music , collect shells

Future plan: make a lot of friends , become a reporter

_________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________

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1.________________ 2._______________ 3.________________

4.________________ 5._______________ 七.动词填空。(每题1分,共10分)

1._____________ 2.___________3.____________4.___________




1._____________ 2.___________3.____________4.___________







5.________________________________________ 十.书面表达。(15分)










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