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班级 姓名 考号 得分第一卷 选择题 (共60分)

一、听力测试 (计20分)



1. A. where B. there C. them

2. A. run B. running C. runner

3. A. pencil B. eraser C. answer

4. A. uncle B. girl C. lost

5. A. boring B. interesting D. relaxing

(二) 短对话理解(计5分)


6. Jeff is the girl’s _________.

A. uncle B. friend C. cousin

7. Linda is the boy’s _________.

A. cousin B. daughter C. mother

8. What does the boy have ?

A. A ping-pong bat B. A tennis racket C. A ping-pong ball

9. What color is the boy’s hat?

A. Black B. Blue C. Red

10. Where’s the girl’s English book?

A. Under her desk B. In her desk C. On her desk

(三) 长对话理解(计5分)



11. The ruler is __________.

A. Bob’s B. Alice’s C. Tony’s

12. What color is the backpack?

A. Blue B. yellow C. Green


13. Who is Bob?

A. Mike’s uncle B. Mike’s brother C. Mike’s friend

14. Bob is ________.

A. an English teacher B. a running star C. a player

15. What does Bob eat for breakfast?

A. Eggs and pears B. Apples and bananas C. Eggs and apples

(四) 短文理解(计5分)


16. Bill is from _________.

A. China B. England C. Japan

17. Bill is in Class_________.

A. One B. Two C. Three

18. Zhang Bin is __________.

A. eleven B. twelve C. thirteen

19. Bill and Zhang Bin is different(不同的) .

A. school B. grade C. class

20. ___________ is Zhang Bin’s English teacher.

A. Mr. Su B. Miss King C. Mr. King


21. Mr.White ,________ my father.

A. it is B. This ’s C. this is D. that


-P-E-N, pen.

A. How are you ? B. What’s this in English?

C. Spell it, please D. What are those?

23. They ______ brothers.

A. are they B. is their C. are their D. is they

24. –Are you Jim Green? -___________.

A. Yes, I’m not B. Yes, I am

C. No, I am D. Not, I’m not

25. –Is this ________ book? -Yes, it’s _______English book.

A. a, a B. an, an C. an, a D. a, an

26. _____a cat. We do not know_____ name.

A. It’s, its B. Its, it is C. It is, It is D. It is, it’s

27. Who is _______? Is _____ your ______?

A. he, he, sister B. she, she, uncle

C. he, he, grandfather D. he, he, aunt

28. Those are my _______.

A. pencil B. boxes C. watchs D. pens

29. My father’s brother is my _______.

A. aunt B. uncle C. brother D. grandfather

30. –What’s________name?

-That boy? He’s Mike.

A. his B. her C. your D. its

31. _______ is my family photo.

A. She B. They C. Her D. Here

32. –Where is my baseball?


A. Yes, I know. B. Yes, it is. C. Sorry, I don’t know D. and

33. –This is her telephone number. You can __________ her.

A. call B. spell C. look D. meet

34. –Your English is very good.


A. Thank you B. Yes, it is C. No, it isn’t D. You’re OK.

35. Those aren’t ___________ pencils. They are ____________.

A. yours, her B. your, her C. your, hers D. you, she’s

三、 完形填空 选出能填入空白处的正确选项 (计10分)

I am a Japanese girl. My __36_ Nancy King. I __37_ 12 years old (岁数). ___38__first name is Nancy and my __39__name is King. I’m _ 40__ Class Three, Grade Seven. I have ___41__ ID card. Its ___42__ is 368899. Ms Li is my English teacher. ___43___is very nice. We all like (都喜欢) her very much. What’s __44__telephone number? Oh, ___45___666-4349.

36. A. name B. names C. name’s D. name are

37.A. am B. is C. are D. be

38.A. I B. My C. She D. Her

39.A. family B. first C. name D. given

40 A. in B. to C. of D. on

41 . A. a B. an C. the D. two

42. A. name B. number C. card D. family

43. A. She B. Her C. He D. His

44. A. your B. his C. her D. she

45. A. it B.it’s C.is D.she’s

四、 综合阅读 (共计15分)

( A )

Mary 09:45:10

Hi, Jim. Nice to meet you! I’m a girl. My name is Mary Green. My favorite (最喜爱的) color is red. My telephone number is 873-3516.

Jim 09:46:05

Hi, Mary. Nice to meet you, too! I’m a boy. My name’s Jim Hand. My favorite color is blue. And my telephone number is 894-2015.


( ) 46 Mary likes (喜欢) ________.

A. Red B. Green C. Blue D. Black

( ) 47 The girl’s last name is ______.

A. Mary B. Green C. Red

( ) 48 The boy’s first name is _______.

A. Jim B. Mary C. Black D. Yellow D. Green

( ) 49 Jim’s telephone number is _______.

A. 837-2015 B. 873-3516 C. 894-3516 D. 894-2015

( ) 50 The two kids (小孩) are on line (在网上) ________.

A. in the morning B. in the afternoon

C. in the evening D. at night

( B )

( 1 ) My name is Danny. I'm from England. I am eleven. I'm in Grade Seven. I'm tall with black hair. I have two big eyes. My fax number is 010-74862635.

( 2 ). Hello! I am Jane. I'm from the USA. I have a round face and two big eyes. I'm short and thin. I'm twelve. I'm in Grade Seven in Beijing Yucai High School. My parents work in Beijing.

( 3 ). Look at the photo. Who's the girl in it? It's me, an English girl. My name is Amy. I'm in Grade Seven. I'm twelve. My home phone number is 022-43765986. I have a round face and long, black hair. I like Chinese very much, and I'm very good at it.

( 4 ) . Do you know me? I'm from Japan. My name is Yukio. I'm thirteen. Now I'm in Beijing. I'm short, and I'm very heavy(重的) with broad shoulders. I have two short legs.

( )51、________ are from England .

A、Danny and Amy B、Jane and Amy

C、Yukio and Danny D、Jane and Danny

( )52、Danny and Amy have ________ hair.

A、long B、short C、yellow D、black

( )53、 ________ are short.

A、Amy and Danny B、Jane and Yukio

C、Amy and Jane D、Yukio and Danny

( )54、Danny has ________.

A、a telephone B、two small eyes

C、two short legs D、a fax

( )55、Yukio is ________.

A、tall and thin B、not tall or short

C、short and fat D、tall but fat

( C )

Bruce: Mother. This is my friend, Frank.

Frank: Nice to meet you, Mrs. Collins.

Mrs. Collins: Nice to meet you, too, Frank.

Bruce: And these are my grandparents, Leo and Ruth Collins. That’s my brother,

Kevin and this is my cousin, Peter.

Frank: And is this your sister?

Bruce: Yes, this is Emily.

56. Bruce and Peter are ___________.

A. brothers B. sisters C. cousins D. cousin

57. Frank is Bruce’s __________.

A. sister B. brother C. cousin D. friend

58. Emily is Mrs. Collins’s ____________.

A. brother B. cousin C. son D. daughter

59. Mrs. Collins is Peter’s __________.

A. mother B. aunt C. uncle D. sister

60. Which is right( 正确的)?

A. Frank is Peter’s brother. B. Kevin and Peter are cousins.

C. Bruce and Frank are cousins. D. Ruth Collins is Peter’s aunt.

第二卷 非选择题 (共 40分 )

五、词汇运用 根据首字母和汉语提示,写出下列句子中的单词 (计10分)

61. This is a g______________. Her name is Gina.

62. My grandparents’ son is my u_____________.

63. Is this your pencil? Yes, it is. It’s m______________.

64. His name is Jack Green. Jack is his f____________ name.

65. He is my aunt’s son, so I’m his c________________.

66. Here are some model _______________(飞机).

67. They have three _____________(手表).

68. That is a red ________________(夹克衫).

69. Are those her _______________(字典)?

70. Tom’s books are _______________(到处).


71. This is my pen and that is your pen. (改为同义句)

This and that


________________ they?


__________ __________ pen?

74. Is this your pencil box? (改为复数形式)

_______ _______ your _______ ________?

75. Tom does his homework after school. ( 改为否定句)

Tom his homework after school.

七、根据所给汉语完成句子,每空一词 (计10分)

81. Hi,Tom. ________ to _______ you . (见到你很高兴).

82. _______ _______ ______ your help. (感谢你的帮助)

83. I found ______ _____ ______ ______ (一串钥匙). Are they yours?

84. Please ______ the teacher _______your pen. (请向老师要你的钢笔)

85. In the ______ ______(下一幅照片)are my parents.

86. _______ ______ a card for you. (这儿有你的一张卡片)

87. _______ ________(打扰一下). Is this your ruler?

88. They’re ______ _______ ______.(在椅子底下).



Name:Zhang Yu Age:14 phone number: 621-8943

Sports collection:3 basketballs, 4 tennis rackets, 5 ping-pong balls

sports: play basketball Like: eggs, apples, chicken

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