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姓名_______ 学号_______班级_______总分_________

一、 单项选择。(50分,每小题2分)

( )1、Mary lives _______Tokyo.

A、in B、at C、for

( )2. Sorry, I can’t _______ English.

A、say B、talk C、speak

( )3. People from Japan are _________.

A、Japans B、Japanese C、Japan

( )4. Li Lie wants _________tennis.

A、to play B、play C、plays

( )5.I teach________ Chinese and they teach ______ English.

A. them; me B、their; me C、they ; I

( )6、Math ______ my favorite subject.

A、am B、is C、are

( )7、The bank is next______ the post office.

A、to B、in C、at

( )8、Is there a pay phone near here?

A、Yes , it is. B、Yes, there is C、Yes , they is

( )9、_________ is the library? It’s near the park.

A、What B、When C、Where

( )10、There ______ a book and two pens on the desk.

A、am B、is C、are

( )11、There is a supermarket ________ Sixth Avenue.

A、at B、on C、 under

( )12、There is _____ hotel _______ the neighborhood.

A、an; in B、a ; on C、 the; for

( )13、_________ .Where is the post office?

A、Excuse me. B、I am sorry. C、Hello.

( )14、Which is the way _______ school?


A、at B、to C、in

( )15、The boy enjoys ________ to music.

A、listening B、listens C、listen

( )16、Mike likes Chinese food , _________.

A、also B、too C、to

( )17、I don’t like English because it’s ________

A、too interesting B、too difficult C、very fun

( )18、Please write and tell me _______ yourself soon.

A、at B、of C、about

( )19、Let’s _______ basketball .

A、play B、plays C、playing

( )20、Alice often arrives ______ her school ______7:30.

A、 at ; at B、in ; at C、at ; in

( )21、Henny is an_________ boy.

A、American B、Japanese C、Chinese

( )22、The hotel _________ an interesting garden.

A、with B、and C、or

( )23、My parents ______my grandfather every week.

A、look B、watch C、visit

( )24、I like kolas because they are _______ cute .

A、a kind of B、kind C、 kind of

25. Jim goes to the movies ______ Sunday.

A、in B、on C、at


We _26__ four new students in our class. One is Jim , He’s _27__ England. He speaks___28___. John’s __29__ the United States . He speaks English, ___30___. And Jenny _31__ a Japanese . She lives _32___Tokyo . But She is in China __33____ her parents . The last one is Peter . He is from ___34__. He speaks English and French . We are in the same class. We ___35__ good 2


26. A. have B. has C. don’t

27. A. come from B. from C. come

28. A. Chinese B. Japanese C. English

29. A. come from B. from C. come

30. A. or B. and C. too

31. A. is B. are C. am

32. A. at B. in C. from

33. A. under B. and C. with

34.A.China B. Canada C. Japan

35. A. am B. is C. are



Mary is an American girl. She is now in Beijing

with her parents. Mary doesn’t know Chinese, but she is studying Chinese. She often speaks Chinese to her

Chinese friends. Sometimes they don’t understand (明白)her because she can’t speak Chinese well.

It’s Sunny morning .She goes out .She is walking in the street . She is going to the zoo to see elephants and monkeys, but she doesn’t know how to get there. She

asks a Chinese boy .The boy can’t understand her. Then she takes out a pen and a piece of paper. She draws an elephant on it , and shows the picture to the boy . The boy understand now, then he shows Mary the zoo.

36.Mary is ___________ girl.

A. an American B. a Canadian

C. a Japanese D. a Chinese

37.Mary is in ___________ with her parents.

A. New York B.Beijing C.Shanghai D.Guangzhou

38.Mary ________speak Chinese well.

A.can B.could C. can,t D. mustn’t 3

39.It,s Sunday. She is going to ___________.

A.see her friends B. walk in the park

C.play basketball with her friends

D.see some animals in the zoo

40.Mary doesn’t know how to ___________.

A.go to the zoo B.get to the park

C.get to her home D.go to the museum


Mr Li asks me ,"What’s you r favorite subject?" My favorite subject is ... I don’t know. I don’t like any subjects except(除了......外)P.E. I don’t like to go to

school. I don’t like English. I don’t like Chinese. I don’t like math. I like playing basketball. I like to play with my dog. My dog’s name is Dink. Dink doesn’t like other subjects. His subject is only running around with me . We’re good friends. I want to be my dog.

41.Does the boy like his subject?

A. Yes , he does. B. We don’t know.

B. C. No, he doesn’t. D. Yes, he doesn’t.

42.The boy’s favorite subject is _________.

A. Chinese B. English C. math D.P.E

43.The boy likes to _______.

A.play all the day B. go to school

C. do his homework D. read English story

44. The boy wants to be a dog because_________.

A. he likes English B. his dog can run around him

C. his dog is two years old

D. dogs don’t have any subjects

45.The boy is not a good boy because____________.

A.he is diligent(勤奋的)

B.he doesn’t work hard(努力的)

C. he likes English very much


D. he likes to play with his dog.


I am a middle school students. My name is Jack . My good friend is Tom. We are in the same grade of the same school . But we are in different(不同的)classes. I am in Class Four and he is in Class One . We go to

school and go home together. We go to school at seven o’clock in the morning. And we go home at 5:30 in the afternoon. Now it’s five o’clock in the afternoon. We may go and play soccer.

46. Jack and Tom are _________.

A.brother and sister B. good friends

C. brothers D. teacher and students

47. Jack and Tom are in the same_________.

A. team B. row C.class D.school

48. Jack is in Class___________.

A.One B.Two C.Three D.Four

49. They__________together.

A.go to school and go home B. go home

C.go to school D.go to the classroom

50. They go and play soccer at _______o,clock in the afternoon.

A.4 B.5 C.6 D.7



51. Thanks a lot. A.They are five dollars.

52. Do you have a pen? B.Nice to meet you ,too.

53. How old are you? C. That’s all right.

54. Nice to meet you? D.No, I don’t .

55. How much are these pants? E. I’m 12 years old. 五、句型转换。(25分,每空1分)


1.There are some boxes on the desk.(改为一般疑问句,并作否定回答) ________ there _________ boxes on the desk?

No, _________ _________. 对画线部分提问)

______ ________ do you speak?

3. Where is Tom from?(同义句)

Where _______ Tom _________ ________?

’对画线部分提问) __________ _________ she like math?

5. 对画线部分提问) __________ _________ in the zoo?

6. Our school is behind the park.(同义句)

The park is ______ __________ ________ our school.

7. Li Hua is sits on my left.Mary is sits on my right.(合并为一句) I sit _________ Li Hua _________ Mary

8. Lucy does her homework on Sunday.(改为否定句)

Lucy ________ _________ her homework on Sunday.

9.I have a book and two pens.(改为否定句)

I _______ have a book ________ two pens.

10.We have fun in the park.(同义句)

We ______ a _______ ________ in the park.



Go straight then_________ _________.


There ________ some chicken on the table.


This little girl likes ________ ________ her friends.


_________ is the old man _______ _______ you?


__________ ____________ Beijing.



I hope you have a __________ __________. 7.我只会说一点英语.

I can speak only ________ _________ English. 8.我们可以步行去学校.

We can _______ _________ _______ to school. 9.你能尽快给我写信吗?

Can you _______ _______ me soon?

10.请告诉我关于你的情况。 Please tell me________ yourself.

七、根据句意和首字母完成下列各句。(共5分,每题1分) 1.China is an interesting c__________. 2.P_________ only live in China.

3.My room is very d_______, I should(应该)clean(打扫)the room. 4.I post letters in the post o_________.

5.My sister three pen p________, they are from America.




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