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广东省2013版八年级上 unit7

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八年级(上) unit 7 Memory


1.We can’t pass the exam, _______we study hard. A.because B.and C.unless D.or

2.They make _______clear to the Public that they are doing a necessary job. A.it B.that C.this D.its

3.All the editos agee _______an article about memory. A.to write B.write C.writes D.writing

4.I saw a program_______TV_______a famous man last night. A.on, of B.on, about C.in, with D.in, of

5.When we heard about the _______of the famous man, we all felt sad. A. die B.death C.dying D.dead

6.You’ll miss the train _______you hurry up. A.unless B.as C.if D.until

7.----Is Miss Green really ill? ----_______. He is in hospital.

A.I don’t think so B.No, he isn’t C.I think so D.I am afraid so.

8.He will go to the Great Wall if it _______tomorrow. A.won’t rain B.dosen’t rain C.don’t rain D.isn’t raining

9._______you eat bad food, you may ill. A.Before B.Why C.If D.Which

10.My grandmother used to have a good_______and she could_______everything she saw.

A.Memorize, remember B.memory, mind C.mind, memory D.memory, memorize

11.----I’m sorry that I shouted at you this morning. -----_______, but please don’t get angry so often.

A.All right B.No problem C.Never mind D.With pleasure

12.----It’s a top secret ----Yes, I see. I will keep the secret _______you and me. A.with B.among C.between

13.----Thank you for taking me aroud your school, Daming. ----_______.

A.Don’t memtion it B.Never mind C.Of course not D.No problem

14.Let me _____your phone number and I’ll call you If I’m free. A.cut down B.turn down C.look down D.write down

15.Noise, _______, is a kind of pollution. A.for example B.such as C.like D. but

16.I won’t watch basketball matches_______James is playing. He pays much attention to the teamwork.

A.unless B.if C.although D.since

17._____you have tasted it, you can’t imagine how delicious the dishes are. A.Because B.Although C.When


18.We’ll have to fininsh the job, ______.

A.long it takes however B.it takes however long C.long however it takes D.however long it takes

19.----Miss Chen, I have trouble_______the text. ----Remember_______it three times at least.

A.to understand, reading B.understanding , reading C.understanding, to read D.to understand, read

20.Some students have trouble _______grammar while others have difficulty _______new words.

A.in. remember B.for, to remember C.on, remembering D.with, remembering

21.The river will become dirtier and dirtier _______we take action to protect them. A.since B.if C.until D.unless

22.I enjoy fresh air so I always sleep with the window open _______it is really cold. A.unless B.when C.if D.since

23._____we don’t support our zoos, it will be difficult for them to take good care of animals.

A.Unless B.if C.What if D.Though

24.Studying in groups is necessary _______you want to do well in school. A.if B.until C.unless D.though

25.I won’t take part in Julie’s birthday party _______I’m invited. A.unless B.after C.because D.if

26.The old theatre will close soon _______some extre donations are made. A.so B.if C.because D.unless

27.You will fall behind others _______you hard work. A.if B.unless C.though D.since

28.----Could you go and watch the football game? ----No, _______you have the tickets. A.if B.unless C.because D.since

29.We will go to the square to watch the raising of the national flag______it rains tomorrow. A.when B.if C.since


30.We will be punished_______we break the law. A.until B.if C.unless D.though



Mary loved small animals. One morning she was walking in the forest, she__1__two weak birds in the grass. She took them home and put them in a small cage. She cared them with love and the birds___2___grew strong.

One day , Mary left the door of the cage___3___. The larger bird flew away from the cage. Mary wanted it back___ 4__she really loved the bird. She caught it when it flew close. Suddenly she felt strange. She opened her hand and looked

___5___at the dead bird. Her great love had killed the bird! ___6___bird was moving back and forth in the cage. Mary Could feel___7___great need for freedom. It wanted to fly into the clear and blue sky. At once, Mary took the bird out of the cage and ___8___it fly away.

Mary enjoyed watching the bird___9___happily. Suddenly the bird landed on her shoulder.

The ___10___way to keep love is to give it wings but not hold it tight.

1.A.finded B.found C.was finding D.would find 2.A.all B.either C.both D.neither

3.A.opening B.opened C.open D.opens 4.A.so B.though C.but D.because

5.A.sadly B.sad C.sadless D.sadness 6.A.Other B.The other C.Another D.The others

7.A.it B.it’s C.its D.itself 8.A.let B.lets C.leted D.was letting

9.A.to fly B.flew C.flying D.to be fly 10.A.good B.well C.better D.best

B about these lovely birds. to them, they will soon catch it.

Seagulls swim well, but they don’t often dive for fish. They are also good at flying _____she didn’t like the noise they made.

1.A. watch

3.A. throw

5.A. below

7.A. help

9.A. water



Young people can have problems with their minds. Some students become worried because they have to study very hard. Others have trouble getting on well with people like their parents and classmates.

Lu Jian, a student from Henan, could not understand his teacher and was doing badly in his lessons. He became so worried about it so that he started to cut his finger with a knife.

Another student, 16—year—old Liu Fang from Guangdong, was afraid of exams. She got very worried in one, B. to watch B. above B. land C. watching D. watched 2.A. understood B. learned B. to C. for C. on C. sky D. in 6.A. to come B. came D. ground 10.A. eyes B. feet C. found D. thought D. of D. comes D. touched D. wings B. take C. send D. pull 4.A. with B. beat C. put C. coming C. got C. legs D. kept 8.A. hit B. arrived

and when she looked at the exam paper. She couldn’t think of anything to write.

A recent report from China Daily says about 14% of Beijing teenagers have mental problems. Their troubles include worried and very unhappy, and having problems in learning and getting on with people. Many students who have problems won’t go for advice or help. Some think they will look stupid if they go to see a doctor. Others don’t want to talk about their secrets.

Gao Xiao, an expert(专家) on teenagers from Beijing Anzhen Hospital has the following advice for teenagers:

*Talk to your parents or teachers often. *Take part in group activities and play sports.

*Go to see a doctor if you feel unhappy or unwell.

1.The students who often become worried or have trouble getting on with others may have________.

A. mental problems B.a headache

A.he was afraid of his teacher. B. C.knives with them D.no parents he wanted to frighten his parents 2.Lu Jian cut his finger with a knife because_______.

C. he was so worried about his studies D. his finger was badly hurt

3.Liu Fang’s problems happened when_______.

A.she studied very hard B.she had exams C.she talked with her parents D.she thought of something

4.Students who have problems won’t ask others for help because_______.

A.they won’t let others think they are stupid B.they don’t think doctors can help them.

C.They don’t want to tell their secret to others D.both A and C.

5.Gao Xiao’s advice tell us that_______. A.it’s better for the students who have mental problems to join others

B.it’s unnecessary for them to be with others. C.only group activities and sports can help them.

D.teachers and parents can’t do anything about mental problems


We drink tea every day. But more than three hundred years ago most of the people in Europe didn’t know anything about tea. Some people heard about it, but very few of them knew what to do with it.

There is a story about anEnglish sailor(水手)who went to countries in the east, west and south.He went to India and China. One day he came home and brought some tea as a present for his mother. She told her friends about the presentand asked them to a “tea party”. When her friends came to the “tea party”, the ols woman offered them brown tea-leaves(茶叶). The old woman’s friends began to eat them. Of course, nobody like the tae-leaves. At that time the sailor came in. He looked at the table and said, “Mother, what have you done with the tea?”

“I boiled(煮)it,as you said.” “And what did you do with the water?” “I threw it away, of course,” answered the old woman. “Now you may throw away the leaves , too.” Said her son.

6.Most of the people in Europe_______.

A.drank tea every day 300 years ago B.drink tea every day C.knew nothing about tea more than 300 years ago

D.like to eat tea-leaves

7.One day the English sailor brought his mother some tea from_______.

A.countries in the west B.countries in the south C.India and Chian D.a tea shop in England

8.The sailor’s mother asked her friends to her house, because_______.

A.the sailor told her to B.she wanted asked her friends what to do with the tea C.she liked show off(炫耀)

D.she wanted to sample(品尝)the tea together with her friends

9.At the “tea party” , _______. A.all the woman’s friends spoke highly of the tea B.nobody liked the tea-leaves

C.the woman offered her friends some fruit D.the woman gave her friends each a glass of tea water

10.What mistake did the woman make? She _______.

A.boiled the tea B.did as the sailor said C.poured away the water D.didn’t throw away the tea-leaves


1.My grandpa often forgets things because his m__________ became worse.

2.We should keep a clear m_______when we are in danger.3.Cindy closed his eyes and i_______that she was on the beach.

4.You should read this book i__________ you want to improve your memory.

5.Jim will not go home u__________he finishes his homework.

6.If you don’t know the s_________of a word ,you can look it up in a dictionary.

7.---Shall we go out for a walk? ----Don’t be s________. It’s dark 8.We had no t__________finding the address.

9.She went to the shop with the shopping l_________. 10.Do you know the water c_________.


1.如果年完成家庭作业,年就可以玩了。 If you __________your homework, you can play.

2.长大后我将成为一名教师。 I will be a __________when I __________ __________.

3.如果明天不下雨的话,我们将参观公园。 We will visit the park________it ________ ________tomorrow.

4.如果他回来,请给我打电话。 Please ________me if he ________ _________.

5.如果年累了,就好好休息一会。 Have a good rest ________you are ________.

6.他们想帮助学生们提高记忆力。 They want to help students ________ ________ ________.

7.这部电影值得看。 The film _______ _______ _______.

8.请你记住尽可能多的单词。 Please remember _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______.

9你在聚会上记住人名有困难吗? Do you _______ _______ _______names at parties?

10.学英语很容易。 It is easy _______ _______ _______.


1.Water_______(turn) into ice if you cool it. 2.If you take some exercise every day, you ________(become) healthier.

3.If your picture ________(be) colourful , you will remember it.

4.If you ________(not keep) the meat in the fridge, it will go bad.

5.If you don’t improve your handwriting ,you _______(lose) marks in the exam.

6.If you take a bath after work, you _______(feel) relaxed(放松的).

7.If I _______(forget) to take the right books to school ,my headteacher will get angry with me.

8.The fish will die unless you _______(put) it in the river. 9.You _______(feel) hot unless you turn on the air conditioner.

10.A lot of mosquitoes will get in unless you _______(close) the window.

11.I hope I __________________ (receive) a letter soon. 12.Which subject ______________ you ______________ (study) next year?

13.Tom __________(travel) to Paris on business already and he _______ (be) back in a few days.

14.Macao ___________ (return) to China on December 20,1990.

15.Tom's mother __________(teach) English in our school since she ______ (come) here in 1991.

16. Don't make any noise. The students ___________ (have) a reading contest.

17.The moon _________ (get) its light from the sun.18.Scientists __________ (study) the global warming for several years.

19.We _____________ (help)Li with the housework this coming Saturday.

20.We ______ (go) swimming if it _____________(not rain) tomorrow.


1.I will ring you up if I finish my work. I ________ring you up ________I finish my work.

2.You will be late for school unless you leave now. You will be late for school ________you ________leave now.

3.We will climb the hill if it is fine tomorrow. We ________ climb the hill ________ it is fine tomorrow.

4.Ice cream melts unless you put it in a fridge. Ice cream melts if you ________put it in a fridge.

5.I will leave school if I pass the exam. I ________leave school ________I pass the exam.

6.We will go for a picnic unless it rains tomorrow. If it _______ _______ tomorrow, we will go for a picnic.

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