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考试时间:120分钟 满分:150分

小贴士:Never give up! Never give in! (永不放弃,永不屈服)




第一部分 听力(30分)


( )1. A. B. C.

( )2. A.

B. C.

( )3. A. B. C.

( )4. A.

B. C.


)5. A.


C. Ⅱ.听句子,选择正确答语。每个句子读两遍。(5分)

( )6. A. She is Candy.

C. She is from Japan.

( )7. A. She likes a car.

C. She has a round face.

( )8. A. No, he isn’t short.

( )9. A. They’re white.

( )10. A. You’re right.

( )11. A. Lily’s. B. She is twenty years old. B. She is fine. B. He is tall. B. They’re mine. B. That’s right. B. Bill’s.

- 1 - C. Yes, he is. C. I like white. C. OK. Ⅲ.听对话及问题,选择正确答案。每组对话和问题读两遍。(5分) C. Bill’s sister’s.

( )12. A. Yes, she isn’t ( )13. A. Green. ( )14. A. Tall. ( )15. A. 8875-1687. B. Yes, she is B. Red. B. Big. B. 8857-1867. C. No, she isn’t

C. White. C. Small. C. 8857-1687.


( )16. Jack is eleven years old.

( )17. Jack and I are in Class Two.

( )18. Jack’s mom is an English teacher. ( )19. Jack and his mom are my friends. ( )20. Jack’s mom has big black eyes.


( )21. Ann is ____.

A. 12 B. 13

( )22. Ann is from ____.

A. the USA. B. Japan

( )23. Ann is ____.

A. tall B. short

( )24. Her face is ____.

A. round B. long

( )25. The color of her eyes is ____.

A. black B. blue

C. 10 C. the UK

C. not tall and not short

C. small

C. red

第二部分 基础知识运用(70分)


( )26. —____ are you? —I’m twelve. A. How B. How old C. What D. Who ( )27My name ____ Jack.. Liu Ying and Sun Mei ____ my friends.

A. is; are B. is; is C. are; is D. is; am ( )28 James is an English boy. He _____ from England.

A. come B. isn’t C. comes D. aren’t ( )29. —Hi, Lucy. Your skirt is very nice.


A. Yes, it’s nice. B. That’s OK. C. You’re right. D. Thank you. ( )30. —____ your sister know Tom?

—No, she ____. A. Do; don’t B. Does; doesn’t C. Do; do D. Does; does ( )31 —What class are you in?

—I’m in ____, ____.

A. grade seven; class three B. class Three; grade Seven C. Class Three; Grade Seven D. Grade three; Class seven ( )32 找出画线部分读音与其他三个不同的选项。

( )33. —What color ____ your ____, Mike?

- 2 -


A. is; pants B. is; pant C. are; pant D.are; pants

( )34. —Is that girl Kate Green?

—Yes, ____.

A. you’re right B. that’s OK C. he is D. she isn’t

( )35. —____, Tom. Is this your book?

—No, it isn’t. I think it’s ____.

A. Excuse me; Jack B. Sorry; Jack’s

C. Excuse me; Jack’s D. Sorry; Jack

( )36. —Dongdong, ____ toy car is that?

—It’s ____.

A. who’s; hers B. whose; mine C. whose; her D. who’s; my

( )37. —What does she look like?


A. She’s a student. B. She’s twelve.

C. She has long arms. D. She likes apples.

( )38. —Please ____ him find his bike.


A. think B. help C. guess D. know

( )39. —Good morning. I want to buy ____.

—OK. Here you are.

A. pair gloves B. a pair of gloves

C. pairs of glove D. pair of gloves

( )40. —____

—They’re books.

A. Are these English books? B. Are those English books?

C. How do you spell it? D. What’re these in English?

( )41. —That’s my cap. Please ____.


A. give it to me B. give me to it

C. give it me D. give me them

( )42.Do you look like your sister?

—No, we ____.

A. look the same B. look different

C. look like D. look at

( )43. —____ orange is ____ orange.

—That’s right.

A. An; / B. /; an C. An; an D. /; /

( )44. I ____ a big nose, but Amy ____ a small nose.

A. have; have B. have; has C. has; has D. has; have

( )45. They are in ____ but in ____.

A. same grade; different classes B. the same grade; different classes

C. same grades; different class D. the same grades; different class Ⅱ完形填空。(10分)

- 3 -

My name is Bill. I’m an English boy. I’m a student a junior high school. I’m in Class 4, Grade 8. Li Lei is my friend. We are in class. He is thirteen. Here is a photo of it. His dad is English teacher. The one is his mom. She is a doctor(医生). He has sisters. Their names Fangfang and Lingling. They look the same. They are school students, . They a nice cat. They like it very much.

( )46. A. in B. to C. and D. /

( )47. A. the same B. different C. same D. the different

( )48. A. he B. him C. her D. his

( )49A. look at B. look C. give D. see

( )50 A. the B. an C. / D. a

( )51. A. a red B. in red C. red D. in a red

( )52A. three B. four C. two D. one

( )53A. is B. be C. am D. are

( )54. A. to B. and C. too D. but

( )55 A. have B. has C. are D. is



Jack is an English boy. He is a good student. He is twelve years old. Now he is in a red coat. Linda is Jack’s sister. She is a nice girl. She is fourteen years old. Now she is in a green dress. Lucy and Lily are from the USA. They are students, too. They are in yellow coats. They look the same. Jack, Linda, Lucy and Lily are good friends. Jack, Lucy and Lily are in the same school. But Linda is not in the school. They like China.


( )56. Jack is from ____.

A. the USA. B. England C. China D. Japan

( )57. Linda is ____.

A. Lucy’s sister B. Lily’s sister C. Jack’s sister D. Jack’s mom

( )58. Linda is in ____.

A. a red dress B. a red coat C. a green dress D. a green coat

( )59 Lucy and Lily are ____.

A. in the same school B. in the same class

C. in different schools D. in different colors

( )60. Jack, Linda, Lucy and Lily are ____.

A. good teachers B. good sisters

C. good classmates D. good friends


Look at the photo. The two girls have big blue eyes and long brown hair. They are ten. They are in the same class. The one in a yellow skirt is Lily. The - 4 -

other one in an orange skirt is Lucy. Their(她们的) dad is Mr. Brown. He is in a (哥哥). He is in a blue cap. He is a high school student. Look! Lucy and Lily are in the green car now.


( )61. What does Lucy look like?

A. She has black eyes and long hair.

B. She has short brown hair.

C. She is tall.

D. She has blue eyes. Her hair is long and brown.

( )62. The family has people(人).

A. four B. five C. six D. seven

( )63. Mr. Brown is ____.

A. in black shoes B. in a blue cap C. in a brown coat D.in black trousers

( )64. What color are Mrs. Brown’s shoes?

A. Big. B. Blue. C. Brown. D. Black.

( )65.文中画线的词汉语意思是

A. 布朗夫人 B. 布朗小姐 C. 布朗老师 D. 布朗先生


( )66. Du Li, Sandy and David are all thirteen years old.

( )67. Du Li, Sandy and David all have big eyes.

( )68. Du Li has black hair and she likes fish very much.

( )69. Sandy is in a red shirt and she likes hamburgers very much.

( )70. David’s favorite food isn’t chicken.


A. 从Ⅱ栏中找出Ⅰ栏各句的应答语。(5分)



- 5 -

( )71. How are you? A. Yes, it is mine.

( )72. What color is your bike? B. I’m fine.

( )73. Is this yours? C. How do you do?

( )74. How do you do? D. It’s yellow.

( )75. Do you know Mike? E. No, I don’t.

B. 从方框中选择适当的句子补全对话。(5分)


A: Good morning.

B: A: Do you have a friend here?

B: Yes, I do.


B: Oh. She is my friend, Amy.

A: B: She comes from the USA.

A: She looks like Judy.

B: A: Are they in the same grade?

B: Yes.

A: Is Judy your friend, too? B: No, she isn’t.

76._______ 77._______78._______ 79._______ 80._______

- 6 -

第二卷 笔试 (50分)


There are(有) four pencils in the box. They are red, orange, green and black. They are Ben’s, John’s, Mike’s and Alice’s. Can you help me find their owner(物主)?

I know Ben likes green, but the green pencil is not his. What color is John’s pencil? I don’t know. But I know his pencil isn’t green. Ben and Mike tell(告诉) me, “Our pencils are not orange.”Alice tell me,“My pencil is black.”

What color are their pencils?


1. 对划线部分提问)

_______ ________ are your shoes?

2. She has a toy car.(变为否定句)

She _______ ________ a toy car.

3. She has long legs.(同义句转换)

_______ legs _______ long.

4. 对划线部分提问)

________ books are _________.

5 Is this your eraser? (同义句转换)

Is ________eraser _______?

Ⅲ词汇。(9 分)

1. John is tall and s_______. He can help us carry(运送) the big boxes.

2. She is my new c_________.

3. —Do you know the boy in b________?


6. She is from Cuba. Her hair is ________ (棕色的)

7. —Do you know the (警察) telephone number?

8. Yao Ming looks _______(酷).

9. ________ (猜猜), who is that girl in red?

- 7 -


My name is Tony. I’m English boy. I’m twelve years old. I’m a . Jim is my good friend. He from the USA. We are in the class. He’s twelve years old, have a nice photo. Now, look my photo. Jim a long face, small eyes, brown and short hair. And the boy _8_ a yellow cap is me. I like this color. Jim has a years old. Kate has a round face and big eyes. They look ___10__.

1_________ 2_________ 3_________4________5________

6_________ 7________ 8_________9________10________


写一篇短文,把你的新朋友David向大家做一个介绍, David的情况如下所示:

1. 男孩,13岁, 来自加拿大;

2. 高个, 短发;

3. 圆脸, 大鼻子, 小嘴巴, 大眼睛;

4. 最喜欢蓝色;穿蓝色上衣和黑色裤子;

5. 在同一年级,但不同班级,是好朋友。

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - 8 -

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