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___________________ 号考 ____________________级班 ____________________名姓


牛庄镇中心初中: 武兰兰 隋秀珍


Ⅰ.选择你所听到的字母或单词。(5) ( )1.A. B B. V C. G ( )2.A. F B. M C. L ( )3.A. black B. thank C. bag ( )4. A. this B. they C. three

( )5.A. seven days B. seven balls C. seven books Ⅱ.听句子,选择相应的答案(5)

( )6.A. Fine, thanks. B. Good morning. C. Nice to meet you. ( )7.A. Yes, he is. B. No, I’m not. C. No, you aren’t. ( )8.A. It is thirteen. B. It’s blue. C. I’m blue. ( )9.A. David. B. Jim. C. Jenny.

( )10.A. It is on the bed. B. She is in the room. C. They are on the table. III. 听短文,选择正确的选项。(10%) ( ) 11. A. Peter Smith. B. David Smith. C. Jim Green. ( ) 12. A. Class2. B. Class5. C. Class7. ( ) 13. A. No, he doesn’t. B. Yes, he does. C. Yes, he doesn’t. ( ) 14. A. Hamburgers and French fries. B. Hamburgers and ice cream. C. French fries and ice cream.

( ) 15. A. Three. B. Four. C. Five.


I.单项选择:( 20 分)

( )16. What’s this _____English?

A.in B. for C. of

( )17. What’s ______ name?

A. you B. she C. her ( )18. What color is it? -_____.

A. It’s a pen. B. It’s black C. It’s a black. ( )19. Her name is Gina Green. Her last name is ____.

A.Gina B. Green C. Gina Green

( )20. What’s your telephone number? -_____ 5577815.

A. I am B. It is C. They are

( )21. Is this your ruler? ______.-It’s my ruler.

A.Yes, it is B. No, it isn’t C. No, it is

( )22.Is he _____English boy? A. a B. an C. the ( )23.These____my parents. A. is B. are C. isn’t ( )24.____ those____friends?

A. Are, your B. is, your C. Are ,you ( )25. ____that your gold ring? -Yes, it is. A. Am B. Are C. Is

( )26. Please call Li Ping___027-86924289. A. for B. at C. in

( )27. This is not___watch. I think it’s ___watch.

A. you, he B. she, my C. his, her ( )28._____these her hats?-No, they___. A. Is ,isn’t B. Are, aren’t C. Are, are ( )29. What’s this?-______.

A. It’s an eraser B. It’s white C. This is my sister ( )30. Hello! Are you Jane?-______.

A. Yes, I’ m B. Yes, it is. C. No, I am not

( )31.Nice to meet you. _______________.

A.Good morning B.Nice to meet you,too C.OK ( )32.What’s this ___________English. A.on B.to C.in

( )33.What’s your mother’s name? _________name is Liu Hui. A.Her B.My C.His ( )34.Here ______a book for you. A.is B.are C.am ( )35.Is that a pencil? _______.It’s a pen.

A.Yes, it’s B.Yes, it is C.No, it isn’t. III.完形填空(10分)

is Lucy. I’m a _. I’m_is good. He has a parrot.


( )36. A. name B. number C. class D. row ( )37. A. man B. woman C. girl D. boy ( )38. A. Japan B. China C. American D. America ( )39. A. at the school B. at school C. in the school D. good ( )40. A. boy B. man C. English D. woman ( )41. A. Japanese B. English C. Chinese D. good ( )42. A. are B. am C. is D. be ( )43. A. is B. are C. am D. be ( )44. A. is B. be C. am D. are ( )45. A. It’s B. Its C. It is D. its IV.阅读理解.(40分)


My name is Wang Fangfang, I’m thirteen.I’m in Yuying Middle School. I’m in Class Two, Grade One. I like English very much. Miss Wu is our teacher. She is a good teacher. We like her. In our class I have a good friend, Li Ying. She is thirteen, too. Today she is not at school, she is at home. She is ill(生病).

46. Wang Fangfang is a ___________ .

A. teacher B. student C. English teacher D. boy 47. Wang Fangfang likes ___________ .

A. Chinese B. Japanese C. English D. school 48.__________ are good friends.

A. Wang Fangfang and Li Ying B. Wang Fangfang and Miss Wu

C. Miss Wu and Li Ying D.Li Ying and Yuying

49.Li Ying is my good ____________ .

A. teacher B. boy C. girl D. friend 50.Today Li Ying is ___________.

A. at school B. at home C. in the class D. in the classroom


My name is Jim Green. I’m a student. At school I have a good friend. His name is Jack.. We are in the same class, Class Two. But we are not in the same row. Jack is in Row Five. I’m in Row Six. Jack is Number Four and I am Number Three. We go to school at seven o’clock. We go home at five. It’s three fifteen (3:15) now. We must go and play games. 51.Jim and Jack are ___________.

A. teachers B. babies C. father and son D. friends 52.They’re not in the same ____________ . A. class B. school C. row D. grade

53.They go to school at _________ o’clock. A. two B. three C. seven D. five 54.They play games at __________.

A. three B. four C. five D. three fifteen 55.Jack is _______________.

A. four B. in Row Six C. Number 3 D. in Class Two


Look at the photo. It’s a photo of Mr Clark’s family. The old man is Tom Clark. He is Mr Clark’s father. Mr Clark is a worker. His wife, Helen is a teacher. They have two daughters. They are Lucy and Lily. Lucy and Lily have a cousin, Mark. Mark’s parents love them very much. 56.The old man is Lily and Lucy’s _________ .

A. father B. uncle C. grandfather D. cousin 57.The Clarks have two _________ .

A. sons B. daughters C. brothers D. sisters 58.Lucy has ________________ .

A. a friend B. a brother C. a sister D. two sisters 59.Mark’s father is Lucy and Lily’s __________ .

A. uncle B. father C. brother D. grandfather 60.Lucy’s father is a ___________ .

A. doctor B. worker C. teacher D. parents


What’s this? It’s letter P. What color is it? It’s green. What’s this and what color is it? It is letter E. It’s yellow. What’s this letter? It’s letter N. It’s red. P-E-N, is it “pen”? Yes, it is. I have a blue pen in my pencil case. My pencil case is orange. This is my book. It’s my Chinese book. It’s in my bag. My bag is black. Look! The bag is in the brown desk. The chair is yellow. It’s my chair. It’s nice. I like it. 61.What color is letter P?

A. Green B. Yellow C. Red D. Blue 62.Which letter is red?

A. P. B. E. C. N. D. C. 63.What’s in the pencil case?

A. An orange case B. A blue pen C. A black bag D. A yellow chair

64.Where is my English book?

A. It’s in my bag. B. It’s in my desk. C. It’s on my chair. D. Sorry, I don’t know.

65.Something is black. What is it?

A. My pen. B. My desk. C. My bag D. My pencil case 笔试部分 (50分)


I词汇规类 (10分)

pencil sister ruler eraser brother mother pencil case uncle pencil sharpener aunt

A. 家庭成员: ________ ________ _______ _______ ________ B. 文 具: ________ ________ _______ _______ ________ II.完成句子,每空一词 (10分)


________ ________ ______ it ? It’s _______. 2.这是什么?这是电子游戏。

________ this? It’s _______ ________ ________. 3.钥匙在失物招领箱里吗?

Is __________ ___________ in the _____________and _____________case? 4. 请在早上打电话给大卫,电话号码是5516131?

____________ ___________ David ___________5516131 in the_____________. 5.这是我的表妹, 这些是我的祖父母。

This ________my _________. And __________are my ____________.


W: Look! What’s that? M: W: Who’s that girl? M: W: How old is she? M: W: Who’s that woman? M: She’s my mother. M:

IV.任务型阅读理解。 (10分)

___________________________. 2.What’s the card number?

___________________________. 3.What’s Rich’s family name?

___________________________. 4.What’s Rich’s phone number? ___________________________. 5.What color is the hat?


V. 写作 (10分)

请你用this, that, these, those 等分别介绍你的家人(父亲,外祖父,母亲,叔叔,阿姨,兄弟姐妹等)字数100字。 3


Look at the photo. It’s a photo of Mr Clark’s family. The old man is Tom Clark. He is Mr Clark’s father. Mr Clark is a worker. His wife, Helen is a teacher. They have two daughters. They are Lucy and Lily. Lucy and Lily have a cousin, Mark. Mark’s parents love them very much.


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